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April 27, 2020 - 10 comments

Fun Photobooth Alternatives That Will Wow Your Guests!

Photobooths have been at weddings for the last 5 years if not more. We've all put those paper mustaches on and silly hats for a great photo session with friends or the newlyweds. But the standard photobooth will not do anymore! It's time to spice things up, especially all your adventurous couples out there. Feast your eyes on these super fun Nashville-based photobooth alternatives! Need recommendations in your city? Don't be afraid to reach out and ask, we would love to send you a few ideas.

teal photobooth bus at a wedding in the desert in Utah

1. Nashville Foto Bar

What do you get when you combine a VW van & a bar? The Foto Bar! This company not only provides a vintage VW bus as a photobooth, but also comes equipped with its own full service bar (yup, the bartender is also included). Yes please! There's something so fun about squeezing a bunch of friends in a VW bus for some silly photos. Grab a prop and strike a pose!

Nashville Foto Bar vintage trailer photobooth bus for weddings and events

2. SpeechBooth

Instead of regular photos, these video booths allow your guests to leave you videos (think: guest book alternative). Your guests will love sending you well wishes, marriage advice, serenading you, and talking about their favorite memories with you. You might also get some really inappropriate and hilarious videos in there because #cocktails but that's just part of the fun.  These videos will certainly be something you’ll want to watch years from now or even keep as blackmail for some of your friends ;).

3. Cypress Photo Camper

 These adorable photo booth campers come in three different styles & fun vibes included! If you are looking for an indoor photo booth, they can accommodate that as well. We love the cute details this camper has but you can always ask to add some decorations of your own to go along with your wedding theme.

Cute vintage trailer photobooth bus at wedding

4. Nashville Caricatures

Here's one more idea that's for couples who want something totally unique. Trade the photo booth for caricatures! Having an artist come to your reception and draw your loved ones is surely something they won’t ever forget! It's also a fun piece of art that your guests can take home as a favor and hopefully hang it somewhere in their home that will remind them of the great times they had a your wedding.

Have any other alternative photo booth ideas? Comment below and share your favorite ones with us!

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April 20, 2020 - 8 comments

A Burning Man Wedding in the Desert

The long road out of Gerlach towards Black Rock Desert for a Burning Man inspired wedding celebration!

Wedding guests sit around a bonfire in the desert for a wedding reception.

It's been a long time coming that I hop on here and write about Laura & Grant's Black Rock desert Burning man inspired wedding. There have been a couple of posts about it already! One being on 100 Layer Cake and the other on Melissa Gayle's website. To be quite honest, I don't know where to begin when writing about this one. Laura and Grant's wedding was and still is a HUGE deal to us. I remember when the inquiry came in and Gabby said it was my right of passage to take it on so I said, "Heck ya! Let's do this."

A remote desert wedding setup inspired by Burning Man with glamping tents by Stout Tent rentals

Glamping tents for a desert wedding by Cause We Can Events and Stout Tents for a Burning Man vibe.


Choose Wedding Vendors Wisely

Burning Man most likely holds a different meaning to everyone as it is a one of a kind experience. (DISCLAIMER: The 'Cause We Can Events team has never been to Burning Man, we can only speculate based on what attendees have told us). However, there are some people who have opposite feelings about said event and wouldn't return my call when I said "Hey! I am planning a Burning Man inspired wedding and would love for you to be a part of the team." With that, I quickly learned I needed to act fast to build a team that would be willing to make the trip out to Black Rock Desert. Long story short, this paragraph is strictly dedicated to say for those who said yes to this adventure will always remain in my top 5 "you must hire them" list. You can find a link to their website at the end of this post.

A storm approaches Black Rock City threatening a desert wedding.

Weather Pending

This was a unique situation as it was our first full build out from the ground up and the forecast was showing RAIN! Which under normal circumstances, this would be okay but as you can imagine the dry lakebed quickly turns into the stickiest mud you'll ever see. Attempting to be proactive, we did look into other options to move the location to a place that wouldn't be so risky but we decided collectively to take the chance! I think we can all safely say, we are glad we did.

A boho, creative wedding in the desert inspired by Burning Man.

A remote and creative desert wedding ceremony inspired by Burning Man in Black Rock Desert

Rain comes down on a bride and her guests for a desert wedding weekend.

The Experience

We always talk about how we prefer the guest experience over the traditions of a wedding such as a garter toss, cake cutting, etc. With that in mind, we really worked through the guest experience and what that would be like. Not all guests had been to Burning Man so Laura and Grant made the decision early on that this was to be an enjoyable experience for all. This meant we were fully equipped with flushing toilets, hot showers, food served daily and of course a well stocked bar. The toughest vendor to secure was the restrooms but after three months of searching, we finally received confirmation that Quick Space would be joining our vendor team. Honestly, that was the most stressful part of planning this wedding so not bad!

Mystic Flyer, an art car, used for a desert wedding inspired by a festival!

Two wedding goers dressed in cowboy outfits with sparklers during a Burning Man inspired wedding in the desert.

