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May 2, 2017 - 62 comments

Best and Worst Types of Flowers For Your Outdoor Wedding

As Monet once said, "I must have flowers, always, always." And I'm the first person to agree! Today I want to talk about all things wedding flowers for your outdoor wedding.

In celebration of this gorgeous time of the year, let's talk about flowers. For an outdoor wedding, picking the perfect flowers for your bouquet or centerpiece can be a stress. Have no fear! We've put together a list of 5 sturdy blooms that won't wilt in harsh weather conditions and 3 buds that you might want to steer clear from.

We connected with one of our favorite florists in Tennessee, Stephanie from Lang Floral Designs to get her thoughts on these too.

Best Flowers for Outdoor Weddings


Starting off with succulents, of course! These are so hard to resist when planning your outdoor adventurous wedding. They have such a unique look and are so versatile, add them in your bouquet or in a bundle for your centerpieces. Some of them, like the air plant, don't even need to be planted in soil so you could have them hanging from a ceremony backdrop for a dramatic effect.

Stephanie says: By nature, succulents are hardy even without a water source or in the hot sun.  This is why they can hold up during an outdoor wedding, even if it ends up being a hot, sunny day.

air plant on piece of driftwood

Photo by Laura Goldenberger

Succulents have an extremely long life and need very little water. Another good thing is that they are sold fully bloomed, so no waiting time. I love how Lisa and Steven incorporated little succulents into their bouquet and boutonniere. With their wedding taking place before we got all this great rain, having some drought-resistant bits and pieces was key!

Photos by Jennifer Fujikawa

You can even use smaller succulents as wedding favors for your guests. A little something they can re-pot back home. The "Thank You" tags that we made for this wedding were actually made from seed paper which guests could take home, plant and watch the wildflowers grow!

succulent favor in a jar

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

Craspedia Billy Balls

These flowers don't even look real! Add these globe shaped blooms to your bouquet or centerpieces and you have yourself a whimsical-nature look perfect for any outdoor wedding.

Photo via Bloom & Wild & Photo by Heline Bekker

They bring such an interesting texture and visual interest to bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.

They are in ready to use form and they last for days. Fun for adding pops of color, use these for your spring wedding! You can also find dried versions of them which would keep even longer. These would also look really good in tall wine bottles on long farm tables, am I right?


Ugh! I am obsessed with Eucalyptus. I think it is so woodsy, fresh and a great way to add greenery in bridal bouquets. Fun Fact: Eucalyptus trees can live more than 250 years. So these are extremely durable for your rustic garden wedding.

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

This is the perfect touch if you're imagining a cascading bouquet as you walk down the aisle. Eucalyptus adds more of a personal feeling to your wedding, showcasing your nature-loving spirit.

bride in front of getaway car red convertible

Photos by Amy Lynn Photography

Also, you can't go wrong with a long eucalyptus garland on your ceremony arch or as a natural table runner. Bonus: they smell SO good.

Photos by Chloe Moore Photography

Garden Spray Roses

Now, I'm not usually a fan of roses. They're almost too classic for me but the Garden Spray rose has a sort of Peony look to it. Rather than sprouting upward like a traditional sweetheart rose, the petals on these bloom more outward which makes for a fuller bouquet.

Stephanie says: There's a reason why roses are used so commonly by florists.  They last a long time and are strong.  But don't be fooled by the long standing tradition of roses for weddings.  Roses come in great muted color pallets that are perfect for a modern wedding style.  Garden roses offer an even more premium look and are show stoppers when fully opened. They hold up great to all the elements and will most likely even last several days after the wedding. 

This gives your bouquet an eccentric, offbeat look while adding texture and fullness at a fraction of the price. Our bride, Misha's bouquet made by Hilary's Flowers and Such was all about being wild and free but with some soft pinks and blues to add a little romance.

These flowers also look BOMB on wedding cakes. Combined with greenery, you'll have a dessert table that makes a statement.


Photos by Laura Goldenberger

These are also the most durable in the rose family, so if you're looking for a touch of romance with a little bit of edge in your bouquet, this might be it!


