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Nashville Event Venue Highlight: Alabaster Collective

As a wedding pro, I often find myself sourcing venues that I personally would enjoy spending time at outside of weddings. This could mean glamping for the weekend at Under Canvas or spending a co-working day at a local venue space. Alabaster Collective in Nashville offers an intimate gathering experience for those planning a wedding and even working professionals! The trendy venue is located in historic Germantown in Nashville. Ready to learn about this dynamic space? Let's begin!

Alabaster Collective venue tour, Nashville, Tennessee

The Co-Working & Social Space

Let's talk about the co-working space first. Alabaster Collective offers creative women the chance to change up their work environment. There are quiet spaces available if you need time to focus and work alone while enjoying a complimentary cup of coffee. Then, there are even meeting spaces so you can bring your team along! If you are a wedding planner, this is such a fun way to test out a possible wedding venue for your clients while starting to create familiarity and trust with the Alabaster Collective team.

Even after the workday is over, you don't have to leave this cool Nashville space behind! Invite your friends to high tea, happy hour, or book club. What a creative way to meet new friends and add to your network in Nashville! You can grab your membership with Alabaster Collective here. Check out all of the offers and amenities below from their website:

Membership Amenities

  • Four private meeting rooms
  • Private conference room that seats 8-10 guests
  • Outdoor space
  • Discounted event rentals (10% off)
  • Steadfast coffee, Firepot tea, and local baked goods/snacks
  • Weekly Extended Hours
  • Multiple social events every month
  • Multiple business/professional/networking events every month
  • Access to all on-site amenities
  • Full kitchen amenities, projector, showers/restrooms
  • High-speed internet
  • Retail opportunities
  • Service opportunities

Membership Offerings

  • Table Talks
  • Happy Hour
  • Book Club
  • Fika
  • Mastermind
  • Workshop/Panel
  • Open Mic Night
  • Extended Hours
  • High Tea
  • Community Service Days
  • Pop-Up Events

Hosting an Event

If this looks like the perfect intimate space to enjoy your special day with your guests, make your event a reality! The restored venue includes a modern design while still keeping the charm of the historic surrounding town. Event offerings listed on their website include:

  • Full Weekend Rental Packages
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Day-of Ceremonies
  • Welcome Parties
  • Workshops
  • On-site Preparations
  • Brunch Send-off Celebrations
  • Intimate Dinner Parties
  • Corporate Gatherings

You can even choose for the venue to be furnished for your wedding or event! That way, this can save the costs of rental delivery fees. If you choose to celebrate for a full wedding weekend, we recommend staying at the Germantown Inn nearby.

Contact the team at Alabaster Collective or send us an email to start planning your special day!

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How to Celebrate This Mother’s Day

It's the holiday dedicated to all of the amazing mothers out there! This year, you might be planning to celebrate Mother's Day at home. Make your space feel special and for all of the mothers in your life by planning out a beautiful tablescape for your celebrations! Today we are sharing inspiration to help you find your decor style for this sweet holiday. From brunch party ideas to cozy dinner tables, we have you covered. Plus, we are even sharing some a-m-a-z-i-n-g Mother's Day gift ideas to go with each option!

Place setting for celebrating Mother's Day

"This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I'll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

70s Inspired Brunch

This design is perfect for those moms that love an alternative styled. Not every mom loves pastels and classically 'pretty' designs. This 70's inspired brunch is so cool with bold red colors and old-school details. Look at those invitations! We think it adds an extra touch to mail an invite to everyone attending your brunch party- even if you talk to them every day.

Gift Idea: We figured that the moms for this badass brunch party design may want something a little different for their Mother's Day gift. Surprise your mom with a fitness membership from Chrysalis Fitness + Wellness. They can receive a free week for free with our code: CWCWFREE and get their sweat on! This is a virtual membership so you can your mom can work out together from anywhere.

Tea Party

Invite your mom over for some afternoon tea! Decorate your backyard with this feminine and sweet design. We recommend keeping your color palette light and airy for this option. Add in some fresh greenery for an easy yet impressive decor piece. Serve some tea and sweet treats while celebrating the mothers in your life!

