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August 31, 2020 - 1 comment.

Build a Wedding Website like a Pro (that won’t break the bank)

information you need to build a wedding website

At this point you have your wedding date, your venue, a guest list in place and now you’re on to designing the invitation. It’s in that moment you realize that you’re limited on the information you can share with your friends and family so you make the decision to build a wedding website. It may seem like a daunting task but take a moment and think about it, you already have the information in place. Creating a wedding website should be pretty easy! BONUS POINTS: Covid has really shed some light how important a wedding website can  be. It's a quick way to update your guests with revisions. 


We get this question quite often so we thought we'd do a quick breakdown.

  1. SquareSpace
  2. Zola
  3. Minted

Photos: Lauren Mihae


Obviously you will want to add personal touches and handy information to your website but keep it to a minimum. Your family and guests most likely know your story so give them the Spark Notes version. You want to engage your reader and not overwhelm them so make sure the information is presented in a clear and simple format. This is where templates would come in most handy! Building a website is not for everyone so you may be inclined to ask a friend for some help.

Photo: Huckleberry Creative


If you are hosting a multi-day wedding and have a private dinner or brunch planned for an intimate group of people, I would suggest leaving it off the website. You don’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to who is invited or hurt any feelings.


Keep your guests up to date with information such as wedding registry, hotel room blocks and transportation information. If a destination wedding, you may want to include nearby airports that are best to fly into or perhaps your favorite local spots you've visited in the past! I always love when couples explain why they chose that location too.

Photo: Lauran Mihae


Before sending out your invitation with a personalized URL, you should send the website to your planner for a test run. They may be able to spot some mistakes that you did not see.

Now you're ready to start planning your website! Want more wedding tips? Read our tips on taking engagement photos. P.S. you'll want those for your wedding website.

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New Nashville Wedding Venue: Cranford Hollow

We're always on the lookout for new wedding venues to recommend to our clients. From vast plots of land to intimate cabins, we know our adventure wedding couples want a venue that is unique and customizable. Today we're sharing a brand new wedding venue with you: Cranford Hollow.

When we moved to Nashville from Los Angeles, the first thing I wanted to do is meet new venue owners and vendors. It's a great way to make friends but also great for us, wedding planners, to keep a list of local venues and vendors.

My new friend and photographer Darcy Ferris, who actually wrote a blog post we were featured in called " Why You Need a Wedding Planner", invited me to join her on a site tour of the brand new venue, Cranford Hollow. The venue is located in Columbia, Tennessee which is just about 40 minutes south of Nashville. It's hidden between the hollar (a term I had never heard of until moving to the South) on a beautiful 50+ acre property.

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

white barn wedding venue

The Barn at Cranford Hollow

Cranford Hollow is a first-generation farm and we actually saw the barn being built the first time we were there. We literally got the hard hat tour! The barn is a climate controlled 6000+ sq. ft. Amish built modern barn with a beautiful white washed exterior. What's important to note is that it's modern as opposed to rustic. Sorry but gone aburlap and mason jars anymore.

Inside the barn, you'll find two huge open areas: one for dinner and one for dancing but if your guest count is large enough you may want to use both for dinner. They even have their own custom bar that comes with the venue rental! Oh it get's better. This venue includes tables and chairs for up to 200 guests as well. Yup!

Design tip: Label each table number with acrylic signs for a sleek and modern wedding look. This way your guests can easily find their seats. Use the extra signs to label other aspects of your wedding such as the cake table or bar! To add to the romantic feeling of the day, place clear glass votives around the venue, focusing on reception tables. For the newlyweds, hang cute labeled signs on the back of their seats. You can use the signs later for photo opportunities!

The Ceremony Space

So wait, do you have to get married inside the barn? Nope! Like we mentioned, they have 50+ acres so you have A LOT of outdoor options. One option is right in front of the modern bar on a concrete platform that overlooks the valley.

Personally, I would recommend renting a simple arch from Blue Fish Event Rentals. Whether you need a traditional wooden cross, a chuppah or even a boho triangle arch they have something for all styles. They'll even do custom arches upon request!

The other option, for those who are a little more adventurous, is to get shuttled to the top of the property's hill and really get a bird's eye view during your wedding. Keep in mind that you'll need to buffer a little extra time here to transport all your guests.

