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June 29, 2020 - No Comments!

Maine Elopements and Weddings Made Easy

Adventurous wedding locations in Maine

Adventurous elopements and intimate weddings will now be easier than ever to have in Maine and New England. You may already know but our team expanded last year as Jess took off to start a new adventure in Maine! We've been working on getting the 'Cause We Can Events brand out to the newly engaged couples on the east coast. If you ever moved your business or expanded to a new location, you may already know that it takes time to build relationships with new vendors, venues and couples alike.

A romantic intimate wedding in midcoast Maine

Maine Elopement Collective

You know we have done elopements for years on the west coast with great success. Remember the one with Darlene and David in Beverly Hills? Similarly, we this one in Laguna Beach, CA.! We are excited to announce that we are expanding these efforts to the East Coast with Maine Elopement Collective. All in all, it's an adventurous experience for those who want an elopement or intimate wedding.

an edgy courthouse wedding in Portland, maine

Maine Wedding Vendors Coming Together

We have connected with Maine wedding photographer Katelyn Mallett Photography. In addition, we are working with Of the Fields Floral Design. Together we will create special package we are calling the Maine Elopement Collective. When you meet the right team of vendors, it makes for such an easy and fun experience for all. Maine Elopement Collective will also be teaming up with various officiants to fit all types of ceremonies.

Adventurous wedding in Bar Harbor, Maine

An adventurous midcoast maine wedding

Adventurous Weddings in New England

Maine Elopement Collective will focus on the "choose your own adventure" motto. Our hope is to host elopements in Acadia to intimate dinners at locations such as Huttopia in Sanford to Terramor Glamping in Bar Harbor and beyond. Our efforts will not only be limited to elopements but to intimate weddings and of course, larger weddings that have a focus on creating an experience over the tradition.

Unique vintage inspired elopement in Portland, Maine

A couple dancing on the sea cliff after their intimate wedding in Acadia National Park

A dog friendly wedding in Maine

If want a sneak peek into what your Maine elopement or wedding could look like, read all about this cozy winter wedding at Camp O-At-Ka next.

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March 10, 2020 - No Comments!

A Big Sur Wedding at Wind and Sea Estate

An intimate and elegant wedding in Big Sur at the Wind and Sea venue

When I think of Big Sur, I get BIG heart eyes. It's such a special place in California and so incredibly romantic. I remember when the inquiry came in for Lissa & Stephen's wedding! Which says something because I can barely remember what I did two days ago. That weekend we were doing a wedding in Utah and I said, "I'd like to manifest one more wedding this year in November." Only a few days later, I was graced with this Wedding Management booking. Lissa is a do-it-yourself, organized bride which is perfect for that package so I knew it would be a good fit.

Entry decor for a ceremony at Wind and Sea in Big Sur, California for an intimate and romantic wedding weekend.

An intimate wedding  venue in Big Sur, California that is perfect for elopements or small weddings.

The Venue

Lissa & Stephen chose Wind & Sea as their venue. A venue that Gabby had personally looked at booking for her own wedding! We were excited for the opportunity as it would be our first time there and truly a unique venue. Wind & Sea has a max. capacity of 120, however, it probably works best for about half that guest count which is right about where Lissa & Stephen landed. The space doesn't need much to enhance it but does need a lot of attention when it comes to planning. Guests have to be shuttled in and there's a ton of levels on the property to work between! Meaning you have a lot of rentals that need to go up and down stairs plus you'll get your steps in no problem. It's totally worth the view though!

Ring detail shot in Big Sur, California for an intimate elopement.

The Details

The bride & groom enlisted in help from their talented and creative family members to produce the floral arrangements as well as the wedding cake. They did such a great job and were such troopers through the hard work! When it came to food & service, they chose some great vendors for the job! A Taste of Elegance provided some amazing food stations while Night & Day Productions team staffed the event.

PRO TIP: Always hire a catering captain and servers.

Cliffside beach wedding in Big Sur, California and Wind and Sea Estate venue

Bride and groom on the cliffside near the ocean in Big Sur, California for an intimate and  romantic wedding day

All in all, Wind & Sea is a dreamy Big Sur wedding venue. It's perfect for the intimate wedding that you may be dreaming of! The rolling gold hills that drop into the ocean is something that you'll never forget or regret because it will be in all of your wedding photos!

Venue: Wind & Sea
Photography: Shannon Rains Photography
Catering: A Taste of Elegance
Staffing: Night & Day

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February 20, 2020 - No Comments!

