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Unique 2021 Wedding Trends

Happy new year! The shift that the wedding industry has experienced this past year has resulted in a few new trends that are here to stay for a while. Many couples are choosing smaller weddings with alternative twists. While we love to celebrate big, we can't help but get excited over these unique intimate events. If you are a wedding professional or a couple planning your wedding, these are the 2021 wedding trends to look out for!

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Backyard Weddings

With the uncertainty that comes along with planning a wedding currently, we are seeing more and more couples stay local. A backyard wedding at your own home or even a local Airbnb can alleviate a ton of stress. You can celebrate with your closest family and friends without missing out on many traditional aspects of a wedding. There is so much room to get creative with decor and you can still wear the wedding outfit of your dreams! Check out our tips for planning the ultimate backyard wedding.

Photo by DOSKOFOTO // Planning by 'Cause We Can Events // Florals by Leta Verbena

One Tier Wedding Cakes

A smaller guest list means less cake! If you are eloping or choosing an intimate wedding, you can still feature a cake within your design! Work with your local bakery to create a unique one tier cake that is almost too pretty to eat. Even if you are hosting a larger event in 2021 and want a small cake just for you and your future spouse to capture photos will, this option is for you.

Adventurous Elopements

This trend might be our favorite! In the new year, many couples are choosing an adventurous elopement. We recommend considering a national park for this trend! There are so many places to explore. You can select a desert elopement at a place like Joshua Tree National park, escape to the beach, or even bring your ceremony to the woods in the Smoky Mountains. Be sure to bring along our elopement must-haves for your special day!

Photos by Tess Laureen // Florals by Hearts and HoneyDo Events

Alternative Wedding Outfits

This year is all about breaking away from tradition. Wear what you want on your wedding day! Whether that means choosing matching outfits or including fun accessories like a faux fur jacket, there are endless options. If you are still including a veil within your wedding day look, be sure to check out our favorite wedding veils!

Photo by Cody and Allison 

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January 4, 2021 - Comments Off on How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard Wedding

How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard Wedding

If you and your future spouse want to keep your special day intimate and low-key, a backyard wedding is the way to go! Enjoy all of the romance of a traditional wedding day without the need to travel. With the challenges of last year, many couples are opting for a smaller celebration. A backyard wedding still allows you to celebrate with friends and family in style. This is also a budget-friendly option! There are so many considerations and options to choose from even with an intimate event. We are sharing what you need to know to plan the ultimate backyard wedding!

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Bride and groom walking outside while holding hands and smiling

Narrow Down Your Guest List

A backyard wedding is for an intimate celebration! Typically, this means one location as well for the entire event. So, you will want to spend time narrowing down your guest list. We recommend inviting 5-25 guests depending upon the space. That way you will have plenty of room to walk down the aisle and create room for a dance floor during the reception!

Choose the Right Decor

Since you will be using one area for the entire event, it is important to choose versatile decor. Choose your favorite florals or lanterns that can easily be moved for the next portion of the day. We love repurposing ceremony decor for the reception! Check out our wedding day must-haves as you create your vision board.

Follow a Timeline

While a backyard wedding is definitely more relaxed with programming, it is still a good idea to follow a general timeline. That way you will be sure to include structured time for aspects of the day that are important to you. Family dances, cake cutting, and the bouquet toss will not be forgotten as you celebrate your big day! We always advise adding extra time for photography as well. You and your future spouse may want to explore the local city or parks for your couple photos.

Bride and groom cutting cake at wedding
Bride and groom smiling in car

Make it Personal

This intimate wedding option is a great opportunity to include personal aspects into the day! You may choose to celebrate at a family member's home or decorate with photos of you and your partner. Maybe you ask each guest to bring their favorite dessert and written recipe as a wedding gift! You could also invest in personalized wedding favors for your guests to remember the day. Some of our couples have included sentimental heirlooms or attire into their wedding day style. There are endless options to choose from.

Photography by Amanda Doskocil // Planning by 'Cause We Can Events // Florals by Leta Verbena

Ready to plan your backyard wedding? Contact us today to chat about your special day!