When we were there for the tour, the venue also had a custom wood arch that may be available to rent. Feel free to bring your own decor too, this venue is very DIY-friendly!

Design tip: Line the aisle with modern lanterns for a simplistic ceremony design. You can repurpose the lanterns after the ceremony for cocktail hour and reception decor!

Rental Package & Pricing

Let's recap what's included in the rental package and talk about what brand new venue costs, shall we? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. After seeing the cost of weddings in Los Angeles, I'm here to tell you that Tennessee wedding venues give you way more bang for your buck if that's what you're looking for!

What's Included?

  • The Barn at Cranford Hollow (Reception / Ceremony)
  • Tables & Chairs (Reception at The Barn)
  • Chairs at the Ceremony Site (Multiple Locations)
  • Custom Built Farm Tables for Food & Custom Built Bar
  • Chandelier Lighting in Barn & String Porch Lighting
  • Bride & Groom Suites
  • Lawn Games
  • Parking Attendant
  • Onsite Representative

Additional Options:

  • Back Hillside Ridge (Ceremony Site)
  • Chairs at the Ceremony Site (Hillside Ridge)
  • Hillside Ridge Cocktail Hour
  • Transportation via Tractor Wagon to Hillside Ridge
  • Transportation via Shuttle Bus to Hillside Ridge

What does this venue cost?

For a One Day Rental and exclusive use of the venue for the ceremony and/or reception on a Friday is $5000, Saturday is $5500, and Sunday is $5000. These were the prices as of 2020 so please note that they may have increased.

Wedding Planning Services

We have a wedding planning team based here in Nashville so you better bet we're excited to work at this venue! So what kind of services can we offer you at Cranford Hollow? Well because this is a blank canvas when it comes to decor, you're going to want a Month of Coordinator at the very least.

Month of Coordination Wedding Package

Some couples LOVE to plan their own wedding and I'm totally happy to come in and support you as a month of wedding coordinator. Our month of wedding coordination packages starts at $2000 for Cranford Hollow and here's what we include:

  • Access to our preferred vendor list & Tipping guide
  • 6 weeks out : Details meeting & walkthrough
  • Timeline & floor plan creation
  • Collect Insurance certificates for your vendors (if applicable)
  • Rehearsal Coordination
  • Wedding Day Coordination
  • *additional staff may be required for decor set up

Full Service Wedding Planning Package

Our Full Service wedding planning package is perfect for the couple who has an idea but needs a expert to help put all the pieces together from design to logistics. Our Full Service Wedding Planning Package starts at $7500 and includes:

  • Personalize planning dashboard
  • Design and mood boards
  • Budget Management
  • Vendor Research
  • Timeline & floor plan creation
  • Rehearsal coordination
  • Wedding Day Coordination
  • and more!

We would love to hear about your wedding day so please schedule a wedding consult call with us or reach out to the venue owner, Rachael directly to set up a tour. She's SUPER sweet and so so helpful. Want another Nashville wedding venue recommendation? Check out our tour at 14Tenn next!

Photos by Darcy Ferris

Happy Planning!

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August 17, 2020 - 3 comments

How to Take Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo Tips by a Professional Photographer

We reached out to Bree from Parallel33 Photography to get advice on how to take some of the best engagement photos. We totally understand that it can be completely nerve wracking to have your photos taken by a professional for the first time. Let's start right there, hire a professional. Our number one tip would be to hire someone with experience! Your photographer will guide you through the poses and make you feel the most comfortable. You will most definitely want to connect with your photographer before your wedding day.

How to Pick Out your Engagement Photo Outfit

Our first question was, what the heck do you wear to an engagement session? After hearing what Bree had to say, we all agree that you don't want the outfit to be too distracting.


My shooting style is to give little posing guides that will make them laugh, have fun, sit on the ground, twirl, and make out just a little bit. It’s all about being comfortable and focusing on real movement. So being comfy is #1.


This one is SO important. Remember, the goal is to keep our outfits from distracting from you. With that said, Bree always recommends keeping the colors neutral. Now before you both show up wearing grey shirts and blue jeans, there are actually neutrals in every color. For example, instead of wearing an ultraviolet purple t-shirt, wear a Taupe or Mauve sweater that does not distract but still adds a slight colorful aspect. And also make sure that you wear colors that compliment your unique skin tones. In short, pick natural colors you see in nature that complement each other.


