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Intimate Desert Elopement at Joshua Tree

Today we are heading back to Joshua Tree National Park for another intimate desert elopement! Have we mentioned how much we love working at Joshua Tree? The national park offers the perfect location for our adventurous couple's to celebrate. This family-focused day was filled with so many heartfelt moments. We can't wait to plan more elopements or micro-weddings here with our clients!

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Bride and Groom posing in the desert

The Ceremony

The couple fell in love with this shaded spot for their ceremony that offered a focus on the natural desert scenery. We set up their simple wooden arbor and decorated it with stunning boho florals. For their desert elopement, the couple wanted to focus on a warm color palette and minimalistic decor. As a final addition, we added a vintage style rug as a place for the couple and their son to stand.

Bride and groom with their son in front of wedding arch

The Details

Inspired by the surrounding desert, warm orange and neutral tones created each floral piece for this elopement. Fresh pampas grass added extra texture to decorate the natural wooden arch. This couple wanted to focus on personalizing their special day. They made sure to include their son within their ceremony having him stand by their side. For their vows, they brought along a leather notebook that included past letters they had sent to each other. The couple places their vows into the notebook and read them during their ceremony. We think this is such a sweet way to be able to look back at pieces of your wedding or elopement later! After saying 'I do' we brought out glasses of champagne and sparkling cider for the family to celebrate.


One of our favorite aspects of elopements is the chance for extra photography time. The newlyweds and their son explored the national park while capturing memories of their special day. Check out our elopement must-haves to keep with you while adventuring!

Photos by Tess Laureen // Florals by Hearts and HoneyDo Events // Arch by Bluefish Event Rentals // Officiant Matt Rothert // Planning 'Cause We Can Events

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7 Best Wedding Planning Books to Buy on Amazon

After your engagement, you might be thinking - what now? Even when hiring a wedding planner, there is an abundance of information to keep in mind for your special day. Guests list, vendor meetings, and budget are just some of the important details to track for a wedding. Designating a specific place to store every aspect of your wedding will ensure that you stay organized. It is also a great way to separate your daily calendar and to-dos from wedding planning. To help you stay on track for your wedding, we are sharing the 6 top wedding planning books to buy on Amazon. Order your ideal book to your door and start organizing!

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wedding planning books to buy here

1. Floral and Gold Wedding Planner

This cute floral and gold wedding planner is ideal for those who love to create vision boards. With pockets to store fabric swatches or inspiration photos, this planning book allows room for creativity. There are even pages to add inspiration photos and collages. Since each page is beautifully decorated, we also think this interactive planner would make a great gift!

floral wedding planning book buy here

2. Wedding Countdown Planner

If you are counting down each day until your wedding, this marble design planning book for you. With an 18 month countdown that organizes each day, this planner will help you stay on track with your calendar. So if you are planning over a year in advance, you can keep this planner with you every step of the way.

3. Colorful Wedding Planning Book

This colorful, notebook size planner is ideal to keep on the go. From the guest list to flowers, each section is labeled making any information easy to find while planning. If you are a fan of a colorful palette and like to stay away from neutrals, this planner will match the fun aesthetic!

buy confetti wedding planner book here

4. Checklist Wedding Planner

There is nothing like checking off a task on a to-do list! This portable planner offers customizable lists and charts for each step of the wedding planning process. If you are a note-taker, there are also guided pages for you to write important information or reminders.

checklist wedding planner book buy here

5. Budget Guide Wedding Planner

If you have the design details covered and are searching for a budget focused guide, this organized planner is for you! The planner includes helpful advice and worksheets to help stay on track with your wedding budget. We know that the topic of the budget can be daunting and this planner is here to be your helpful tool along the way!

Budget-savvy wedding planner & organizer buy here

6. Modern Wedding Planning Book

For all of our modern design fans, this wedding planning book is for you! This planner would also fit a boho wedding with the floral focused cover and decorated pages. The 230-page book is a full-scale guide including important checklists to remember after your wedding celebration. When you have completed the wedding planner, store the book in the matching box as a keepsake!

7. The Knot Wedding Planning Book

If you have begun wedding research to any extent, you have probably come across the virtual wedding planning resource, the Knot. This wedding planning book brings all of the organization from the online platform edited by the top wedding pros. For fans of The Knot, this wedding planner is for you!

The Knot Wedding Planner book buy here

We hope these 7 wedding planning books were helpful and get your excited about planning your wedding!

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Holiday Wedding Drinks to Serve to Your Guests

No holiday wedding is complete without the perfect festive drink menu for you and your guests to enjoy! Curating cold-weather drinks for your holiday wedding is a fun way to stay on theme with the season. However, we understand that the options are endless! If you are not sure where to begin, we have teamed up with our friends at Single Barrel Events for their advice and recipes for the top holiday wedding drinks to serve to your guests. We first worked with them at one of our favorite Smoky Mountain weddings. Share these recipes with your bartender to bring your holiday drink menu to life!

