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Best Halloween Table Designs (of all time!)

Are you ready to see the best Halloween Table Designs? Welcome to the official blog post for #TablescapeSpooktacular ! In case you haven't heard of this yet, it's a Halloween Tablescape Design contest put on by our team here at 'Cause We Can Events and by our amazing interior design friend, Ginny from Au Petit Salon Design.

We wanted to get our creative juices flowing again so we decided to have a little fun while staying at home. Get ready to feast your eyes on some INCREDIBLE halloween table designs!

Best Halloween Table Designs of 2020

Here's how this will work. Below you will find all of the Halloween Tablescape design submissions. Each will have the Instagram handle of the designer next to the photo.

To cast your vote, you can:

  1. Comment with your favorite design's Instagram handle on THIS blog
  2. Head over to our Instagram stories (and highlights) and vote by sending us a DM of your favorite design.
  3. Comment with your favorite design's Instagram handle on Au Petit Salon's blog
  4. Head over to Au Petit Salon's Instagram stories (and highlights) and vote by sending her a DM of your favorite design.

Ready? Here we go for #TablescapeSpooktacular !

Colorful Calavera Night Halloween Table by @Adornbypriscilla

A beautiful and colorful tablescape inspired by Priscilla's Mexican culture. She mixed color and spookiness for a really fun Halloween design! Some of those butterflies truly look like they are flying, don't they?

Colorful halloween table decor on rainbow runner with prayer candles and butterflies

Cozy Halloween Table Design by @Aupetitsalondesign

Halloween doesn't have to be about orange and black. Ginny decorated her Halloween tablescape with a beautiful pink color palette. I love the red candles as they bring a cozy but slightly spooky atmosphere to the dinner table.

Classy Halloween Table Design by @Bestsypepsii

I would love to be a guest at this Halloween dinner party, wouldn't you? A nice white neutral color palette makes for a classy table design look. If you look closely you can see a skeleton hand making it's way to your dinner plate!

Neutral halloween table decor with blush florals and white skeleton hands.

Bohemian Witchy Halloween Table Design by @Bohofrisco

I wish all witches were this cool! With cauldrons turned into flower pots, this witch knows how to host a great Halloween dinner. Now, who's to say what kind of potion is in those martini glasses though.

Halloween table decor with orange cupcakes and red floral filled black cauldrons on wooden table in plant filled room.

Werewolf Halloween Table Design by @Causewecanevents

A werewolf-inspired halloween dinner party for 6! I hope there's no red meat on the menu though. Light the candles, dim the lights and enjoy this halloween feast tonight!

Halloween table decor on fur runner with six black and white place settings with artificial bats adhered to background.
Photo by @DarcyFerris

Whimsical Halloween Table Design by @Champagneprojects

Whimsical creatures and fairies of all sorts should be decorating their Halloween table like this! But what's that under the bell jar? Our first course are eyeballs!!

Nautical Nightmare Halloween Design by @Deannanashevents

Could this be a table from a ghost ship? If so, sign me up for dinner with the ghouls! Do you think those scorpions come as the first course or are they for you to eat as an appetizer? Enjoy!

Table with two place settings of marbled navy and white plates on with scorpions and mini skulls.

Trick or Treat Halloween Table design by @Featheredarrowevents

Trick or treat? You don't get to decide. Have a seat and you'll find out! That cobweb isn't just here for fun. There's an 8-legged lady who likes to visit her dinner guests from time to time. Beware!

Dollhouse Disaster Halloween Table By @Heartandsoulfloral

You best dress up for this spooky dinner set up! As you dine, don't be surprised if you feel like someone is watching you. Remember, the crows have eyes MUAHAHAHA!

Photo by @Kansasgirlvintage

Witchy Boho Halloween Design by @Heartsandhoneydoevents

Does this not remind you of Hocus Pocus for some reason? “I suggest we form a calming circle.” Gather around this table and let's chat about the latest poisons and potions, shall we?

Photo by @NolaFontanezPhotography

Minimalist Halloween Table Design by @jesspancake_

Who says you have to go dark and moody on Halloween? This minimalistic tablescape with crisp white mix-matched seating is a breath of fresh air. Gold detail, candlesticks, and delicate dried florals are a dreamy way to celebrate the season!

White and gold place settings with dried florals in mini vases on rectangular  table.
Photo by: Katelyn Mallett 
Florals by Bad Rabbit Flowers
Rentals by A Plus Party Rentals Maine

Velvet Vintage Halloween Design by @kansasgirlvintage

Crushed velvet and dried florals, oh my! This design turns back time with vintage place settings and a centerpiece that seems to grow out of the table itself. Can you spot all of the skeleton creatures hidden within?

Poisoned Apple Halloween Table Design by @Langfloraldesigns

I dare you to take a bite of that shiny apple. Only one of these is poisoned, so WITCH one do you think it is? This design is so fun for both a Fall and Halloween tablescape don't you think?