Food & Booze

Plain and simple, every wedding should have good food and great drinks! We did some research and found Big Blue Q. If I could put them in my back pocket and take then to every wedding or event we planned, I would without question. Shane and his team deserve all the points for being professional, helpful and adventurous! We were the first to be able to use their new tap trailer for beers and so glad we did! Not only did it pour some great beers but also acted as a refrigerator for other items so we did not need as much ice. We only had to worry about keeping gas in the generator and the kegs running. Thanks to Big Blue Q the guests and vendor team were well fed and fell hydrated throughout the weekend!

Paella served in the desert by Big Blue Q, a Tahoe wedding caterer.


We finally had the chance to work with Stout Tents on this project! Caitlyn and the rest of the Stout team had the biggest install of them all. We setup three 30' tipis... Yes, 90' worth of tipi went up to act as the center of our event. The guests dined in this tipi, found shelter in the rain and were able to do morning yoga! We also booked Stout for their sleeping tents that come fully stocked with REAL mattresses which is a HUGE deal when "camping" in the desert. As mentioned earlier, we also had hot showers for everyone to use thanks to Stout! Can you believe that?

A wedding reception in a custom built tipi in the desert.

Burning Man Style Entertainment

Obviously a Burning Man wedding would not be complete without an art car! We searched high and low for the best option available to us. Luckily, Laura and Grant have some friends who were able to put us in touch with Fired Up Management. They have a HUGE list of art cars they manage and were able to connect us with Mystic Flyer. This was a double decker bus fully wrapped with lights and a sound bath inside. They had a DJ play from the roof of Mystic Flyer ALL weekend. Amazing.

An art car in the desert for a Burning Man style wedding.

An art car, Mystic Flyer, setup in the desert for a festival style wedding.

Environment / MOOP

This blog post would not be complete without mentioning that the environment came first with this event and should for all events. We worked closely with the town of Gerlach to make sure that we adhered to all the rules, including MOOP. Matter out of Place. Anything and everything that wasn't originally a part of Black Rock Desert must be removed. This means we leave no trace! Laura designed mugs and water bottles that were used by all guests throughout the weekend. We used kegs onsite which helped eliminate the amount of cans and bottles and the guests could use their mug to fill up!

An eco-friendly gift for weddings, a custom coffee cup gift for a wedding in the desert!

All in All

With that, I bring the end of this Burning Man inspired wedding blog post. All I can say is, if you're planning to wed in the desert you need a solid team to back you! It's important to have a team that will be able to troubleshoot without you being bothered, a team that is not afraid of the elements and most importantly a team that is down for the adventure. We look forward to working on more events that challenge us in the best ways! Thanks to Laura and Grant for trusting us! We were able to create a temporary venue in the middle of the freaking desert. As we said on Sunday when wrapping up, "WE DID IT!! Now when can we do it again?"


Venue: Black Rock Desert
Catering & Bar: Big Blue Q
Tents & Showers: Stout Tent
Rentals: Tahoe Rustic Rentals
Entertainment: Fired Up Management
Photography: Melissa Gayle
Restrooms: Quick Space

April 8, 2020 - 4 comments

Fun Late Night Wedding Snacks Ideas

What’s the best way to keep your guests around & out on the dance floor? Late night wedding snacks! This is becoming more and more popular, and we know why! Everyone loves a good snack and now you have more choices than ever. We compiled a list of our favorite food choices that can be hired to keep you and your guests movin’ & groovin’ all night!

Sweet Treats

There is nothing better than hopping off the dance floor and grabbing something sweet (besides more wedding cake) amiright? WARNING: These late night sweet treat ideas will make drool.

Fun donut dessert table for fun late night snack for weddings

  1. Mini Donuts (or regular ones, no one is complaining): The ultimate sweet treat that's easy to grab AND eat while dancing. You can serve them in platters, cake tiers or even on a donut wall with pegs for each donut! Five Daughters Bakery not only creates your favorite donuts, they also do vegan & paleo options!
  2. Ice Cream: Need to cool down? Ice cream won’t disappoint. We've had clients have this cold treat be served out of cute carts, on cones, in cups or in coffee! Mojo’s is one of our favorites in Nashville and they can create custom ice cream cookie sandwiches to serve to all of your guests.
  3. Candy Bar: Bring all your favorite candy into one place and allow your guests to make their own bag! Also doubles as a wedding favor so WIN WIN. 
  4. Cotton Candy: Fluff Nashville is our go-to for all things cotton candy. It was such a hit at our last wedding because guests could choose their flavor and everyone walked around with big sticks of cotton candy. Talk about feeling like a kid again!  

Cotton candy in Nashville for fun wedding late night snacks

Savory Eats

If dinner just wasn’t enough for all you salt lovers out there, take a look at some of these yummy eats ideas for your after party. The more dancing, the more calories are being burned so you gotta keep your people fed and happy all night long.

  1. In-N-Out Truck: If you're from the West Coast, you know that no after party is complete without a stop at In-N-Out. Well how about bringing this California food truck to you! Surprise your guests with an hour of all-you-can eat burgers!
  2. Tacos: Everyone loves a good taco...and if you don't, we can't be friends sorry! Hire a food truck that is serving up your favs and lets your guests go wild. We've had some killer taco companies cater to meat lovers and vegans all at once. For all of our Nashville couples, we love Captain Muchacos and all of their food (and amazing staff).