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December 21, 2020 - Comments Off on Intimate Desert Elopement at Joshua Tree

Intimate Desert Elopement at Joshua Tree

Today we are heading back to Joshua Tree National Park for another intimate desert elopement! Have we mentioned how much we love working at Joshua Tree? The national park offers the perfect location for our adventurous couple's to celebrate. This family-focused day was filled with so many heartfelt moments. We can't wait to plan more elopements or micro-weddings here with our clients!

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Bride and Groom posing in the desert

The Ceremony

The couple fell in love with this shaded spot for their ceremony that offered a focus on the natural desert scenery. We set up their simple wooden arbor and decorated it with stunning boho florals. For their desert elopement, the couple wanted to focus on a warm color palette and minimalistic decor. As a final addition, we added a vintage style rug as a place for the couple and their son to stand.

Bride and groom with their son in front of wedding arch

The Details

Inspired by the surrounding desert, warm orange and neutral tones created each floral piece for this elopement. Fresh pampas grass added extra texture to decorate the natural wooden arch. This couple wanted to focus on personalizing their special day. They made sure to include their son within their ceremony having him stand by their side. For their vows, they brought along a leather notebook that included past letters they had sent to each other. The couple places their vows into the notebook and read them during their ceremony. We think this is such a sweet way to be able to look back at pieces of your wedding or elopement later! After saying 'I do' we brought out glasses of champagne and sparkling cider for the family to celebrate.


One of our favorite aspects of elopements is the chance for extra photography time. The newlyweds and their son explored the national park while capturing memories of their special day. Check out our elopement must-haves to keep with you while adventuring!

Photos by Tess Laureen // Florals by Hearts and HoneyDo Events // Arch by Bluefish Event Rentals // Officiant Matt Rothert // Planning 'Cause We Can Events

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December 14, 2020 - Comments Off on 7 Best Wedding Planning Books to Buy on Amazon

7 Best Wedding Planning Books to Buy on Amazon

After your engagement, you might be thinking - what now? Even when hiring a wedding planner, there is an abundance of information to keep in mind for your special day. Guests list, vendor meetings, and budget are just some of the important details to track for a wedding. Designating a specific place to store every aspect of your wedding will ensure that you stay organized. It is also a great way to separate your daily calendar and to-dos from wedding planning. To help you stay on track for your wedding, we are sharing the 6 top wedding planning books to buy on Amazon. Order your ideal book to your door and start organizing!

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

wedding planning books to buy here

1. Floral and Gold Wedding Planner

This cute floral and gold wedding planner is ideal for those who love to create vision boards. With pockets to store fabric swatches or inspiration photos, this planning book allows room for creativity. There are even pages to add inspiration photos and collages. Since each page is beautifully decorated, we also think this interactive planner would make a great gift!

floral wedding planning book buy here

2. Wedding Countdown Planner

If you are counting down each day until your wedding, this marble design planning book for you. With an 18 month countdown that organizes each day, this planner will help you stay on track with your calendar. So if you are planning over a year in advance, you can keep this planner with you every step of the way.

3. Colorful Wedding Planning Book

This colorful, notebook size planner is ideal to keep on the go. From the guest list to flowers, each section is labeled making any information easy to find while planning. If you are a fan of a colorful palette and like to stay away from neutrals, this planner will match the fun aesthetic!

buy confetti wedding planner book here

4. Checklist Wedding Planner

There is nothing like checking off a task on a to-do list! This portable planner offers customizable lists and charts for each step of the wedding planning process. If you are a note-taker, there are also guided pages for you to write important information or reminders.

checklist wedding planner book buy here

5. Budget Guide Wedding Planner

If you have the design details covered and are searching for a budget focused guide, this organized planner is for you! The planner includes helpful advice and worksheets to help stay on track with your wedding budget. We know that the topic of the budget can be daunting and this planner is here to be your helpful tool along the way!