It’s no wonder there's a princess named after this flower. Jasmine is oh-so-soft and adds just the right amount of femininity. They look super graceful and fun in a bouquet and the best part is: They love the heat, so less stress for you!

Photo via Velvet and Twine

While I was looking for some photos of jasmine, I came across so many ideas for cakes that incorporated this beautiful flower.

Photo by Megan Welker // Flowers by The Little Branch

I mean.. I can’t get over how carefree and natural that is. Looks like the cake came out of the woods that way!

Worst Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Now, I hate to do this but you'll thank me later.  If you are having an outdoor wedding, here are some not-so-great blooms you should stay away from when picking your bridal bouquet flowers .


I know we're going to have some angry and sad brides out there that may reach out to us. Peonies are such a popular flower in the wedding industry. They truly look stunning in bouquets but when it comes to their outdoor toughness, they're a bit of a wimp. Sorry lovelies. Now, if you must have peonies on your wedding day, I recommend having them in your bouquet but not in your centerpieces as they will be the ones sitting in the sun.

Stephanie Says: Peonies are a favorite of many brides. However, once they bloom out to that perfect luscious size, their life is extremely short.  Heat, wind or direct sunlight can make that life even shorter.  And when the peony bloom is done, it doesn't just look a little droopy, it usually drops ALL its petals at once.  I just hate the thought of an entire large bloom falling apart from a gust of wind in the middle of a ceremony.  There are several varieties of Garden Roses that look very similar that we like to use in its place for outdoor weddings.  

Did you read that ladies? There are GARDEN ROSES that look like peonies! Yes mam, I've seen it with my own eyes. Do yourselves a favor and swap out those delicate peonies for some lush garden roses if you're planning to be outside on your wedding day.


“Such a sensitive little flower” No, literally. Hydrangeas have such soft, showy blooms that are so springy and fun but these must be kept hydrated and die pretty quickly (especially if you're going to be out in the sun). Unfortunately, might not be worth the risk!


These are such a popular flower for wedding bouquets. But for an outdoor wedding? These flowers tend to brown super easily, especially if put in a harsh weather environment. Such a shame, these are such a classy and timeless flower.


Crisp and dainty, these add a sophisticated sense of style to any bouquet. But tulips thrive in the ground where they are originally planted. The stalks will droop, petals will fall, and this flower will wilt at the sight of heat. It’s best to keep them in your garden!


Well there you go, some of the best and worst flowers to use for your outdoor wedding. Hopefully this was informative and gave you some inspiration. I know I'm feeling even more in the Spring mood after writing this. Remember, Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be, so plant a garden and believe in tomorrow!

Want more spring time wedding inspiration? Check out this Joshua Tree Spring wedding!

December 6, 2016 - 8 comments

Hanna + Jesse’s Lemon Grove Wedding

This love story is as good as it gets! Hanna and Jesse met while working at lululemon a few years ago. Jesse and I were actually in the same hire group and Hanna was one of our mentors. Even though all the girls in the store had secret crushes on Jesse, he knew from the beginning that Hanna was the one.

Getaway car for bride and groom red convertible

When it came time for them to plan their wedding, we all knew LEMONS would make an appearance, but this just blew us away! Take a peek at one of the most spectacular outdoor weddings of 2016 at the Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula, CA.


groomsmen in front of historic Santa Paula Chapel

dapper ring bearers with navy bowtie and overalls

bride with flower crown and bright bouquet

lace wedding gown and flower crown

bride with lace dress and flower crown

red convertible getaway car with bride

bride with bright bouquet and red convertible

The breathtaking ceremony took place at the St Sebastian Church in the cute little town of Santa Paula, CA.

ceremony at Saint Sebastian Church Santa Paula

bridesmaids in navy with baby's breath bouquet

wedding ceremony at saint sebastian church santa paula

beautiful saint sebastian church santa paula


newlyweds at saint sebastian church

Can we stop for a second and talk about how cute their getaway car was!!?! Obsessed.