You will most likely change 2-3 times, so I recommend bringing 5 pairs of shirts, 3 different pants/bottoms, 2-3 different dresses, and a few pairs of shoes. Your photographer can help you decide what will look best together and on location!

Best Locations for an Engagement Shoot

If a location doesn't pop in your head immediately, that's okay! We recommend writing a list out of places you've been together. What's important to you? Bree says she wants her couples "to really think about the special places in their relationship, even if it's not the 'cutest' for photos." At the end of the day, you want these photos to be special to you. Bree explained that it's, "a piece to their overall story, and a fun memory to look back on."

Feeling Comfortable During Your Engagement Session

Personally, I think this one is my biggest fear when the time comes to take engagement photos so I was curios how Bree gets her clients to keep cool, calm and collected. First and foremost, Bree agrees that comfortability is key. She says, "I want couples to not only feel natural in front of the camera, but also close with me. I try my hardest to become more like a friend to them. I text them gifs, offer coffee or boba dates, and make sure they have all they need to feel good BEFORE the session. At the session, I tell them they can take a shot or bring a drink if that would help them relax, I play music so there are no awkward silences, and I make sure to coach and talk them through everything. Natural posing and candid prompts get people feeling fun and relaxed, so they can focus on being together, and not about where their hands are."

Photos: Parallel33 Photography

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August 10, 2020 - 57 comments

Wedding Ring Tattoos – Love or hate?

We've seen quite the engagement ring trends over the last few years. From the nesting rings to raw gems and ring tattoos?! What do you think? Do we love this wedding trend or are couples going to regret this one? Let's discuss!

Wedding trend: Wedding Ring Tattoos

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

wedding ring tattoo

Pros of ring tattoos

Before deciding whether you love or hate this idea, let's take a look at a few pros and cons.

IMPORTANT! You might also want to consider buying some tiny temporary tattoos to test them out before you get inked! Nothing says "permanent" like a tattoo so let's not live in eternal regret, shall we?

It never gets lost

The first thing I think about as a pro to having a wedding ring tattoo is that it will never get lost! If you're someone who is active or just doesn't think to remove jewelry when going to the beach or on a hike, a tattooed ring might be the thing for you. Not only will it never get lost but it can never get stolen either! Bonus!

Size doesn't matter

The next thing I consider when I think of how great a wedding ring tattoo would be is that the sizing wouldn't be an issue. We've all experienced that finger swelling during hot days where our rings feel so tight. A wedding ring tattoo wouldn't give you this problem at all. For all those brides who want kids, your wedding ring tattoo won't be an issue when you're pregnant either. Maybe I'm starting to like this ideal after all.

It's Cost effective

Well, we can't deny that a tattoo is much less expensive than a diamond (well, in most cases). If you're on a tight budget, a ring tattoo could be a great alternative to the expensive diamond engagement rings. According to Woman Getting Married, ring tattoos cost anywhere from $50-$300 on average. Some splurge on them and could leave with a $2000 bill but that's still cheaper than a lot of diamond rings these days!

wedding ring tattoo of trees

Cons of ring tattoos

It's permanent

Okay, this might seem obvious but the ring is going to be permanent. While I don't want to jinx anything, what happens if your marriage falls apart or you just don't like the tattoo style anymore? It's like those tattoos with a person's name...that's never a good idea. The good news is you could always have it removed but that can be costly at about $1000 or more. Worth it? You tell me.

wedding band tattoo in black

It's painful

This is coming from a girl who has NEVER had a tattoo so take it with a grain of salt. However, my husband has a full sleeve and there was definitely some pain involved in his tattoo process. I'm told that fingers are a really sensitive part of the body when it comes to tattooing. Take this into consideration if your pain tolerance is low. A ring tattoo may not be a good solution for you!

It can fade

While I haven't gotten a tattoo, I HAVE had my eyebrows micro-bladed before so maybe that counts? What I have noticed from my eyebrows is after about a year, the ink will start to fade. I would imagine over time, your ring tattoo would go from black to grey as well.