Budget-savvy wedding planner & organizer buy here

6. Modern Wedding Planning Book

For all of our modern design fans, this wedding planning book is for you! This planner would also fit a boho wedding with the floral focused cover and decorated pages. The 230-page book is a full-scale guide including important checklists to remember after your wedding celebration. When you have completed the wedding planner, store the book in the matching box as a keepsake!

7. The Knot Wedding Planning Book

If you have begun wedding research to any extent, you have probably come across the virtual wedding planning resource, the Knot. This wedding planning book brings all of the organization from the online platform edited by the top wedding pros. For fans of The Knot, this wedding planner is for you!

The Knot Wedding Planner book buy here

We hope these 7 wedding planning books were helpful and get your excited about planning your wedding!

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December 1, 2020 - Comments Off on Holiday Wedding Drinks to Serve to Your Guests

Holiday Wedding Drinks to Serve to Your Guests

No holiday wedding is complete without the perfect festive drink menu for you and your guests to enjoy! Curating cold-weather drinks for your holiday wedding is a fun way to stay on theme with the season. However, we understand that the options are endless! If you are not sure where to begin, we have teamed up with our friends at Single Barrel Events for their advice and recipes for the top holiday wedding drinks to serve to your guests. We first worked with them at one of our favorite Smoky Mountain weddings. Share these recipes with your bartender to bring your holiday drink menu to life!

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

Photography by Molly + Co | Venue  Smoky Hollow Studios | Design + Planning by ‘Cause We Can Events | Floral Design by Best Day Ever Florals | Wedding Dress by Vene Ai Studio| Headpiece by Le Delicat | Makeup by Mobile Bridal Salon | Stationery Design and Chalk Wall by Fiber and Dye | Tableware from Dish Wish Events | Concrete Planters by Concrete Geometric | Bar by Cali Craft Cocktails | Modeled by Modern Day Girlfriend |

Bailey's and Coffee

Searching for no-fuss holiday wedding drinks? Bailey's and Coffee is a classic holiday cocktail with only two ingredients that will warm up your guests!

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1 1/2 oz  Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Coffee to fill
  • Garnish: Aerosol Whipped Cream


Single Barrel says, "Fill a footed mug with hot coffee, we prefer a holiday blend of coffee from our local coffee shop. Add the Bailey’s, you can use any flavor of Bailey’s you like but we love the OG! To make this cocktail extra fun we like to make our own whipped cream!"

Photo by Darcy Ferris

Hot Toddy

Another holiday classic! A Hot Toddy is also known as 'hot whiskey' and contains soothing ingredients to comfort your guests.

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1 1/2 oz Grand Marnier
  • 3/4-1 oz  Local Honey
  • 1  orange wedge (squeezed)
  • Hot water to fill
  • Garnish: Cinnamon Stick


Single Barrel says, "First, fill a footed mug 2/3 with hot water. Next, stir in honey until dissolved. We love to use local honey from our farmer's market! Then, add orange squeeze and Grand Marnier. Finally, Top off with hot water and stir. Finally, garnish with a cinnamon stick or cloves."

Chocolate Apple

This Chocolate Apple Cocktail is ready to be served at your Tennessee wedding! With local Tennessee moonshine and seasonal apples, this drink is a unique option to feature at your destination wedding.

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1oz  Old Forge Distillery Apple Pie Moonshine
  • 1/2oz  Old Forge Distillery Chocolate Moonshine
  • 3oz  Cranberry/Apple JuiceTop Sprite
  • Garnish:  Apple Wheel


Single Barrel says, "Fill a pint glass with ice. Add OFD Apple Pie Moonshine, OFD Chocolate Moonshine, Cranberry/Apple Juice.  Top with Sprite and garnish with an apple wheel."

Holiday Sangria

Saying yes to Sangria year round! Add a holiday twist to this sweet cocktail with cinnamon liqueur and apple cider.