Gift Idea: This mom probably loves a good accessory. Treat her with matching mother-daughter pieces from Starling Jewelry! This is something you both can wear daily as a special reminder of each other. Whether you love necklaces or dainty bracelets, there is a design for everybody.

Dinner at Home

Instead of going out to dinner, cook a homemade meal and set up a cute table for your mom and mother figures! You might go thrifting for some vintage glassware and stop by the farmers market for some fresh flowers. Be sure to light some candles as the finishing touch on your dinner tablescape.

Modern boho tablescape design for Mother's Day dinner
Photography by Olivia and Dan // Design + Planning 'Cause We Can Events  // Florals by FDK Florals

Gift Idea: Make this Mother's Day extra sentimental with a custom illustration by Samilynn! This has to be my favorite option because it is so personal. All you need to do is find your favorite photo of yourself and your mom. Then the photo will be transformed into an adorable illustration. In fact, I even purchased an illustration this year based on a photo from my wedding. Look how great it turned out!

We hope these ideas sparked your inspiration! Have a lovely Mother's Day.

By the way, if you are looking for more decor advice, be sure to check out how to decorate with sage green next!

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How to Get Body Confident for Your Wedding

You should feel your absolute best on your wedding day. If you are planning a wedding, you might be looking for ways to get fit and healthy so you can be confident for your special day. We teamed up with our friend, Jenn, Co-Owner and Instructor at Chrysalis Fitness + Wellness for her expertise. Today she is sharing some pro advice and 4 exercises so you can be body confident for your wedding!

Chrysalis fitness workout

Tip: Complete these exercises as a fun date with your partner to de-stress from wedding planning. Ready to kickstart your healthy lifestyle? Keep reading!

Jenn's Journey

I was super nervous before my wedding for so many reasons, but one of them was definitely because I was worried about standing in front of so many of my friends and family, being the center of attention, and having SO many photos taken. There are plenty of articles out there telling you how to get “in shape” for your wedding or how to lose weight for your wedding, if that’s what YOU want then great. But I think it’s far more important to feel confident on your wedding day, you should be able to stand tall on that altar and feel damn good about how you look no matter your size. 

The areas that helped me stand tall on my big day were the ones that worked my posture muscles and my core. Here are four Chrysalis Fitness + Wellness exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment (if you don’t have weights, 2 full wine bottles will do!). I suggest making a playlist of 4-6 of your favorite dance songs that will last about 15 minutes, do a little warm-up like jumping jacks or running in place, and then hit the mat for these exercises. I’ve given some recommendations for reps, but always listen to your body and if it wants less, take a break, if it wants more add some more reps!

I hope these exercises help you stand a little more body confident on your big day!


Jenn - Co-Owner/Instructor of Chrysalis Fitness + Wellness


This first exercise works your booty, your hamstrings, and your abs, it hits all parts of your core.


  • Avoid straining your neck when you curl your shoulder up. 
  • Keep your glutes engaged and your hips lifted by pressing down into your bottom heel. 
  • Slide your supporting arm wider to the side for more balance. 


  1. Lie down onto your back
  2. Bend your knees and place your feet slightly forward of your knees
  3. Grip your seat, lift your hips, and pull your navel down
  4. Keep your upper back on the floor, only lift your seat, waist, and lower ribs off the floor
  5. Extend your left leg to straight and in line with your bottom leg
  6. Place your right hand behind your ear with your elbow bent out to the side
  7. Slowly lift your leg upward and simultaneously curl your right shoulder upward engaging your obliques
  8. Continue for 15 reps on the left leg, repeat on the other side. 


This body confident exercise works your chest, upper back, shoulder, core, and quads. 