An Intimate Beverly Hills Elopement

Have I ever mentioned that elopements may be one of my favorite things to plan? It's everything that I would want personally for a wedding day. An intimate experience where you get to enjoy the day with only a handful of people, if that. The pressure seems to be a lot less and there's a ton of good energy always. Not to say large weddings don't have good vibes but it's just different. If you know, you know.

Virginia Robinson Garden for a private elopement ceremony

Virginia Robinson Garden

Who knew it would be a challenge to find a Beverly Hills elopement location that wasn't city hall or a public park. We were so excited to have ran into the hidden gem of the Virginia Robinson Garden. This historic property was built in 1911 and was home to the retail giants Virginia and Harry Robinson. It truly is a breathtaking space and would recommend anyone in Los Angeles go for a tour. You'll immediately forget you're in the heart of a big city.


A Romantic Garden Setting

Within the gates of the garden, you're immediately transported to a serene and lush environment. Our team quickly got ready by hanging a beautiful green garland and setting some simple yet elegant decor to complete the intimate elopement.

Intimate garden wedding ceremony in Beverly Hills

No Pressure Romantic Photos

Another beautiful thing about elopements, you have the ability to run off with your significant other to take photos together with zero pressure. There isn't a cocktail hour happening in the background or a large reception waiting for you within the hour. It's just you two and the photographer! A time for you to connect as a married couple and of course, get some insanely beautiful shots. We're so lucky that Darlene and David chose Evangeline as their photographer. I mean, look at these photos...

Los Angeles Elopement Package

Are you swooning or what? If you're like me and wanting to elope then I highly recommend you get in contact with us to chat about our elopement packages. We offer a no fuss elopement package... All you have to do is pick a location & what photographer you want, which is included in the pricing. BOOM. You're done. Stress free planning is the way to go.

A rebellious, rock and roll Beverly Hills elopement

Bridal shoot with a full length veil at the Virginia Robinson wedding in Beverly Hills

Bride and groom photo inspiration in Beverly Hills for a rebellious and edgy elopement

Venue: Virginia Robinson Garden
Photographer: Evangeline Lane
Florist: Flower Duet
Rentals: Otis & Pearl

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January 28, 2020 - No Comments!

An Out of This World Moab Rehearsal Dinner

The road to a Moab, Utah desert wedding at Under Canvas.

From Los Angeles to Under Canvas Moab, it's typically a 2-day drive for our team. As we hit the final stretch and come upon the "Under Canvas" sign we know we're about to have a wild time. In particular, for this wedding, we knew we were about to have an out  of world experience! When our clients approached us with a Planet Moab theme we couldn't have even dreamt what the actual outcome would be.

Under Canvas Moab clamping resort for weddings and events

A fun and creative space themed welcome party for a weekend long wedding at Under Canvas in Moab, Utah.

A space themed cocktail party with a trailer bar in the desert.

The Rehearsal Dinner

You're about to dive into a visual experience like none other and let me remind you,  it's only the rehearsal dinner that I am sharing with you today. Most guests were traveling from France so the couple prepared days of adventure for their guests. It first started with a speed boat tour of the river in Moab. Meanwhile, our team was getting ready for what would be Planet Moab!

We were lucky enough to find Beehive Catering and will now forever pitch them as our go to in Utah! They served up a delicious BBQ dinner for these next level guests.


Space themed costumes for a fun and adventurous weekend wedding in the desert.

Acoustic band for cocktail hour at a desert wedding at Under Canvas in Moab, Utah.

Fun wedding guests gather around for a group photo with their best space themed costumes to celebrate a Planet Moab themed wedding.

The Finest Alien Costumes this Planet has Seen

As we mentioned, we could not dream what was about to happen next! As guests checked in, they quickly disappeared into their glamping tent to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. One by one, guests emerged from their safari tents in full homemade Alienware. To say it was out of this world doesn't quite do it justice. Victoria & Clement's guests did not disappoint with their creative costumes. From costumes with large wings to outfits that fully glowed in the dark. They were not messing around with this theme.

Light up costume idea for a desert party in Moab, Utah.

An art car equipped with a disco ball  in Moab Utah for a desert wedding held at Under Canvas.

A Rocket Ship Art Car Turned DJ Booth

How is it possible that in one month, we had two weddings with art cars? Did we even know what one was prior to our planning journey for this wedding? No, no we did not but let me tell you we are now art car experts! We worked with Ulla and her husband at Moab Event Services to bring in some necessary rentals such as their fun "Boom" truck. After the guests dined under the bistro lighting they quickly transmitted themselves to the dance floor with a special friend who flew in from France to DJ.

Art car wedding decor with a disco ball

Burnin man inspired costumes for a desert wedding in Moab at Under Canvas.