Recipe from Single Barrel:


  • 1.5L  Shiraz
  • 375ml  Cinnamon Liqueur
  • 1 gallon  Apple Cider
  • 64oz  Cranberry/Apple Juice
  • 2L  Sprite 
  • Garnish:  Apple Wheel and Fresh Cranberries


Single Barrel says, "Pour all ingredients into a dispenser and stir. Next, add 12 seedless apple wheels, add ice to fill the remainder of the dispenser.  Finally, garnish each drink with an apple wheel and 3-4 cranberries. This recipe will yield 30-40 16oz cocktails."

Hot Chocolate

We always recommend including a non-alcoholic option within your bar menu so that each guest can enjoy a festive drink! While hot tea and coffee are go-to non-alcoholic options, hot chocolate is the way to go for a holiday wedding. This warm drink is extremely customizable with simple assembly.



  • Pre-mixed hot chocolate. We purchase our favorite mix from Thrive Market!
  • Milk of your choice
  • Garnish: Aerosol Whipped Cream and Peppermint Sticks


Combine hot chocolate mix and milk in a large pot. Store in a thermal coffee carafe to keep warm. Fill a mug with hot chocolate and garnish with whipped cream and a peppermint stick. Get creative with different toppings!

Planning your Holiday Wedding Drink Menu

After you have some holiday wedding drinks in mind, be sure to plan ahead with your bartender. Jake with Single Barrel is sharing his advice to keep in mind during the planning process!

Jake says, "When structuring signature cocktails for your wedding or event I suggest starting with your favorite spirit(s), this is kind of the foundation for the cocktail.  You can incorporate a theme or specific flavor profile such as a holiday cocktail or something more suited for the summer.  Go over your likes and dislikes or any allergies.  When I design cocktails for my clients I try to keep a few things in mind.  First, probably most important, is the cocktail a crowd-pleaser?  There are a lot of different cocktails out there with a wide range of flavor profiles and complexities but the question is will everyone feel the same excitement about them as I do?  I can make some amazing cocktails but if there is one ingredient in the cocktail that isn’t popular with the crowd then the cocktail is a flop.  Second, is it affordable? The more ingredients or the more complex the cocktail the more expensive it is. Last, is the cocktail functional? I have always been mindful of is the bartender's ability to recreate that same cocktail over and over and over and over….. you get the picture. If you are dealing with an experienced bartender they should be able to walk you through your selection process and guide you to a cocktail that will check all of the boxes."    

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November 24, 2020 - Comments Off on 5 Dreamy Wedding Veils (under $25)

5 Dreamy Wedding Veils (under $25)

Wedding veils add that final touch to many wedding day styles. If you are choosing to add this classic addition to your wedding look, the hefty price tag can be surprising! In order to cut down on cost while keeping the look and quality desired, we recommend checking out Amazon. There are endless options to choose from to suit any style! So, while you are shopping for your wedding day must haves, why not browse through wedding veil options? To help narrow down the list, we are sharing our top 5 best wedding veils on Amazon that won't break the bank!

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

1. Simple Tulle Wedding Veil

This simplistic edge cut wedding veil is ideal for those that prefer a classic yet minimal style. A mix of two layers including white and ivory tulle will help to ensure that the veil will match your gown or tux without seeing it in person. The shorter length is perfect for those that prefer wedding veils that easily transition throughout the entire day (perfect for the dancefloor)!


  • 4.4 stars
  • $12.98
  • Ready to wear with attached comb
  • Lightweight for full day wear, made of 100% tulle


  • Only one color available
  • Extremely delicate due to soft tulle fabric (be sure to designate a member of your wedding party to take extra care of your veil pre-wedding!)

Customer Review:

"Beautiful, great length. Heavy enough to stay in place, light enough to flow pleasantly in the wind."

Simple tulle wedding veil buy here

2. Dramatic Trailing Wedding Veil

This is the wedding veil for making a dramatic grand entrance at the ceremony! At approximately 9 feet in length, this trailing veil will be the focal point of any wedding day look. This option is ideal for capturing creative wedding veil photos. As a bonus, three colors are available! For a wedding veil this long, we would recommend wearing this option only for the ceremony and photography.


