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March 5, 2020 - 7 comments

How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Changed My Wedding Business

Last year we took the leap to finally hire a Virtual Assistant for our wedding planning company. We’ve had assistants in the past but never one dedicated to working on all the behind-the-scenes and making sure things were running smoothly from an admin position. I always get tons of questions about hiring a VA, what it’s like, and how I found my team; so we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it!

girl typing on white laptop with notebook

Why did you hire a Virtual Assistant?

I hired not only a Virtual Assistant but a whole Online Business Management team because I was noticing that I was spending too much time working IN my business rather than ON my business. My role as a CEO of a wedding planning company is to push the business forward and think of ways to keep it growing. I need to focus on marketing strategies, getting new business, keeping the brand fresh and outsourcing certain tasks when needed. This is where my Virtual Assistant team came in.

Where did you find your Virtual Assistant?

I found my Online Business Manager (a high level Virtual Assistant that is more like a COO), Tamara and her team through the recommendation of a fellow wedding planner. What I loved about Tamara is that they knew the wedding industry but also knew a lot about online businesses.

At the time, I had just started my 2nd business which is a Pinterest Marketing company where I help wedding pros attract and book their ideal clients on Pinterest. I knew I needed a lot of help getting my processes in order there too!

Before officially hiring Tamara and her team, I did interview a few other Online Business Managers. I really enjoyed all of them quite frankly but the knew Tamara was the one who was going to take my businesses to the next level.

What Does your VA do for you & your business?

Tamara and her team do everything under the sun! For my wedding business, we have been going through creating or updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), automating questionnaires and emails to client to help make the booking process stress-free.

They've also help transcribe some of my YouTube videos into blog posts, set up an affiliate/marketing calendar, create email funnels to help sell some digital product and so much more.

If there's something you would like your virtual assistant to take on you should ask if they are familiar with that task ahead of time or even purchase a training for them once hired.

What has been the most beneficial part of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Not only do I have more free time to enjoy with my friends and family but my time is also put to better use. I don’t have to spend hours working on scheduling, instead I can focus on higher level tasks that will move the company forward. 

I've been able to juggle two businesses, accept more clients and hire more planners because our business is running like a well-oiled machine!

What has been the hardest part of having a Virtual assistant? 

Like any new employee there’s a learning curve. The hardest part for me was getting all of my processes that are normally just in my brain onto paper or capture it in a video. We don’t realize how many little processes we have in our business. From onboarding new clients to sending emails, it’s important to record them so that your whole team can follow the same processes and save time!

What advice do you have for people thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant?:

Rip the bandaid and do it! I remember being worried about having to commit to paying someone every month but, let me tell you, it’s been well worth it. Not only that but you can do as little as 5 hours per week which is what I started with and increased from there. It also made me want to work hard in my business because I knew I had to pay someone else other than myself every month.

There you have it! Do you have any other questions about making the move to adding a Virtual Assistant to your team? Feel free to reach out to Tamara, I can't recommend her and her team enough!

February 14, 2020 - 5 comments

Intimate Wedding in Inverness, Scotland

To say this wedding was a dream wedding would be an understatement. Not only was it in the witchy woods of Scotland but it was filled with so many emotions that I get teary eyed just thinking about it. Let's let the photos do the talking now...

Wedding in Inverness Scotland. Bride and groom walk down to the river for intimate ceremony with guitar player in the rain.

Bride and groom kiss in the woods in Inverness Scotland. Wedding at Inshriach Manor

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness Scotland. Bride and groom got married by the river and had an intimate reception for 35 guests inside the manor.

The Venue

Laura and Adrian could have gotten married anywhere in the world but they chose the Inshriach House in Inverness, Scotland. They had debated over the location because they loved so many different parts of the world but there was something about the green hills and the mysterious nature of Scotland that really called to them. When they found the Inshriach House, they immediately knew this was the place. There's a sort of 'witchiness' to the place that intrigued us all and a small river at the bottom of the property that was perfect for an intimate ceremony.

