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5 Holiday Self Care Ideas for Brides

Wedding planning is not as glamorous as it can appear to be. The seemingly endless emails and meetings can be overwhelming. As a bride, it is important to take time away from the stress of planning your wedding (especially this year)! The holiday season is all about relaxing and enjoying time with those you love. So, leave the details to your wedding planner and take time for yourself. We have compiled a list of five-holiday self-care ideas for brides so you can fully enjoy the season!

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Get Outside

Spending time outdoors is a wonderful way to clear your mind and connect with nature. Put your phone and go on a hike, take a walk on the beach or stroll through a park with your fiancé. To completely unplug, you could even take a romantic outdoor getaway for the weekend. Don't forget our glamping must-haves for your trip!

Photo by  Parallel33 Photography

Take a Spa Day

As a bride, nothing says holiday self-care like taking a spa day during this season. Indulge in a trip to your favorite spa or stay at home and put on a favorite face mask. For some extra fun, invite your bridal party along!

Photo by Guillermo Benetton 

Enjoy a Date Night at Home

Stay at home with your partner and enjoy a cozy date night in! You can get creative and prepare a new holiday recipe with ingredients from Thrive Market or support a local business by ordering take out. Enjoy the time together without any wedding talk!

Photo by Katelyn Mallett Photo

Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself to a gift? Take a shopping day with your bridesmaids or browse online for some holiday decor. We're big fans of the Jungalow because their style is both boho and eclectic at the same time. There is nothing wrong with a little retail therapy as a bride during the upcoming festive months!

Or maybe you want to DIY your own decor projects! You could definitely go down a rabbit hole on Pinterest with so many amazing holiday ideas!

Gorgeous black bride with red and pink bouquet


Taking time to reflect after the busyness of wedding planning can be the ultimate form of self-care. Invite a friend to coffee for good conversation or simply write your gratitudes in a journal. Reminding yourself of all of the things you are grateful for will certainly get you in the holiday spirit!

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Our Top Resources to Plan Your Elopement

Bride and groom running in road

Tis’ the season for elopements! Choosing to celebrate with just you and your future spouse can save a lot of time, stress, and will provide more room in your budget. Elopements can also open up the chance for adventure that might not have been possible with a large guest list. We are all for putting on our hiking boots to the ceremony! If you are planning your elopement right now, you may have discovered there is a bit more behind the scenes work to consider. To help bring your dream day to life, we have narrowed down the top resources to plan your elopement created by wedding professionals along with their advice.

Ultimate Elopement Checklist with ‘Cause We Can Events

You may have discovered there are many details to remember as you plan your elopement. From a packing list to important to do’s, our free checklist will keep you on track for the day. For a full perspective on your elopement, we have even included tips from our favorite wedding vendors!

Gabby’s advice: We know not everyone can afford to hire a wedding planner for their elopement but do make sure to assign someone in your group to help you. That person can help pick up your bouquet, set up the arch if you have one and carry your backpack with snacks and water!

Photo by The Hendrys

How to tell Your Family and Friends You’re Eloping with Evangeline Lane

While you may have all of the planning aspects in place, breaking the news to others can be intimidating. Elopement photographer, Evangeline has written a complete guide for telling your family and friends you are eloping. Thinking ahead? After you let others know about your decision, here’s what to expect.

Evangeline's advice: Give yourself permission to dream. This year has been a lot but consider this an invitation to get excited and ultimately have the best elopement ever!

Bride and groom smiling leaning on car with champagne
Photo by Evangeline Lane

The Ultimate Elopement Planner with Artful Elopements

It is incredibly important to stay organized when planning any event. Angie with Artful Elopements created a planner specifically devoted to couples planning an elopement! You can store any important planning information in one place either digitally or in a printed version

Angie’s advice: Remember that the day is about YOU - and no shutdown,  pandemic, family member, or otherwise can stop you from having an amazing day.

The ultimate elopement planner

Elopement Timeline Tips with M. Laine Photography

The ceremony is just one part of your elopement! Whether you are planning an eight-hour elopement or full week elopement, an organized timeline will keep everything on track. Not sure where to begin? Meghann with M. Laine Photography has created an elopement timeline resource with tips to assist you in the process.

Meghann’s advice: Allow yourself to dream big, imagine your best day ever and do everything you can to make it happen! No one ever regrets going on a crazy adventure! 

Non-traditional bride and groom kissing in front of water
Photo by M. Laine Photography

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Easy Halloween Dining Room Decorations

I may have started to decorate for Halloween in August this year but if you're just getting to it now, I have a fun idea for you! These Halloween decorations can be modified however you want with whatever you have in your home.

If you were following our blog recently, you saw that we hosted a Halloween Tablescape contest that featured over 20 amazing designs from some of our Instagram friends.

Well on today's blog, I wanted to zoom in on our design so you can take a look at all the fun details. I called this design my Werewolf Themed Tablescape because of that faux fur runner in the middle!

Special thank you to Darcy Ferris for coming over and getting photos of my tablescape! She's a talented photographer here in Nashville. She does everything from weddings to family sessions and now interior design photography haha.

Bats on wall and table settings are decorated for halloween

List of Supplies

I'm not going to lie I started decorating in August this year woops. I happened to already own a few of the items you see in the images. I want to give you a proper list of what I bought so you can recreate this at home. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Faux-fur fabric. I purchased mine at Joann Fabrics
  • 6 Charger Plates. I got mine at Kirkland's on sale for $3 each.
  • Dinner plates & salad plates. I used the ones I had at home. You'll notice that I snuck some white ones in there because I didn't have enough black ones!
  • Napkins. I bought these at Kirkland's. Set of 4 for $16.
  • Bell Jars. I ordered these on Amazon because I knew I could reuse them for something else later! I ordered the 9.8" and the 5.9".
  • Black candle holders. I love these from Amazon.
  • Black candle sticks. I had these already but I know you can get some on Amazon as well.
  • Skull glasses. I found these at my local Dollar General but the quality isn't great. I found these way cooler ones on Amazon!
  • Cobwebs for the chandelier were from Amazon. I used them on my outdoor bushes too. You don't need a lot!
  • Bats for the wall. Another great Amazon find. They come with little double sided sticky things and I plan to reuse them next year too.
  • Science beakers. I used these to put my flowers in and I thought it looked really fun! Here are the ones I ordered.
Halloween table decorations with bats on the wall
Fall and halloween table decorations
black candles and plates for halloween table setting

What did you think of my Halloween decorations this year? It's so fun now that we own our own home because we can continue to add to our collection. We'll get spookier and spookier every year!

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