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Photography by Molly + Co | Venue  Smoky Hollow Studios | Design + Planning by ‘Cause We Can Events | Floral Design by Best Day Ever Florals | Wedding Dress by Vene Ai Studio| Headpiece by Le Delicat | Makeup by Mobile Bridal Salon | Stationery Design and Chalk Wall by Fiber and Dye | Tableware from Dish Wish Events | Concrete Planters by Concrete Geometric | Bar by Cali Craft Cocktails | Modeled by Modern Day Girlfriend |

Bailey's and Coffee

Searching for no-fuss holiday wedding drinks? Bailey's and Coffee is a classic holiday cocktail with only two ingredients that will warm up your guests!

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1 1/2 oz  Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Coffee to fill
  • Garnish: Aerosol Whipped Cream


Single Barrel says, "Fill a footed mug with hot coffee, we prefer a holiday blend of coffee from our local coffee shop. Add the Bailey’s, you can use any flavor of Bailey’s you like but we love the OG! To make this cocktail extra fun we like to make our own whipped cream!"

Photo by Darcy Ferris

Hot Toddy

Another holiday classic! A Hot Toddy is also known as 'hot whiskey' and contains soothing ingredients to comfort your guests.

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1 1/2 oz Grand Marnier
  • 3/4-1 oz  Local Honey
  • 1  orange wedge (squeezed)
  • Hot water to fill
  • Garnish: Cinnamon Stick


Single Barrel says, "First, fill a footed mug 2/3 with hot water. Next, stir in honey until dissolved. We love to use local honey from our farmer's market! Then, add orange squeeze and Grand Marnier. Finally, Top off with hot water and stir. Finally, garnish with a cinnamon stick or cloves."

Chocolate Apple

This Chocolate Apple Cocktail is ready to be served at your Tennessee wedding! With local Tennessee moonshine and seasonal apples, this drink is a unique option to feature at your destination wedding.

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1oz  Old Forge Distillery Apple Pie Moonshine
  • 1/2oz  Old Forge Distillery Chocolate Moonshine
  • 3oz  Cranberry/Apple JuiceTop Sprite
  • Garnish:  Apple Wheel


Single Barrel says, "Fill a pint glass with ice. Add OFD Apple Pie Moonshine, OFD Chocolate Moonshine, Cranberry/Apple Juice.  Top with Sprite and garnish with an apple wheel."

Holiday Sangria

Saying yes to Sangria year round! Add a holiday twist to this sweet cocktail with cinnamon liqueur and apple cider.

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1.5L  Shiraz
  • 375ml  Cinnamon Liqueur
  • 1 gallon  Apple Cider
  • 64oz  Cranberry/Apple Juice
  • 2L  Sprite 
  • Garnish:  Apple Wheel and Fresh Cranberries


Single Barrel says, "Pour all ingredients into a dispenser and stir. Next, add 12 seedless apple wheels, add ice to fill the remainder of the dispenser.  Finally, garnish each drink with an apple wheel and 3-4 cranberries. This recipe will yield 30-40 16oz cocktails."

Hot Chocolate

We always recommend including a non-alcoholic option within your bar menu so that each guest can enjoy a festive drink! While hot tea and coffee are go-to non-alcoholic options, hot chocolate is the way to go for a holiday wedding. This warm drink is extremely customizable with simple assembly.



  • Pre-mixed hot chocolate. We purchase our favorite mix from Thrive Market!
  • Milk of your choice
  • Garnish: Aerosol Whipped Cream and Peppermint Sticks


Combine hot chocolate mix and milk in a large pot. Store in a thermal coffee carafe to keep warm. Fill a mug with hot chocolate and garnish with whipped cream and a peppermint stick. Get creative with different toppings!

Planning your Holiday Wedding Drink Menu

After you have some holiday wedding drinks in mind, be sure to plan ahead with your bartender. Jake with Single Barrel is sharing his advice to keep in mind during the planning process!

Jake says, "When structuring signature cocktails for your wedding or event I suggest starting with your favorite spirit(s), this is kind of the foundation for the cocktail.  You can incorporate a theme or specific flavor profile such as a holiday cocktail or something more suited for the summer.  Go over your likes and dislikes or any allergies.  When I design cocktails for my clients I try to keep a few things in mind.  First, probably most important, is the cocktail a crowd-pleaser?  There are a lot of different cocktails out there with a wide range of flavor profiles and complexities but the question is will everyone feel the same excitement about them as I do?  I can make some amazing cocktails but if there is one ingredient in the cocktail that isn’t popular with the crowd then the cocktail is a flop.  Second, is it affordable? The more ingredients or the more complex the cocktail the more expensive it is. Last, is the cocktail functional? I have always been mindful of is the bartender's ability to recreate that same cocktail over and over and over and over….. you get the picture. If you are dealing with an experienced bartender they should be able to walk you through your selection process and guide you to a cocktail that will check all of the boxes."    

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