Inshriach House, Inverness Scotland

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness Scotland. Bride and groom got married by the river and had an intimate reception for 35 guests inside the manor.

Old piano with greenery in old manor in Scotland. Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness Scotland. Bride and groom got married by the river and had an intimate reception for 35 guests inside the manor.

The ceremony

What started out as a small drizzle quickly became a Scottish downpour when it came time to walk out for the ceremony. Guests grabbed umbrellas, raincoats and whatever else they could find and were up for the challenge of a rainy ceremony walk. Lead by a friend who played guitar and sang, we all walked down to the river and climbed over some rickety stairs to the perfect little meadow clearing.

The ceremony itself was filled with words from friends, poems, songs and the most thoughtful and beautiful vows. Not a dry eye in the whole place. We all held hands at one point and sen the newlyweds all our happy energy and positive vibes. The best part is that the rain stopped entirely for the ceremony and started again after the kiss.

Bride and groom walk down to ceremony by the river with guests in Scotland

Raining wedding ceremony where Bride and groom walk down to ceremony by the river with guests in Scotland

Wedding guests climb over wooden steps to ceremony by the river in Inverness Scotland. Wedding at Inshriach House

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness, Scotland. Bride and groom and guests have ceremony down at the river

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness, Scotland. Bride and groom and guests have ceremony down at the river

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness, Scotland. Bride and groom and guests have ceremony down at the river. Guests hold hands and send good energy to the newlyweds

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness, Scotland. Bride and groom and guests have ceremony down at the river

The reception + details

After the kiss, guests were lead to a little meadow where we started a bonfire and popped champagne! The rain was still coming down but the fire kept everyone warm and dry. After a few minutes of singing and celebrating, we lead the group back up the trail to the manor for appetizers, cocktails and music in the living room.

Wedding at Inshriach House in Inverness, Scotland. Bride and groom and guests have ceremony down at the river. Bride and groom lighting a fire during the ceremony

Long table with lots of candles and green garland with wildflowers for moody wedding in Scotland.

Long table with lots of candles and green garland with wildflowers for moody wedding in Scotland.

Long table with lots of candles and green garland with wildflowers for moody wedding in Scotland. Place setting with grey napkin and black and gold edgy name card.

Long table with lots of candles and green garland with wildflowers for moody wedding in Scotland.

Cozy wedding at Inshriach House in Scotland

Dancing under the stars

After a delectable meal filled with the best toasts every by friends and family, we moved everyone outside before sunset for the first dance. We played their song on a little bluetooth speaker as everyone gathered around in a circle around the bride and groom.

Bride and groom first dance in forest at Inshriach House in Scotland

Bride and groom first dance in forest at Inshriach House in Scotland

Bride and groom first dance in forest at Inshriach House in Scotland

The rest of the night was so fun and stress-free for everyone. The fire was on in the living room, wine bottles were being shared and music was play through the house stereo. It was cozy, witchy and romantic all at once.

Wedding at Inshriach House, Scotland.

Wedding at Inshriach House, Scotland. Long table full of wine and food with garland and lots of candles

Wedding at Inshriach House, Scotland.

Photographer The Kitcheners // Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Venue Inshriach House // Florals Lu Johnson // Catering Beskpoke Catering // Napkins La Pinata Party // Name cards Think Make Design

December 27, 2019 - 5 comments

The TRUTH behind Destination Weddings

I've been torn about sharing this because, well, most of you who follow me might think I have the most fun and glamorous job ever: Destination Wedding Planner. I'm not saying it's not true at times but holy smokes, there's a lot more to it than airport lounges and wine tastings.

Intimate ceremony on the cliffside in Croatia at private AirBnB. Dusty blue bridesmaids dresses and deep v-neck bridal gown. Groom in white tux.