We say over and over again but we truly are thankful to our clients who allow us to think outside of the box and explore different ideas. Not every planner can say they planned a rehearsal dinner for guests from a different planet!


Venue: Under Canvas Moab
Catering: Beehive Catering
Rentals: Moab Event Services
Photography: Alice Wonderbee

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December 22, 2016 - No Comments!

Lessons from 2016 and Goals for 2017

Goal setting for the New Year!

As we're getting ready to welcome a new year, I've been seeing a lot of posts on Goal Setting, How To Make 2017 Your Best Year EverGreat Things are Happening in 2017, etc. But what about 2016? Shouldn't we look back and try to see what we might have learned from this last year? Well, most people I've chatted with actually HATED 2016. So much crappy stuff happened to them and as we all know, to the world as a whole. I get it. I agree and I do think all the terrible things that happened this year are making us stronger and will in turn, help us all shine in 2017. That's where my goal setting comes into play!


Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

Looking back on this past year

On a more personal level, 2016 was actually really amazing for me. It was a time of self reflection, determination and exhilaration. The biggest thing was that Chris and I got engaged (YAYYYY!), I quit my day job once and for all (scary) and I did a full business rebrand that was spot on. On top of that, I attended a million networking events and wedding industry meet ups to finally realize on December 21st that the only people I should be spending this much time with are my closest friends and family. They are the ones that encourage me the most, they inspire me, they're full of good (and different) ideas that can help me push my business forward. Don't get me wrong, I love a good #GirlBoss hangout with other super talented ladies but I would prefer to spend my free time with people I know well and love.

New year, new goals

So that leads me to my last point which is my motto for 2017:

Do Less, Book More.

Sounds too good to be true, eh? Let me clarify. I could go into this whole thing about the universe and energy but since there are so many beliefs out there let me just say this: The more you can replace the things that don't love with things that make you happy, the more you'll attract those happy things. Basically, in 2017 my "business plan" is to do more yoga, more travel, more dinner parties, more horseback riding, more wine nights, more family time and more exploring. I will be going to less networking events, spending less on marketing, driving less, stressing less and most importantly, I will be saying "No" to clients that just don't fit my "ideal client" mold (highly recommend listening to My Creative Empire Podcast - Episode #6 to learn more about the "Gentle No" concept).

So farewell 2016, you have been a great year for learning but we're all very excited to welcome 2017! Excited to set these new goals and see them come to live!

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November 21, 2016 - No Comments!

Simple Thanksgiving Escort Cards


A few years ago I decided I wanted to jazz up our traditional Thanksgiving paper escort cards. You know, those little tent cards we see at conferences? Yeah, those! So I spray painted some pine cones gold and printed everyone's name on a cute little tag. Well we have used those for a few years in a row and now it's time for something new. We usually get over 30 people at our Thanksgiving table and I wasn't about to make everyone a knitted hat so here's what I did instead.


What you'll need:

  • 1-2 thick branches (4"-5" diameter)
  • A wood burner (check Amazon)
  • A mitersaw (or ask someone to cut them for you)
  • 1 can of Fast Drying Polyurethane (Clear semi gloss)
  • Earplugs and safety goggles (or in my case, sunglasses)
  • A handy fiance to help you
  • Good tunes


Step 1: Measure out the desired coaster width. Use that 2x4 that you see in the photo above as a stopper. You can adjust it in the clamp once you reach the perfect thickness. I truthfully have no idea how to do that but Chris magically made it happen.

Step 2: Slice away! Safely. Wear your earplugs and goggles (or sunglasses).



Step 3: Plug in your wood burner. Wait until it's really hot and practice on a separate piece of wood. All I wanted to do here is write people's names in block letters and "2016" underneath. I tried to write cursive and it was so hard so block letters it is!



Step 4: Once you have a batch of wood-burned coasters ready, head over to your staining station for a nice little semi glossy coat of polyurethane. This is not eco friendly by any means and I would love to find another alternative if you have any ideas?




Step 5: Thank your team for the support and pose for silly photos!



Happy Thanksgiving!

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September 14, 2016 - 2 comments

New Website, New Adventures

Hey there! We're so excited to share with you the newly rebranded 'Cause We Can Events website.  We wanted to capture what it looks and feels like to have an off-the-grid, boho style wedding with us by your side. 

So while you're exploring the new site, take in the views, feed off the emotions and picture yourself at the top of that mountain or in the middle of the desert surrounded by those you love for the BEST. DAY. EVER! We plan to share some more of our past weddings, styled shoots and just good old adventures with you on this blog. Stick around, get inspired and we'll see you on the trail!

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