  • Keep your neck long by only bringing your arms as narrow as your shoulders. Avoid “shoulder earrings” meaning, keep your shoulders drawn down away from your ears. 
  • Keep your glutes engaged and your abs drawn in, avoid hinging back too far causing your low back to arch. 
  • Press the tops of your feet down into the floor behind you, avoid curling your toes under as this can put stress on your knees. 
  • If you’re on a hard floor, use a folded towel or pillow under your knees. 
  1. Pick up a set of weights (2-5 lbs)
  2. Kneel down with your knees hip’s width apart or slightly wider and place your feet directly behind
  3. Squeeze your seat, bend slightly forward at your waist, and hinge slightly back from your knees to engage your quads. 
  4. Bend your elbows in half and draw your elbows slightly wider than your shoulder, elongate your neck by drawing your shoulders down. 
  5. Open your arms into a goal post position and simultaneously hinge back from your knees 2-3 inches engaging your quads more. 
  6. Return to your original position. Repeat for 20 reps. 


This exercise works your abs and your upper quads.


  • Press down into the side of your supporting forearm to draw your shoulder away from your ear.  
  • If you have a sensitive hip, try placing a cushion under your glute. 
  • Bend your knees as much as you need. 
  • Keep the movement in your abs by exhaling sharply as you lift your legs.
  1. Sit down and rest onto your right glute, extend your legs diagonally down and forward
  2. Come down to your right forearm and draw your shoulder away from your ear
  3. Lift your left arm upward
  4. Keeping your knees slightly bent, pull your core in, and lift both legs upward on a diagonal as you draw your left arm down toward your shins. 
  5. Return your legs to the floor with control and your arm overhead. 
  6. Continue for 20 reps and repeat on the other side.


This exercise works your triceps, upper back and core.


  • Spread your fingertips wide apart to increase surface area and take pressure off of your wrists. 
  •  Squeeze your shoulder blades back and down to elongate your neck. 
  • If lifting your legs is too much, keep both feet on the floor. 
  1. Sit down on the floor with your feet about a foot and a half in front of you, hip’s width apart. 
  2. Place your hands on the floor with your fingertips facing toward your feet and slightly out on a diagonal. 
  3. Scoop your hips up lifting your seat off of the floor. 
  4. Draw your ribs back toward your inner arms and lengthen your neck by drawing your shoulders down.
  5. Bend your elbows directly back and simultaneously lift one knee toward your chest, repeat and switch legs. 
  6. Continue, alternating legs for 30 repetitions.

Looking for more exercises to feel body confident as a future newlywed? Use our code: CWCWKFREE to receive a week of free (yes free!) online all access with Chrysalis Fitness + Wellness! You will receive:

  • Access to both livestream classes and on-demand virtual platform! Livestream classes provide you with the "in-studio experience," you will receive live feedback which includes verbal corrections, motivation and modifications.
  • On-demand platform provides you with the flexibility to take class when it is convenient for you.
  • Access to full classes, mini workouts and how-to videos.

Your 1-week trial activates the date you purchase.

For more pre-wedding planning advice be sure to check out these self care tips for future newlyweds next!

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How to Create Affordable DIY Napkin Rings

Let's face it. Purchasing new table decor for each season is expensive. Not to mention, you might want to refresh your table for dining table special occasions and parties. I set out to create affordable DIY napkin rings that are easy to make at home. The result was even better than I thought! Ready to create your own? Keep reading for all of the details.

How to create affordable DIY napkin rings

Supply List

  • Cardboard tube
  • Fabric
  • Pocket or Exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Pick up enough fabric and cardboard tube for the amount of napkin rings you are needing! My fabric & tube made enough for 6 napkin rings.

Step One: Cut the Fabric Tube

When you are picking up your fabric at your favorite craft store, be sure to ask them if you can have the paper tube! This is what you are going to be using for the actual napkin rings. Once you are home, be sure the fabric is completely off of the tube and set aside for later. Then, on a flat surface, you will want to start cutting the fabric tube. Don't worry about being perfect with this! With your pocket or Exacto knife, cut about an inch wide piece for each napkin ring. Cut as many napkin rings as you need for your table setting.

Step Two: Cut Your Fabric

Start cutting small strips of fabric for each tube. You want the fabric to be long enough to cover the entire napkin ring tube piece and wide enough to tuck under. This size will vary depending on your type of fabric and how you have cut your napkin rings from the fabric tube.