The destination wedding trend

More and more couples are looking for nature-inspired places where no other couple has been before in order to have a unique and experiential wedding day. I don't blame them. Who wants to share the same wedding venue as their best friend? No one. This is also true for wedding vendors. They are excited to work if new cities, remote areas and places they have never photographed before and can now add to their portfolio.

Over the last few years, I've seen wedding professionals of all sorts change their Instagram bio to stuff like "will travel for free", "always up for a destination adventure", "based in LA but will travel anywhere". Hey, I 100% did that too but boy do I wish I knew a little more about what that actually meant.

Pricing yourself correctly

Pricing will forever be a hot topic in the wedding industry. As solopreneurs and small businesses, we constantly struggle with finding our perfect price point. For whatever reason, we also struggle with feeling guilty when we choose to charge more than the average vendor in our category. Here's the thing, if you're diving into the destination wedding world, not only should you be charging your standard rates but you should also be taking into considering the following expenses:

  • International Health Insurance
  • Car Rental fee + proper insurance ($250+ for one week)
  • Vaccines (I just got Hepatitis A&B and it was $100 for 1/3 shots)
  • Accommodations for more than just the 2 days around the wedding
  • Flights ($800+ for international)
  • Checked bag fees ($50-$100 per bag per flight)
  • Meals
  • International plug converters ($20-$50)
  • Sim card for your phone + international plan ($100+)

On top of these expenses, if you're choosing to fly all the way to Iceland for a wedding, you're probably going to want to spend more than 2 days there. While you can't have your client pay for your pre and post wedding activities, you may want to make sure you have enough money to do fun stuff while you're there!

So, with all of these expenses, offering a free service in exchange for your travel feels covered by the clients, might not be a very viable solution. Trust me, I tried it. Sure, you get to experience an amazing new country with some paid expenses but while you're out there you're still working hard and going home with a lot less money that you started with. From here on out, I charge a fee for my services + travel. It's not cheap!

Intimate wedding in Croatia on the rocky cliffside. Bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses. Bride with dried bouquet and the adriatic sea behind them

New cultures + laws

Something I was very naive about when I first started doing destination weddings was how different wedding planning became from one country to the next. Not only was the marriage license process a lot different but the way you actually contact wedding vendors is not always like we do here in the US and Canada.

I remember once reaching out to 3 florists over email for a wedding in Croatia and receiving a very rude message through WhatsApp from one of the florists saying something along the lines of "how dare you contact my florist friends, we all work together and if you reach out to me first I will work with you on this proposal but now I will not because you reached out to other people". Wow. So I guess we don't have get to choose between more than one florist?

On the other hand, we hired an officiant in Croatia who was so incredibly helpful when it came to sourcing vendors! I also reached out to a local wedding planner to get her option on a few venues. If she would have charged me a consulting fee, I would have 100% given it to her.

Groom helping bride down the rocky cliffs of Croatia after intimate wedding ceremony with 15 guests.

The perks

I sound like such a negative Nancy about destination weddings but I really just want to be real with you. It's not always as glamorous as it looks like on Instagram. Also keep in mind that travel time + jet lag are REAL and huge time sucks. It takes me weeks to recover from my destination weddings which means I can't book as many "full price local weddings".

That being said, having a job that allows you to travel the world is incredible. I try to take time on every trip to say a silent "thank you" to the universe for allowing me to do this. If the right opportunity arises, I will continue to take on destination weddings but will always crunch numbers before I agree. You have to make work for you lifestyle!

bride and groom at sunset in Croatia. Intimate wedding ceremony on the rock cliffs near Dubrovnik with only 15 guests. Destination wedding planner 'Cause We Can Events

Choosing your wedding vendors

Lastly, a quick word to all you fun couples who are scrolling through IG looking for their dream wedding vendors. Do try to find someone who is well traveled and has some experience with destination weddings, especially when it comes to your wedding planner. The reason I say this is because a lot of your vendors (both local and destination) will be asking your planner ALL SORTS of questions and he/she need to have enough knowledge to advise you properly.