Yellow florals and pompous grass halloween centerpiece with six place settings of black plates and white stone bowls with a red apple in each bowl.

Desert Dia de la Muertos Tablescape by @Sarah__pearl

Bringing Day of the Dead inspiration to the desert! Fellow adventurers will be ready to celebrate at this table. From colorful florals to sugar skulls, each element within this design draws from the traditional Mexican holiday.

Midnight Fog Spooky Design by @Lengebretsen.legacy

We can feel the chill in the air! This design is ditching the classic orange of the season. Ready to dine at this metallic silver, black and white table just as the fog creeps in?

Six place settings on round table with black and white halloween table decor and pumpkins surrounded by fog.
Rentals: Legacy Event Rentals

Apothecary Witchy Floral Table Design by @Letaverbena

Pick your poison! If I were a witch, this is what my home would look like for sure. Covered in dried flowers and candles all around the house. Can you picture yourself here? Perhaps if you'll stay a while we can do a little magic trick on you. Don't worry it'll only hurt a little.

Bouquets of dried florals with halloween table decor and tarot cards.
Florals by @LetaVerbena

Spookiest Graveyard Picnic by @Nicoleburbankevents

How about we go on a nice little the local GRAVEYARD! I feel like someone is watching us eat. How this team got the candle sticks to look like that is beyond me but I am digging it (no pun intended)!

 Halloween table decor on ground in graveyard with white tapered candles in gold candle holders.
Photo by @jennyto_
Florals by @NicoleBurbankEvents

Millennial Witches Hangout Spot @Rosewaterfloral

Halloween doesn't mean dark and moody. This team brought it to the year 2020 with pops of millennial pink and some trendy ceramic plates. This tablescape is the hippest one with its glass skulls and knotted napkins!

Photo by @Shannacphotography
Venue & Specialty Rentals by @Provenancerentals
Table Top Rentals by @Theark_

Wine & Skeletons Tablescape by @4_seasons_settings

Up for a wine tasting at this table? There are skeletons in every direction and the touch of sparkle certainly catches our eye. Just look at the wine glasses!

Skulls & Roses Dinner Design by @tambramoultrie

I dare you to take a sip of this drink. The spook-factor is high on this tablescape! From bloody cocktails to cauldron bowls, I can feel the chill creeping up my spine. Can you see what that cake topper is? RIP.

Rentals by @LegacyEventRentals
Cake by @cupcakejulie

Spooky Backyard Tablescape by @Thepopupbnb

Want to impress your guests this Halloween? Check out this fun witchy backyard dinner set up! Complete with bistro lights and tall candelabras. This tablescape just gives me chills. What if you heard a crunch in the leaves behind you!?

Magical Al Fresco Halloween Design by @Thriftedsisterevents

Imagine gathering here for a beautiful dinner al fresco! Can you smell the chill in the air? Who knows what'll happen when the sun sets and the full moon comes out!

Florals by @Moonriverfloral

W-O-W what did you think? How will you ever decide who to vote for? Remember, you can vote up to 4 times for you favorite Halloween table design on this blog post, Ginny's blog post, our Instagram and Ginny's Instagram.

Voting ends October 4th at 8pm PST. Winner will be announced October 5th at 9am PST!

PRIZE for the winner:

Hope you enjoyed Halloween contest as much as we did! Tell us if we should do it again next year!

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How to Create Your Wedding Budget (Stress-free!)

As you begin planning your wedding, determining your wedding budget can be an intimidating feat. While this is certainly not the most exciting part of wedding planning, it is the most important. With a set budget, you and your future spouse can focus on enjoying the process, stress-free! We have compiled a list of 5 useful tips for creating your personal wedding budget. 

1. Be Flexible

Determining which aspects of your wedding day are most important you may require some flexibility in order to bring your dream day to life. If you know you want a live band and videography for example, you may need to find another portion of the day to allow flexibility in your budget. We always advise checking with your vendors on their suggestions. Their professional experience in the industry can provide solutions you may not have considered previously. 

2. Get Back to the Basics

Understanding the portions of your budget that are a ‘have-to’ can set the baseline for the rest of your budget. The venue, travel fees, and marriage license fees are all basic portions of your wedding that are essential. Thinking about these costs can save you from surprise later on during the planning process.

3. Stay Organized

Creating a digital spreadsheet outlining your budget takes away the confusion as you set more portions of your wedding day. You will be amazed at the amount of emails wedding planning brings! A spreadsheet is your opportunity to list every cost related to your event. This can range from wedding prints to cake tasting fees. 

4. It’s YOUR day

While it is important to make your guests feel welcome and entertained, remember that your wedding day is about you. Do not include aspects in your wedding day (and budget) that you will not enjoy. If you don’t like cake, no problem! Feature your favorite dessert instead; we can attest that your guests will love anything sweet. There are no requirements for what you choose to include in your budget and on your wedding day.

