A Guide to Nashville’s LGBTQ Friendly wedding vendors


It’s no secret that Tennessee is a taking a turn for the worst when it comes to LGBTQ rights. With the possible ban of gay marriages, we want to highlight our favorite LGBTQ friendly wedding vendors so you don’t have to guess who is on your side!

From LGBTQ+ friendly photographers to caterers who understand that love is love, we want to publicly recognize and applaud wedding pros who are allies. Not only do these wedding vendors need to say that they are LGBTQ friendly but they also need to show it on their website. We’re hand selecting vendors who we believe walk the walk and talk the talk.

LGBTQ Friendly Photographers

Joshua Corey

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh on a private estate wedding here in Nashville. Not only is he kind, patient and creative but his work is stunning. If you like that warm edit and candid shots, Josh is your photographer!

Photo by Josh Corey

Laura Schneider

Laura is a foster mama, french fry connoisseur and loves shooting film. She wants her work to evoke emotions and to make you feel something. Her documentary-style photography captures love stories, family portraits and even births.

Kirsten Holliday

Kirsten lives in Nashville but still shoots a lot in Austin, TX, a place she’s lived and loved for 8 years. She loves tattoos and home renovations. She’s a travel-wanderluster and one of the most chill and heartwarming wedding photographers you’ll ever meet.

LGBTQ friendly videographers

Griffin R. Dunn

While Griffin currently lives in LA he is still working in Tennessee (no travel fees!) so we definitely want to shout him out. He’s a filmmaker and editor who loves cats (we’re here for it) and can tell your incredible stories behind the lens. He’s there to capture your tears during the ceremony and your wild dance moves at the reception

Crown and Lace

I had the pleasure of working with Crown and Lace on a wedding recently and their team was incredible. From drone footage to landscape shots and intimate close ups, Lance and his team captured everything while making our couples feel comfortable.

Ember and Ash Films

Ryan is based in Nashville by way of Mississippi, he has been recording and documenting things for as long as he can remember. Comedy skits with friends, road trips, music festivals…you name it! Whether it’s a large, traditional style wedding with friends and family, or an intimate elopement somewhere off the beaten path, Ryan wants to tell your story and help you remember what this incredible day felt like!

LGBTQ friendly caterers

Flavor Catering

Flavor is a catering team that goes above and beyond for all of their clients. I know this because I’ve hired them for many of my Nashville weddings but I also work as a server for them from time to time. It’s a great way to get to know the local venues, see how other vendors work and make new friends. Flavor treats every client with kindness and respect and it’s why they are my favorite LGBTQ friendly caterer in Nashville.

Photo by Janessa Alexandra

Juniper Green

Juniper Green is a catering team that believes food should tell a story. From amazing charcuterie boards to incredible fusion menus, Juniper Green can do it all. They are also very mindful of food waste and regularly team up with a composting or donation company after events.

LGBTQ friendly Wedding Planners

Cause We Can Events

Hi it’s us! We’re proud to design, plan and coordinate weddings within the LGBTQ+ community right here in Nashville as well as several other cities . From cozy boho backyard weddings to glamping adventures in the Smokies, we’ll take your dream vision and run with it creating a experience that will hit all 5 senses. Not only that but we know which vendors shares the same values as us so we can build you your dream wedding team. Let’s chat!

Photo by Leah Bullard

Modern Vintage Events

Becca and Jessie are not only Prosecco drinkers, design enthusiasts and lovers of all things weddings but they are also great friends of ours here in Nashville. With their colorful and bold design ideas, these two aren’t afraid of being different and we absolutely love that. While Nashville is where they live and plan most of their weddings, they also travel and create magic everywhere they go.

The Get Together Events Co.

While Lauren and her team only specialize in Month Of Coordination, they are a force to be reckoned with. Lauren calls Nashville home but you’ll find her team planning weddings in Chicago, NYC and beyond! They’re fun, unapologetically themselves and perfect for couples who already have their planning done and need a professional team to bring it all together!

LGBTQ friendly venues

The Saint Elle

The Saint Elle, The Cordelle and Estelle are all owned by the same amazing sister team. Saint Elle is an 8,000 square foot venue / event space, filled with natural light and a focus on fresh, modern touches which compliment the historic architecture. The venue has an incredible in-house curated bar experience so that’s one less vendor you have to worry about!

The Noelle

Both a hotel and wedding venue, The Noelle is located in the heart of Nashville and a great destination for out-of-town weddings. This venue offers in-house catering and bar as well as guest room accommodations. Whether you’re having a 20-person intimate wedding or a party for 120, The Noelle is a great LGBTQ venue option.

Photo by Kera Photography

LGBTQ friendly florists

The Florista

Meg is probably the most creative florist I know in Nashville. She can dream up just about anything. From celebrity weddings to album launches, there’s nothing this team can’t do. You know what else they love? Gay weddings! Yay for the Florista!

Photo by Josh Corey

Mason and Loretta

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Chelsea on a last minute 60th birthday party in the Great Smoky Mountains and she was the perfect florist for the job! She communicates well, provides mood boards for floral examples and even has candles and other small decor to rent.

LGBTQ friendly bar companies

Cocktail and Key

Krystal and her team are not just a bar company, they are a cocktail experience and a whole lot of fun! They create custom cocktails with freshly squeezed juices, monogram stamped ice (what!!) and they can even rent you the bar itself. They are a full service cocktail team and we truly love working with them.

LGBTQ friendly artists

Lauren O’Brien Art

Lauren has a very rare talent and that is to turn your wedding into a fine art piece that you get to keep forever. Not only is having a live painter at your wedding a fun experience for your guests, but you get to take the artwork home and remember the day forever.

There are so many more incredible Nashville wedding vendors that deserve to be added to this list for their openness and kindness to the LGBTQ community. If you know a vendor who should definitely be added to this list please email me: gabrielle@causewecanevents.com

LGBTQ friendly photo booths

The Photo Machine

Dusty Grimes, a TN native, fell in love with the idea of a camper-turned-photobooth several years ago.  He was determined to create one that stood out from the others in the business…with a definite ‘kitsch’ factor.  The end result is The Photo Machine, which has been a labor of love for Dusty.  Fun, retro, and whimsical are what The Photo Machine is all about.  The Photo Machine takes photos, GIFs, and boomerangs which can be shared digitally, or printed for a tangible takeaway for your guests.  Fun fact about Dusty…He’s an expert gift wrapper!

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