If you need a visual guide for this DIY Project, be sure to check our my YouTube video here:

Step Three: Wrap Your Napkin Rings

Now, this is where the pieces of that fabric tube start looking like napkin rings! Gather your fabric strips and napkin ring tubes. Start adding hot glue to your napkin rings rolling the strips of fabric around the tube as you go. Once the napkin ring is completely covered, cut any excess from the length. Glue the rest to the fabric width to cover the inside of the napkin ring.

And you are done! See how easy that was? These are such a sweet addition to any tablescape and are a fun DIY project. Get creative with this craft and make different colors and patterns.

Love this blog and want more tablescape inspiration? Be sure to check out this modern pink and green table design next!

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The Best Yellow Themed Spring Wedding

We don't know about you, but the color yellow automatically puts a smile on our faces. This is such a versatile color to inspire the design for any wedding. Today we are sharing an indoor spring wedding with pops of bright yellow. We love the way the season was incorporated into the details of this day. Kristof & Becca are such a joyful color so we wanted to create a wedding aesthetic to match! Keep reading to gather inspiration from this yellow-themed spring wedding.

Bride and groom holding hands at spring wedding

Invitations & Florals

The invitation suite was kept super modern with minimal pops of yellow. The bright tone that the couple chose for the day is so refreshing without being overpowering.

For the bridal bouquet, Becca wanted to incorporate plenty of the yellow color. The addition of different texture florals added dimension to her beautiful bouquet. Then she opted for more romantic pastel tones including blush, lavender, and peach. Of course, no bouquet is complete without some fresh greenery!

Yellow wedding invitation design
Spring wedding bouquet with yellow flowers

The Ceremony

At Smoky Hollow Studio, we allow the industrial venue to shine. A modern wedding arch decorated with organic spring florals was the perfect amount of decor. The contrast of the natural design with the urban style venue was so stunning.

Bride and groom at spring wedding ceremony

Venue Details

How cool is this guest 'books' idea! Instead of having one traditional guest book, the couple added in a bit more personalization. They chose their favorite books that hold sentimental value in their relationship for guests to sign. That way, when they pick up any of the books in the future they can be reminded of their special day.

For the venue decor, a simple string art sign greeted guests to the day. After the ceremony, we transformed the wedding arch to a creative backdrop. Check out that marquee light sign!

Guest book stationery for wedding

Bride & Groom Photos

Kristof and Becca snuck away for bride and groom photos while guests mingled and enjoyed a cocktail hour. They got to adventure through the local city, capturing photos with different backdrops. Becca got to show off her floor length tulle veil. The bride and groom featured their favorite yellow color with their accessories.

Bride and groom with long veil

Table Decor

A simple way to transform any space is by adding in an abundance of fresh floral arrangements and greenery. Cascading garlands and hanging floral features brought this design together. We kept the place settings simple with a muted linen, modern black flatware, and a vintage style plate. For a bit more ambiance, we added romantic gold votives.

Wedding reception tables at Smoky Hollow Studios

Looking for more spring wedding inspiration? You will love this modern colorful wedding next!

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Woodland Fall Elopement at Autumn Lane Estate in Maine

There really is nothing quite like an intimate elopement surrounded by nature. Today we are adventuring to Maine for the most dreamy woodsy elopement. This rustic boho design will surround you with the feeling of crisp autumn air with colorful fall tones and effortlessly romantic details.

Ready to escape to the forest with us? Keep reading to gather inspiration for your elopement vision!

Wedding Arch & Florals

This eco-friendly floral wedding arch seems to emerge from the ground, blending in perfectly with the fall surroundings. The florals were foraged locally in Maine, keeping the theme of the forest consistent. This is such a creative and sustainable way to honor the location of your elopement! The addition of dried textural elements like the seasonal leaves is so unique for this ceremony design.

The bridal bouquet was a continuation of the wedding arch following the colorful fall palette. A mix of warm marigold, burnt orange, deep reds, and blue tones brought pops of color to this elopement. If you are planning an outdoor wedding but want to include more colors, add in plenty of fresh florals to keep things inspired by nature!