just married getaway red convertible

newlywed kiss in red convertible

getaway car for the newlyweds santa paula

bride and bridesmaids with baby's breath bouquet

groom and groomsmen in navy and gray suits Limoneira

bride and groom kiss at limoneira ranch

bride and groom in lemon grove at limoneira ranch

bride and groom at limoneira ranch santa paula

couple at limoneira ranch in santa paula

Get ready for some amazing reception details! The bride and groom thought of everything. From clever signature cocktail names served at Lemonade Stands to Pick-Your-Own Lemons  in lululemon bags as favors, it was a wedding planner's dream!

escort card table with map of the world

lemonade stand bar at limoneira ranch

custom bar menu at wedding at limoneira ranch

yard games at limoneira ranch

lemon picking at limoneira ranch for wedding

lemonade stand bar for wedding at limoneira ranch

sweetheart table at limoneira ranch

hoola hoop kids at limoneira ranch

The evening was not complete without an incredible surprise dance from the newlyweds, a real BBQ meal and SO. MANY. MOUTHWATERING. DESSERTS!

wedding reception at limoneira ranch

bride and groom dancing at limoneira ranch

fun bride and groom dance at limoneira ranch outdoor wedding

best dessert table ever donuts and tassles

sprinkle donuts at wedding

donuts at wedding dessert bar

bride and groom kiss in from of Jeni's Ice cream truck

bride and groom eat jeni's ice cream

jenis ice cream truck at limoneira ranch

bride and groom kiss in lemon grove

sweet couple in lemon grove in santa paula

bride and groom at limoneira ranch under the lights

And then the night magically ended with 'Smores and breakdancing.

s'mores and firepit at limoneira ranch

dancing at limoneira ranch under the bistro lights

Venue Limoneira Ranch // Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Photography Amy Lynn Photography // Catering // Ice Cream Jenis Splendid Ice Cream // Florals


October 24, 2016 - 4 comments

Greenhouse Engagement Photos at the South Coast Botanic Garden

I am SO in love with our engagement photos! Many of you have probably already seen a ton on my Instagram and Facebook but I thought I would share a few more on the blog. After working at the South Coast Botanic Garden for 2 years I had dreams of taking some photos in their Greenhouse. It may not have much curb appeal but it's a tropical paradise inside!

Photos by Chloe Moore

Engagement photos with floral dress and tattoo

The engagement dress

Let me take a second to talk about my floral engagement session dress. I get A LOT of questions about it. It came from a shop at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, CA called Sugarbush (or something similar). Sadly that store closed not long after I got the dress. I still have this floral maxi dress and love wearing it for weddings, parties or date nights. I would caution that the slit does open up with any gust of wind so now I wear a slip underneath just in case.

Couple holds hands in garden for engagement photos

Wedding venue location

At the time that we took these engagement photos, we had no idea where our wedding would actually take place so we decided to take pictures in the cactus garden, alpine section and tropical garden just in case we decided on a destination wedding! Turns out, we ended up having it at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree. Here's a blog post from our own desert wedding. 

Tropical engagement photos with long floral dress


Engagement outfits for men

We kept it pretty simple with my now-husband's engagement outfit. He wore a light blue button down shirt and dark jeans. We paired that with his black and brown shoes and a nice watch. He has tattoos so we rolled up his sleeves to show those and keep it more casual. I really like how it turned out.

Sunset engagement photos in botanical garden


How long are engagement sessions?

Typically, I would say engagement sessions last about 2 hours on average. Each engagement photo package will vary with your photographer but I typically see them being between 1-3 hours long. Something to keep in mind if you are going to multiple locations is drive time. Depending on the photographer, that travel time between spots may count toward your total shoot time so choose your locations wisely!

engagement photos inside greenhouse

That's a wrap on our engagement shoot! Thank you to my friends/vendors for making this happen. If you need more vendor recommendations, we have a TON of talented people to suggest for your engagement session or wedding day. Check out our Instagram for some of our favorites.