Savory late night wedding snacks

  1. Pizza: GIVE ME ALL THE CHEESE. I feel like no one has ever been bummed to see pizza magically show up while they're partying at a wedding, right? You can hire rad vendors like The Dough Box to drive right up to your wedding venue and provide your guests with the best pizza! Also, leftover pizza is a great breakfast snack for the next day.
  2. Chips & Salsa Bar:  A super easy (and pretty inexpensive) option that can satisfy just about anyone. Assign someone from your party to be in charge of setting up a full chips and salsa bar with different salsa heats, plates and serving spoons and fun toppings like cheese, chives and jalapeno peppers. Don’t forget the queso & guac! 

Fun candy table with yellow candies for late night dessert table at wedding

Of course there’s about a million other options out there to choose from.

Our best advice: Serve something that is your favorite or that has meaning behind it. Maybe you and your partner went to get milkshakes on your first date or always try to find the best french fries in town. These can be great ways to find out what to incorporate into your wedding day!

Photos by Lauren Mihae, Lisa Marie Photographie and Amelia Lavoie

April 2, 2020 - 7 comments

Point Vicente Interpretive Center Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding at Point Vicente Interpretive Center

Sonia and Graham knew right away that their wedding needed to be at Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Palos Verdes, CA. It was a perfect location for their wedding count of 100 guests and close to where they were living. With it being so close, Sonia and Graham would often picnic in the area leading up to their wedding. Point Vicente Interpretive Center offers a ceremony location, great views of the ocean and light house, ample parking and not to mention indoor and outdoor reception space.

Point Vicente Interpretive Center an intimate wedding venue in Plalos Verdes

Coastal Wedding Invitation

Invitations are always the first thing your guests see that will give them some insight on what to expect for your wedding day. Sonia and Graham decided they wanted to keep it eco friendly and sent out invitations via Greenvelope. The process was so easy that we now often suggest it to our clients for Save the Dates and wedding invites! You can quickly send any updates to your guests with a click of a button, track RSVPs and remind people gently that the deadline is coming up to say yes or no. Not to mention, it's a great way to collect  updated addresses for future invitations, thank you or holiday cards.

eco friendly invitations for a wedding by the beach

custom his and her vow books and rings

First Look at Terranea Resort

We love a first look! I often recommend them to the client who is a bit looking for an intimate moment on their wedding day. It allows for a moment together to take it all in. You're about to get married so why not share a drink, a tear and a kiss before? Sonia and Graham chose to stay at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes the weekend of their wedding! It was the perfect get away and staycation before, during and after the wedding! They were both able to get ready in their suite with friends and family plus do a first look on the grounds.

A bride and groom's first look at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes

A vintage car for a wedding getaway

A bride and groom sit in the back of a vintage car for a wedding in Palos Verdes

A bride and groom sit in the back of a vintage car on their wedding day in Palos Verdes

Friends Who Get Things Done

You can tell Sonia and Graham have created a great community of friends. Get yourself a best man who's also your hype man (see photo below). They're friends helped set the vibe of the wedding the entire day! From chauffeuring them in an antique car, to hyping up the first kiss as Mr. & Mrs., to baking the most beautiful pie! To be honest, I really enjoyed my time planning their wedding with them as well. They are some of the kindest people I have come across and a lot of fun. It made planning a breeze and the wedding day so much fun for the entire team too.

Point Vicente Interpretive Center ceremony in Palos Verdes, CA

Point Vicente Interpretive Center intimate wedding reception

Choreographed Dances

Sonia is a dancer, which is so fun, as she wanted to incorporate that in her wedding day. She surprised everyone with a dance performance with friends! It was the perfect way to get the dance party started... It also helps when most of the crowd knows how to dance and your friend is the DJ.

A bride surprises the crowed with a choreographed dance sequence at her wedding in Palos Verdes

Decor & Personal Details

Sonia and Graham did a great job incorporating personal touches throughout their wedding day. Their bar offered signature drinks dedicated to their pup, Moose, and their travel trailer they built by hand. The welcome table was fully equipped with travel themed decor as well as a polaroid camera and guest book for guests to sign. The reception tables were lined with beautiful colored glassware, floral arrangements and handmade place cards at each setting.

Point Vicente Interpretive Center adventurous and creative wedding reception decor

a custom bar menu for a wedding at Point Vicente Interpretive Center

Wedding days like Sonia & Graham are always a simple reminder of why we do what we do. We get to create a special moment for a couple who deserve nothing but happiness and love in a place that they visit often with friends and family they adore.

As we all know, it takes a team to pull off such a fun day. Thanks to the people we worked with on Sonia & Graham's wedding day!

A bride, wearing a BHLDN dress, and groom posing in front of the ocean at Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Palos Verdes

Wedding Vendor Team

Venue: Point Vicente Interpretive Center
Photography: Randi Kokis
Catering: Jay's Catering
Florals: Love Her Madl
Glassware: Dish Wish