Bride & Groom Attire

The bridal look was minimal and ethereal with a flowy floral length gown. For the bride's accessories, she wore dainty and modern jewelry pieces to complete her elopement look. The groom's muted blue suit was so chic, complementing the wedding florals.

The Barn & Lounge Decor

This sweet local barn at Autumn Lane Estate is the perfect Maine elopement location. It is a great spot for photography with a wooden backdrop and modern barn silhouette! Even with intimate elopements, adding a lounge area is a great way to extend your venue space. We added in a matching floral garland, a simple accent bench, and a vintage-inspired rug.

Table Design

How cute is this table design? We selected a two-tone wooden round table and chairs to place our fall decor. The cascading natural floral garland made a stunning centerpiece. We added organic-shaped plates layered between a real seasonal leaf to each place setting. The linen napkins and flatware remained simplistic to allow the place settings to shine.

The Cake

Let's talk about this beautiful cake! The minimal two-layered was decorated with sprigs of pampas grass and a piece of fresh fern with a few more fall florals at the base. We paired the cake with a simple wood cake stand. Of course, we couldn't resist having the bride capture a photo with the sweet treat!

Love this blog and want more intimate elopement inspiration? Check out this Joshua Tree desert elopement next!

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Easy Modern Pink and Green Easter Tablescape

There is nothing wedding planners love more than being creative. Piecing together the perfect tablescape is such a fun process and we knew we wanted to share our inspiration for the Easter holiday! Whether it is just you and your partner or a small group, gather inspiration from this easy pink and green festive tablescape. We added a modern twist on traditional Easter decor while also featuring aspects from the spring season.

If you are planning your tablescape for this upcoming holiday, look no further! We are going over all the details on how to create this design in your own home. You can even purchase the exact items we used or edit to suit your personal style! Ready to see the table decor? Keep reading!

Pink and green easter tablescape

Spring Florals & Vases

Guess what? These flowers are from Hobby Lobby! They looked so lush like fresh florals, I had to pick them up. Don't be afraid to purchase faux florals and greenery for your tablescapes. You can always reuse them for other occasions!

I (Gabby) focused on light and airy, natural color with pops of pink tones. I love the contrast of the pastel vases with the calming greenery and delicate textures. To make this design more modern, I chose simple vases in solid colors. I arranged the various sizes in the middle of the table under a warm, earth tone runner to act as the centerpiece.

Place Settings

These place settings are so cute and easy to create. You can even make the napkin rings yourself as a fun DIY project! Tip from a wedding planner: if you find one design piece you absolutely love, build your tablescape around that! These chic eucalyptus plates caught my eye for this tablescape. Not only are they wonderful for Easter and spring, but they could even transition to the cooler months.

By the way, I shared a YouTube video creating the Easter tablescape for a visual guide here. There's also some bonus business Pinterest tips for my fellow wedding pros and creatives :

I layered a wicker charger from Kirkland's underneath my two plate sizes, then got to work on adding the napkins and napkin rings. The napkin rings turned out so great and were a quick DIY from fabric at the craft store. Get creative with how you present this final touch on your place settings! I chose to wrap them around the top plate but you can test out different options.

Final Look & Decor Needed

Voilà! Here's the final look. What do you think? With a few new purchases and items I already had on hand, this sweet Easter tablescape was so fun to create! Add or take away items to best suit you. I chose to set a table for 6 guests. Here's what you need to create this Easter tablescape:

  • A CLEAN TABLE: Start with a blank canvas using the table of your choice. I stuck with the wooden rectangular table in my dining room.
  • SEASONAL FLOWERS & VASES: You may choose to purchase faux flowers or pick up some fresh florals. Be sure to choose spring-inspired florals and add in some greenery for extra texture. Choose one pop of color such as the bright pink on this tablescape. For these vases, grab some that you already have or you can find the vases we used at Hobby Lobby.
  • PLATES, CHARGERS & TABLE RUNNER: Keep the base of your place setting neutral. I focused on earth tones for the simple table runner, muted green plates, and wicker chargers.
  • PRINTED NAPKINS & NAPKIN RINGS: Choose some fun printed napkins! Go with a design that pulls tones from the plates and florals of your choice. Then, for the napkin rings, choose a contrasting color.
Table decor with green plates and pink and white bud vases
Plates & napkins from Kirklands
Faux flowers, vases, chargers, & napkin ring fabric from Hobby Lobby
Runner from Home Goods