kiss engagement photo in garden


Hair/Makeup Nicol Artistry // Photography Chloe Moore Photography // Wardrobe Styling Circa Vibes // Venue South Coast Botanic Garden



October 10, 2016 - 6 comments

Fall Wedding at the South Coast Botanic Garden

Garden Wedding in Palos Verdes

Fall is here! Every year I hope to see the Southern California trees change colors but instead I settle for the somewhat cooler weather and the appearance of all things pumpkin at Trader Joe's. The Fall wedding season is definitely one of my favorites. Guests get to enjoy seasonal menus, darker colors in their decor and get cozy by the fire pits. We're celebrating this lovely fall wedding at the South Coast Botanic Garden on the blog today! P.S the bride designed her own invitations and hand painted all the pretty signs!

Getting ready earlier

Getting ready the morning of your wedding should be anything but stressful. Something to consider if you're having a late fall outdoor wedding (late October or November) is that the sunset will be a lot earlier. That means, you should plan to have your ceremony earlier in the day as well and therefore, you're 'getting ready' time will have to start earlier as well.

Hair & Skin Care Routine

If you're not a morning person, consider washing your hair the night before and lathering lot's of moisturize on before bed. To avoid puffy eyes the morning of your wedding, stay hydrated the night before and go to bed early. I know it's not what you want to hear on your wedding weekend but, trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Coffee mug Wedding Gift Idea

Breakfast & champagne

Even though you might have butterflies the morning of your wedding, you need to eat something. Have your Maid of Honor be in charge of wedding day brunch and mimosas to take the edge off! Remember, stay hydrated throughout the day too!


Wedding rings on succulents

Succulent boutonnieres for groomsmen

Outdoor Ceremony

Like I mentioned earlier, if you're having an outdoor ceremony in the Fall, it's likely that the sunset will be significantly earlier than it would be during the Spring or Summer. Planning tip: The first thing I do when I start creating a wedding timeline for clients is to insert the sunset time. The reason I do this is because I want the "golden light" romantic photos to happen the hour surrounding the sunset. This means, the ceremony should be at least 1 hour or more BEFORE sunset time.


wooden ceremony sign

Wedding chuppah with long garland

bridesmaids in pastel at garden wedding

A Garden Reception

After a beautiful wedding with a traditional tea ceremony, modern vows and lot's of happy tears, guests were escorted to the meadow for some sushi, drinks and dancing. Planning Tip: One thing we like to always recommend to our Fall wedding couples is to rent heat lamps! I know it's not a sexy rental item to have on your list but your guests will appreciate you for keeping them warm once the sun sets. If you don't like the look of the metal heat lamps, for a small extra fee you can ask your rental company to wrap them in pretty much any color you want!

Wooden escort card sign find your table

Sweetheart table with pink chair and books at garden wedding

Macarons tower for wedding dessert table

Gift table marquis letter signs

Fall wedding invitations for garden wedding

Fall Wedding Photos

All in all, I still think Fall weddings are the best. The air is crisper, sure, but the sunsets are spectacular. If you are considering a botanical garden as your wedding venue, I recommend checking out the South Coast Botanic Garden because you'll have 86 acres of incredible greenery and cool plants for your sunset photos.

bride and groom in garden under greenery arch

Vendor Team

Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Photography Jennifer Fujikawa // Venue South Coast Botanic Garden // Hair + Makeup Theresa Huang // Florals Hana Hana Flowers // Desserts Le Paradis Macaron // Wedding Arch Blue Fish Event Rentals // Invitations Fiber and Dye

September 14, 2016 - 6 comments

New Website, New Adventures

Hey there! We're so excited to share with you the newly rebranded 'Cause We Can Events website.  We wanted to capture what it looks and feels like to have an off-the-grid, boho style wedding with us by your side. 

So while you're exploring the new site, take in the views, feed off the emotions and picture yourself at the top of that mountain or in the middle of the desert surrounded by those you love for the BEST. DAY. EVER! We plan to share some more of our past weddings, styled shoots and just good old adventures with you on this blog. Stick around, get inspired and we'll see you on the trail!

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