5. Mistakes to Avoid

What specifically should you look out for when it comes to your wedding budget? Sometimes, knowing where NOT to begin is the best strategy. Here are a few common budget mistakes to avoid with an easy solution to all of them!

Not Allocating Enough Funds

We have seen it happen many times. Couples get their hopes up for a certain vendor or wedding feature but then realize they don't have room in their budget. Even worse, if you don't know about the 'hidden' costs, this can be a surprise later down the road with planning.

Not Keep Track of Your Budget

If you aren't keeping track of your budget it can be difficult to know which payments are due and when. There are a lot of moving parts and knowing the exact numbers will help you stay on track. Remember our spreadsheet tip above as a start!

Not Determining Who is Paying for What

Have you spoken to your loved ones if they are paying for your wedding? Determine exactly who is paying for which wedding aspects extremely early into wedding planning. Honestly, after you get engaged this needs to be one of the first conversations you have after celebrating.

The Solution

A tried and true solution to these mistakes is to hire a wedding planner! You need expert experience and honest advice for something as important as your wedding budget.

In the meantime, our free Wedding Budget Guide is a great place to start. With plenty of weddings under their belt, a wedding planner will work with you to create and manage your budget based on your preferences. They also can connect you to the best vendors for your wedding, saving time and stress. As you fill more portions of your budget, your wedding planner will keep all information up to date so you won't have to.

Every wedding and every budget is unique. These 5 general tips for creating your wedding budget are sure to get you on the right track to your event. We understand beginning wedding planning can be intimidating but don’t forget to have fun! Keep in mind, things take time and everything will come together for your special day. Have a question or need assistance? Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation. We can’t wait to hear about your event!

Want more wedding planning tips? Check out How to build a wedding website like a pro next!

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Intimate Coffee Shop Wedding in Escalante, Utah

It's a coffee shop by day known for it's spectacular views and delicious coffee and by night it turns in to one of the coolest desert wedding venues I have ever been to. It's plopped in the middle of nowhere in Escalante, Utah but once you're there, you'll never want to leave. Have you ever considered having a coffee shop wedding? If not, you might want to reconsider!

View from the Kiva Koffeehouse in Escalante, Utah. Perfect small venue for intimate wedding

The Set Up & Decor

First of all let me mention that the couple, Megan and Michael, drove all the way from Florida to Utah with a trailer full of everything you will see in these photos. Megan was starting her own wedding rental company called Gathered Co. and the big debut was their very own wedding! It took a couple days to unload and set up but once we were set, it made for the most unique wedding ever.

Adventurous wedding planner Gabby Pinkerton sets up coffee shop wedding

Set of pink velvet chairs in the middle of the desert for wedding at Kiva Koffeehouse in Escalante, Utah

Intimate wedding reception set up at Kiva Koffeehouse in Escalante Utah. Tables of 4 with white linens, terrarium and gold chargers

Glass geometric gold planters with little succulents, gold candlesticks and vintage crystal class for intimate wedding at Kiva Koffeehouse in Escalante, Utah

Intimate wedding at Kiva Koffeehouse in Escalante, Utah. Ceremony set up on back patio of coffee shop overlooking the desert.

The Wedding Ceremony

With less than 40 people, this officially became an intimate coffee shop wedding. The ceremony was held on the back part of the coffee house overlooking the desert and the red rocks. The couple had a special blessing and song by Nino Reyes, a Native American who is a member of the Northern Ute and Laguna Pueblo Indian Nations.

Both bride and groom were saged (a purification ritual) as they walked down the aisle to heal any old wounds and to spiritually start with a clean slate. This is something I personally do from time to time in my home and on myself. You can easily get dried sage on Amazon. I like using this brand

Coffee Shop Wedding Party

You know what's particularly amazing about intimate weddings? It's that there's no pressure to "entertain" your guests. Everyone sat at their 4-person tables for dinner, enjoyed the toasts and music and then gathered outside for dances.

The couple danced together under the stars and then opened up the dance floor for all guests to join in. It was such a perfect evening with no light pollution anywhere in sight, making the stars stand out bright.

It's these moments that I, as a wedding planner, enjoy the most. I get to step away and watch people dance, laugh and feast and, without sounding cheesy, it warms my heart. There's a reason us wedding planners do what we do and this is it.

Ready to plan your adventurous wedding? Send us an inquiry, we would love to chat!

Want more desert wedding inspiration? Read about this Burning Man Wedding we did on a dried lake bed!!!

Vendor Team

Photography The Hendrys // Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Rentals Gathered Co. // Venue Kiva Koffeehouse // Hair and Makeup Theresa Patton // Photo booth Bus // Live Music Robyn Cage // Lighting Lumen Lighting

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