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NEW Tennessee Venue: White Star Station

Ready for another fresh new venue in Tennessee? White Star Station is a historic industrial venue located near Knoxville. We are loving the modern and versatile space. The charm and character paired with the chic aesthetic are so unique. Whether you are hosting an intimate celebration or an all-out wedding, they can accommodate a small group or up to 400 guests. Today we are taking you on a virtual tour! Ready to learn more about White Star Station? Let's jump in!

Meet the Co-Owner & Creative Director

First, let's meet the co-owner and creative director, Autumn. We asked her a few questions to help get to know more details about White Star Station:

Tell us what you love most about the venue.

Autumn says, "My mother and co-owner, Laura Antonucci saw something in White Star that no one else did, she fell in love with the history and raw beauty of the building.  We wanted to bring this historic venue back to its original feel so that our guests are able to experience the full history of this venue while celebrating their special moments in life."  

What can clients expect when booking the venue?

Autumn says, "We offer: exclusive facility use for your event, fully accessible venue, over 10,000 square ft of usable event space, accessible parking garage, tables and chairs, and an available custom round bar."

What type of events do you host?

Autumn says, "Our White Star special events range from birthday parties, proms, anniversary & family celebrations. We even host both small and large corporate events. Of course, we absolutely love hosting weddings as well!"

The Loft

How cozy does this loft look? This space is a great area to relax with your wedding party before the ceremony. Put final touches on your wedding day look and share a drink (or two)! We can already imagine the stunning getting ready photos for this space.

Indoor loft with books at wedding venue

Ceremony Space

The exposed brick wall adds a natural backdrop to any ceremony. The industrial interior can be transformed easily for any style. We love a venue that already offers so much appeal even before decor is added! You can create the best layout for you and your guests.

Indoor ceremony at wedding

Reception Space

When it is time to party, the reception space is lit with modern chandeliers and natural lighting from the windows. The open floor plan is perfect for an intimate feeling even if you have a large guest count. Create a family style seating for your reception or formal round tables! There are so many options to get creative and have fun.

Indoor wedding reception space with cake
Intimate wedding reception with gold chairs
Cocktail table seating with gold linens

Lounge & Bar

Let's talk about this stunning bar. White Star Station created the custom round bar with a vintage inspiration. The design offers the opportunity for more decor space and even extra seating. Guests will be so excited to transition to cocktail hour and grab a beverage at this bar! If you want to create an entire lounge area starting at the bar, go for it! There is plenty of room to make an interactive and comfortable space for your wedding.

Venue: White Star Station // Design: Darla Walker Events // Florals: Sam Franklin Florals // Photography: Rafferty Photo // Draping: Jason Events // Beauty: Bangs and Blush // Models: @lovealwaysallip & @landry_thatcher // Dress: Vow’d Weddings // Tuxedo: Regal Tuxedo // Videography: Open Roads Media // Arbors: Marsh Made Design  // Signs & Lettering: Scruffy City Letters // Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals // Catering: By the Tracks Catering // Bar: Single Barrel Events // Desserts: Moonshine and Suppertime // Cake: Regina Long // Lighting: Sound Revue Entertainment

Ready to plan your wedding at White Star Station? Contact Autumn today to get started. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at the venue!

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Colorful Spring Wedding at Smoky Hollow Studios

Spring is here! We can't help but reminisce on all of our favorite weddings of the season. I mean, the lush florals and colorful palettes are so refreshing. Today we are heading back to Smoky Hollow Studios (one of our top venues!) for a vintage-inspired spring wedding day. Let's dive in!