  • 4.6 stars
  • $24.99
  • Ready to wear with a hand-sewn on flexible metal wire comb.
  • Available in: Ivory, Off-White, and White.


  • Veil length is not wearable for the full-day. However, an outfit change for the reception can be super fun!
  • The soft tulle fabric wrinkles easily (keep a steamer handy on wedding day!)

Customer Review:

"This photo doesn't do the veil justice. It's beautiful. I shopped around at high end boutiques for my veil and didn't find anything I liked. I ordered this basically winging it and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Great quality. Flows great and looks beautiful. The bridal place where I took it to get steamed was shocked when I told them where I got it from and how much it was."

Pinterest pin with Bride with long veil that says 5 best wedding veils on Amazon

3. Elegant Lace-Trimmed Veil

For all of the true romantics, this dreamy lace-trimmed wedding veil is for you. This is also one of the most affordable options from our list! With the addition of crystal beads and lace detail, we can envision this veil at a festive holiday wedding.


  • 4.4 stars
  • $9.99
  • Crystal beaded lace trimmed design
  • Ready to wear with attached comb


  • Only available in one color
  • Design is not as versatile for every wedding look

Customer Review:

"I couldn’t believe the price and it’s better than I expected , you can’t go wrong if you are looking for something classy yet simple, it’s tul with appliqués , each appliqué has tiny little diamonds . It’s a nice inexpensive veil"

Mid length lace trimmed veil buy here

4. Raw Cut Boho Wedding Veil

This raw cut wedding veil is an extremely versatile option for many different styles! The veil is available in a wide range of colors with an attached hair comb that can be customized. Boho brides may choose to stick with the simple ivory raw cut option for a natural style. For an alternative, edgy look a black veil color is even available. If you can't decide, with this option you might choose to order two wedding veils for different designs!


  • 4.7 stars
  • Available in various colors
  • Customizable textures and comb styles
  • Made of soft-tulle fabric


  • Price various depending on selected style
  • Only available in a raw cut

Customer Review:

"I originally had a short/medium length veil and decided 4 days before the wedding that I wanted a long veil. This was a great choice and came in fast. I didn't want to buy an expensive veil for a ceremony that would only last ~15 min. This veil was affordable and turned out beautiful in the pictures."

5. Two tier Glam Wedding Veil

For a wedding veil that is just as glam as your wedding gown, this two tier option will not disappoint! This customizable option is available in a variety of lace and bead details.


  • 4.6 stars (Amazon Bestseller)
  • Customizable lace and bead details
  • Ready to wear with comb included
  • 2 tier style offers the option for full day wear


  • Price ranges depending upon desired style
  • Color variety includes only white and ivory

Customer Review:

"I loved this veil! It was perfect for what I wanted and not overly expensive. I’d highly recommend this veil if your looking for simple and cute and a good price. It stayed in pretty well when it was put in by the hair dresser with a good amount of Bobby pins. It didn’t move an inch! The lace details are beautiful and it’s a good length."

Which veil did you love? Can you picture yourself with a veil on your wedding day?

If you're not sure whether or not you want a veil, buying an inexpensive one like these is a great idea so that you can try it on during your hair and makeup trial and see how you feel.

Remember, you should take your veil off during the reception anyway so you can party the night away!

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November 17, 2020 - Comments Off on Color of the Month: Sage Green

Color of the Month: Sage Green

Almost every wedding we plan is filled with the color of the month: sage green (hello eucalyptus) so, we understand the trend! This calming color can actually work well will many different designs without being too neutral. From what to wear to tablescapes, we are sharing our favorite wedding design ideas incorporating the color. While it may be the color of the month, sage green is a timeless choice to add to your next event's color palette!

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!

Bright & Romantic

If you are a true romantic, there is nothing more dreamy than being surrounded by lush greenery. You may find inspiration from your outdoor venue space! Adding in pastel blush tones and lace textures with the sage green color will brighten up your wedding design. You may include a complementing color similar in tone for a unique look. We are a fan of indigo from this intimate Montreal wedding.