So while I think there are definitely great perks to getting a wedding ring tattoo, I don't know if it would stand the test of time. If you have a ring tattoo, I would LOVE for you to reach out and tell us your story. What made you get it? Do you love it? What would you have done differently?

Caring for your Ring Tattoo

Even though a ring tattoo is pretty small, it's still ink on your body and needs to be properly cleaned & moisturized. 

My husband has a full sleeve tattoo and he's told me all about tattoo care over the years! Here are some products he loves:

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Curious about our thoughts? Even if you're not, we're going to tell you anyway!

We'd first recommend testing out a temporary tattoo on your ring finger and see how you feel.

If you love it, then go for it because YOLO! Keep it small, don't add someone's name (duh) and, personally, I wouldn't add color to it because that tends to fade.

If you're reading this right now and you have a ring tattoo, please come share your photos with us on Instagram! Just shoot us a DM because we really want to see them!

If you like tattoos and weddings, you're going to love to see this Black and Gold Tattooed Wedding next!

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August 3, 2020 - 7 comments

2020 Fall Wedding Trends

A boho, creative wedding in the desert inspired by Burning Man.

Photo: Melissa Gayle

Fall 2020 Weddings Trends to Watch For

With so many changes in the wedding industry due to COVID-19, we are going to see adjustments in fall trends this year. For those who were on top of their game and published posts at the beginning of the year, I'd be curious to see how they would write about trends now. There will be old trends that will be forced out such as self-serve anything, cheeseboards and over the top wedding decor but that's not to say you can't modify these  trends to make them work. COVID-19 is a historical moment and one that is taking the cake this year.

Rimrock Ranch a desert venue in Pioneertown, California

Photo: Olivia and Dan

Intimate Weddings Are Here to Stay

Elopements, Microweddings, intimate weddings... Whatever you want to call them they are going to be the top trend this fall. To be quite honest, I think we were heading in this direction regardless as our elopement package inquiries have been up for the last year!  What makes a wedding intimate? We are thinking guest counts will be 40 or less this year.


champagne toast at Joshua Tree elopement

Photo: Lauren Mihae

Plexiglass Cake Display

Okay, this one may be a bit of a stretch but I've seen a lot of discussion on various Facebook groups about bride and grooms not wanting to give up their wedding cakes this year. With new COVID restrictions in place, you're going to have to have a "sneeze guard" to protect that cake from possible germs. My thought? Put that cake in a really cool plexiglass container like this.

Lets Go Wild cake topper on simple white cake

Photo: Lauren Mihae

Simple minimalist wedding cake with delicate flowers

Photo: Olivia and Dan

Timeless Wedding Videography

We have been put to the test this year and are coming out wanting all the positive memories. I think it's on the top of everyone's list this year to hire a videographer as it will help preserve the memories of being together with friends and family. A video is the perfect way to relive those moments, funny or emotional. The only trend I wish that would go away, "we don't need a big production just a couple of minutes."

Bride and groom dance under the stars in the desert after weekend wedding at Under Canvas Moab


Ceremony with triangle arch at Under Canvas Moab in the middle of the desert

Photos: Lauren Mihae

Personal Small Bite Appetizer Plates

As mentioned earlier, there are ways to take past trends and modify them to work in this new environment. Instead of a large grazing board filled with cheese, cured meats and fruits, we can take this idea and make it small. Using small plates, such as this one, you can create mini grazing boards for people to take with them during cocktail hour.

Room Forty catering serves up a delicious wedding dinner at Rimrock Ranch.

Photo: Olivia and Dan

Flatbread pizza at Hotel Figueroa

Photo: Kari Dirksen

Paella served in the desert by Big Blue Q, a Tahoe wedding caterer.

Photos: Melissa Gayle

An Adventurous Wedding of Your Dreams

You can officially say good bye to the wedding of your parent's dreams. You've been through the ringer this year planning a wedding so I think all bets are off! It's about high time that you plan the wedding of your dreams. Perhaps an adventurous wedding in the desert like this Boho Joshua Tree Elopement? Or personal festival style wedding? Whatever you choose to do make sure it's something you'll look back on and be glad you did it your way!

A remote and creative desert wedding ceremony inspired by Burning Man in Black Rock Desert

Photos: Melissa Gayle

It's always fun to look back and see what the trend of the year was. What do you think will be the top wedding trend of 2020 will be?


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