Colorful spring wedding at smoky hollow studio

Details & Getting Ready

Lauren and CJ enjoyed time getting ready for the day with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is often the time your photographer will capture detail photos so be sure to bring along a copy of your stationary on wedding day! The pop of pink, calming sea foam green, and navy blue colors were featured throughout every detail. From the watercolor invitation to bow ties, this wedding was full of seasonal colors! Not to mention, the spring florals were absolutely breathtaking with a mix of traditional and wildflowers.

First Look

After they had their spring wedding outfits on, the future bride and groom shared a first look before the ceremony. This was such an incredibly sweet moment that allowed the couple to enjoy time together before guests arrived.

Wedding Party

After a traditional Catholic ceremony, the bride and groom and their wedding party captured photography. This is often some of the best memories shared between the newlyweds and their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The alternating pastel colors with neutral tones were so stunning against the industrial backdrop.


During the ceremony, part of our wedding team ventured to Smoky Hollow Studios to decorate. Vintage elements such as lace runners, combined with modern details like minimal bud vases created the spring wedding vision. Delicate florals were placed at each family-style table to brighten up the indoor space. The natural wooden tables were so stunning on their own, that we kept the decor to a minimum.

Bride and Groom Photos

While guests enjoyed cocktail hour and listened to live string music, Lauren and CJ took some more couple photos. They both got to show off their spring wedding outfits and get creative with photography. We can't get enough of all the various backdrops in each image!

Want more spring wedding inspiration? Check out this Joshua Tree Rimrock Ranch wedding next!

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Easy DIY Valentine’s Date Ideas for Future Brides

Valentine's day as a future bride or engaged couple adds extra romance to the holiday. Get creative and plan a DIY date to surprise your significant other. From an at-home movie night to an adventurous glamping getaway, there are so many easy date options to put together. Add in personalized gifts into your planned date for your future bride or spouse. We are sharing our easy DIY Valentine's Day date ideas to inspire your holiday celebration!

"This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

Coffee & Tea Breakfast

Create a coffee shop at home with a sweet breakfast date! For those that prefer to keep things laid back on the holidays, serve a romantic and healthy breakfast accompanied with your partner's favorite hot tea or coffee. Order your coffee shop date ingredients straight to your door with Thrive Market! Arrange the ingredients in a gift basket and surprise your future spouse. For those that are hot-tea enthusiasts like us, gift them a new mug with a tea infuser that they can continue to use even after Valentine's day.

Click link to purchase tea infuser mug on Amazon
Modern Tea Infuser Mug $18.99 on Amazon

Movie Night

Since many of us are still staying at home this year, why not celebrate Valentine's day with a DIY movie night? Splurge on a projector to watch a bring the theater feeling to your own home. Gift your partner a cozy blanket to sit and watch a romantic movie with. This is such a fun date night option that anyone will enjoy!

Click link to purchase projector on Amazon
Amazon Portable Movie Projector $99.99
Click link to purchase throw blanket on Jungalow
Jungalow Champagne Lightweight Throw Blanket $69

Pamper Day

For those that love the spa and bath and body products, gift them with a Valentine's pamper day! This is a great way to relax from the stress of wedding planning. Create an at-home spa with a luxuries candle and a new bath item. Our favorite scented candle and body scrub is available on Amazon! Order a bouquet of fresh flowers to place in the bathroom to make your loved one feel extra special.

Click link to purchase candle on Amazon
capri BLUE Volcano candle on Amazon $30

Glamping Weekend

As adventurous wedding planners, we find ourselves glamping at national parks often. Check out one of our past weddings at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains for a behind the scenes look at a glamping location! This is a romantic and simple getaway for those that love to be surrounded by nature and need a moment to unplug. Surprise your partner with a bag that includes all of our glamping must-haves before your trip!

Under Canvas Smoky Mountains glamping tents
Photographer Lauren Mihae // Planning + Design 'Cause We Can Events // Venue Under Canvas Smoky Mountains 
Blue lightweight backpack click link to purchase on amazon
Glamping Must-Haves on Amazon under $25 | Lightweight Backpack $18

Want more wedding tips and inspiration? Join our email list for weekly advice and a FREE wedding budget guide.

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