Boho Chic

The best way to keep a design boho-inspired is to include plenty of natural elements. So, place some fresh eucalyptus onto vintage furniture or add a sage green centerpiece onto your guest tables. Don't overthink it! This edgy boho chic wedding would not have been the same without the pretty floral and greenery additions!

Dark & Moody

Moving on to something more dark and moody! If industrial venues and leather jackets are your style, this design is perfect for you. Sage green is available in many different tones. Therefore, it will look extra edgy with deeper colors. Your alternative wedding design will stand out with a bit of added greenery to break up harsh lines and dark backdrops.

Photographer Matt and Jess Photography | Planner 'Cause We Can Events | Catering TGIS | Florals Rosewater Florals  | Venue Smoky Hollow Studios | Desserts Susie Cakes | DJ DJ Will Gill | Videography Silver and Soul Weddings | Rentals La Pinata Rentals | Photobooth Hollywood Photobooth | Invitations Think Make Design |Chalk Art Fiber and Dye | Arcade Games Fun Time Arcades


There is something so refreshing about keeping things simple especially with an intimate wedding. You may choose to stick with minimal decor and florals only during your elopement. For a minimalist reception design, introduce sage green onto your glassware or linens. Browse online at our favorite store for some inspiration. Minimal decor is also an effective way to remain eco-friendly. You can choose to rent curated tabletop pieces rather than buying each item. There is always a way to remain sustainable even when planning a wedding!

Rentals: La Pinata Party and Signature Party Rentals.
Photographer Lauren Mihae | Planning + Design 'Cause We Can Events | Florals Flower Duet | Officiant Matt Rothert | Beauty Beach Bridal Beauty | Getting Ready Hotel Pacific Edge 

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November 9, 2020 - Comments Off on Nashville Wedding Venue Tour: Germantown Inn

Nashville Wedding Venue Tour: Germantown Inn

Want an intimate wedding at a Tennessee venue with historic charm? We recently took a venue tour at the Germantown Inn, in Nashville, Tennessee. Germantown is the oldest neighborhood in Nashville with plenty of things to do during your stay. The inn's 1865 property was originally a Federal-style house that has been reimagined into a modern historic boutique hotel.

The Event and Wedding Spaces

With four unique indoor and outdoor event spaces available, the Germantown Inn can accommodate all aspects of your event. First, on our venue tour, we toured the courtyard terrace, an ideal space for a ceremony or private cocktail hour under the cafe lights.

Next, on the rooftop veranda, enjoy a view of the city while celebrating with guests. This is the perfect space for an intimate wedding. We can already picture a family-style seating reception here! During our visit, the inn was set up for a baby shower. Therefore, we got a sneak peek as to what real-life events look like at the inn!

After touring the outdoor space, we moved indoors. The parlor can serve as a lounge space to greet guests as they arrive. However, the area can easily transform to suit any vision. It is always a perk to find a venue that is so versatile for each event!

The Rooms

Lastly, we took a look at the rooms at the inn. After touring the event spaces at any venue, it is important to check out where our couples will be getting ready for their wedding day. Each interior space was designed by a local Nashville designer, McLean Barbieri. Modern details that honor the historic architecture of the venue make every room unique. It is safe to say that the photography opportunities at the Germantown Inn are endless!

We had a blast on our venue tour at this charming venue space! Who is ready to plan an event here with our team? Email us or email Kellie, the venue manager for more details about the Germantown Inn for your wedding or event.

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October 21, 2020 - Comments Off on 5 Holiday Self Care Ideas for Brides

5 Holiday Self Care Ideas for Brides

Wedding planning is not as glamorous as it can appear to be. The seemingly endless emails and meetings can be overwhelming. As a bride, it is important to take time away from the stress of planning your wedding (especially this year)! The holiday season is all about relaxing and enjoying time with those you love. So, leave the details to your wedding planner and take time for yourself. We have compiled a list of five-holiday self-care ideas for brides so you can fully enjoy the season!

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

Get Outside

Spending time outdoors is a wonderful way to clear your mind and connect with nature. Put your phone and go on a hike, take a walk on the beach or stroll through a park with your fiancé. To completely unplug, you could even take a romantic outdoor getaway for the weekend. Don't forget our glamping must-haves for your trip!

Photo by  Parallel33 Photography

Take a Spa Day

As a bride, nothing says holiday self-care like taking a spa day during this season. Indulge in a trip to your favorite spa or stay at home and put on a favorite face mask. For some extra fun, invite your bridal party along!

Photo by Guillermo Benetton 

Enjoy a Date Night at Home

Stay at home with your partner and enjoy a cozy date night in! You can get creative and prepare a new holiday recipe with ingredients from Thrive Market or support a local business by ordering take out. Enjoy the time together without any wedding talk!

Photo by Katelyn Mallett Photo

Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself to a gift? Take a shopping day with your bridesmaids or browse online for some holiday decor. We're big fans of the Jungalow because their style is both boho and eclectic at the same time. There is nothing wrong with a little retail therapy as a bride during the upcoming festive months!

Or maybe you want to DIY your own decor projects! You could definitely go down a rabbit hole on Pinterest with so many amazing holiday ideas!

Gorgeous black bride with red and pink bouquet


Taking time to reflect after the busyness of wedding planning can be the ultimate form of self-care. Invite a friend to coffee for good conversation or simply write your gratitudes in a journal. Reminding yourself of all of the things you are grateful for will certainly get you in the holiday spirit!

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October 12, 2020 - Comments Off on Our Top Resources to Plan Your Elopement

Our Top Resources to Plan Your Elopement

Bride and groom running in road

Tis’ the season for elopements! Choosing to celebrate with just you and your future spouse can save a lot of time, stress, and will provide more room in your budget. Elopements can also open up the chance for adventure that might not have been possible with a large guest list. We are all for putting on our hiking boots to the ceremony! If you are planning your elopement right now, you may have discovered there is a bit more behind the scenes work to consider. To help bring your dream day to life, we have narrowed down the top resources to plan your elopement created by wedding professionals along with their advice.

Ultimate Elopement Checklist with ‘Cause We Can Events

You may have discovered there are many details to remember as you plan your elopement. From a packing list to important to do’s, our free checklist will keep you on track for the day. For a full perspective on your elopement, we have even included tips from our favorite wedding vendors!

Gabby’s advice: We know not everyone can afford to hire a wedding planner for their elopement but do make sure to assign someone in your group to help you. That person can help pick up your bouquet, set up the arch if you have one and carry your backpack with snacks and water!

Photo by The Hendrys

How to tell Your Family and Friends You’re Eloping with Evangeline Lane

While you may have all of the planning aspects in place, breaking the news to others can be intimidating. Elopement photographer, Evangeline has written a complete guide for telling your family and friends you are eloping. Thinking ahead? After you let others know about your decision, here’s what to expect.

Evangeline's advice: Give yourself permission to dream. This year has been a lot but consider this an invitation to get excited and ultimately have the best elopement ever!

Bride and groom smiling leaning on car with champagne
Photo by Evangeline Lane

The Ultimate Elopement Planner with Artful Elopements

It is incredibly important to stay organized when planning any event. Angie with Artful Elopements created a planner specifically devoted to couples planning an elopement! You can store any important planning information in one place either digitally or in a printed version

Angie’s advice: Remember that the day is about YOU - and no shutdown,  pandemic, family member, or otherwise can stop you from having an amazing day.

The ultimate elopement planner

Elopement Timeline Tips with M. Laine Photography

The ceremony is just one part of your elopement! Whether you are planning an eight-hour elopement or full week elopement, an organized timeline will keep everything on track. Not sure where to begin? Meghann with M. Laine Photography has created an elopement timeline resource with tips to assist you in the process.

Meghann’s advice: Allow yourself to dream big, imagine your best day ever and do everything you can to make it happen! No one ever regrets going on a crazy adventure! 

Non-traditional bride and groom kissing in front of water
Photo by M. Laine Photography

Published by: Gabrielle Norton in Wedding