So I hope this didn't scare you off from becoming a destination wedding vendor but I do hope it made you re-think a few things, including your pricing structure. You are SO worth the knowledge and expertise you bring to your clients' destination wedding. Charge your worth, friend!

Photos by Laura Goldenberger

February 27, 2019 - 123 comments

Intimate Bohemian Laguna Beach, California Elopement

When Sammy and Joel asked if we would help them plan their Laguna Beach elopement because they live in Australia, we jumped for joy! Elopements are a wedding planner's dream come true. We get to do some styling, find really cool places for dinner and intimate settings for a ceremony and only have to worry about 4-10 guests!

Bride and groom kiss on rocky cliff in Laguna Beach Elopement

The day started out with the girls getting their hair and makeup done with probably the best ocean view you could ask for in Laguna Beach! We popped some rosé and put on some good girly tunes to get everyone excited for the day ahead. One thing I love about elopements is that you have a lot more time to take it easy in the morning and hang out with your bestie.

Bride getting ready with blonde updo and glass of rose for a Laguna Beach Elopement

Blond updo with loose braid and hair jewelry for Laguna Beach Elopement

Wild boho bouquet with king protea and pampass grass and nude wedding shoes

Rose gold engagement ring and band sitting on king protea flower

The boys got ready ready in the next room over and I had to help them with a double windsor tie knot. NO CLUE WHAT THAT WAS ha! Thank you Google. After a few failed attempts, we succeeded and the groom and his best man looked so dapper!

Best Man helping the groom tie his tie. Light blue suit

Groom in light blue suit and blue and white floral tie ready for elopement in Laguna Beach

Once everyone was ready, we left the Pacific Edge Hotel and drove a few miles down the road to Crescent Bay Beach where we set up for the intimate ceremony. How adorable was Joel's reaction when he saw his bride, Sammy for the first time!!?
TIP: Make sure to check with the city about any permits that might be required when doing events on public beaches!

Groom sees his bride for the first time on the beach
Bride walks down the beach and sees her groom for the first time in Laguna Beach

After the long, beautiful walk down the beach, the ceremony began and it was lead by my all-time favorite yogi & officiant, Matt. I had the pleasure of holding up the couple's phone so that their families could be Skyped in all the way from Australia!

Skyping in the bride and groom's family on a phone during a surprise elopement on the beach in Laguna Beach California

Small beach elopement in Laguna Beach California with lanterns and boho rug

Bride and groom celebrate after getting married on the beach in Laguna Beach California

Bride and groom celebrate their elopement bu skyping with their families in Australia

We had to make sure they took full advantage of this beach setting so their photographer, Lauren, took them for a little adventure around the beautiful Laguna Beach cliffs. Check these photos out!

Bride and groom by the rocks in Laguna Beach after their intimate destination elopement

Bride and groom walk along the beach in Laguna Beach, CA after small elopement ceremony

Bride and groom kiss on rocky cliff as waves crash behind them in Laguna Beach

We truly had a blast with these two Australian beauties and loved creating a fun and unique elopement experience for them. What I love even more about elopements like this is that we really get to spend time with the couples and just "hang out"! We all had dinner together the night before their wedding and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean which is always a treat in my books.

Photographer Lauren Mihae // Planning + Design 'Cause We Can Events // Florals Flower Duet // Officiant Matt Rothert // Beauty Beach Bridal Beauty // Getting Ready Hotel Pacific Edge //

August 28, 2018 - 68 comments

Glamping Wedding at Moab Under Canvas

You probably hear us talking about Under Canvas weddings all the time on Instagram BUT we've never really blogged about them. Well today is the day! We're giving you a glimpse inside what it's like to have a wedding at Under Canvas Moab. Ready to get blown away with this wedding inspiration? Keep reading!

bride and groom kiss in the desert at under canvas moab

Let's start by saying that Becca and Sander spent a year and a half planning this wedding all while Becca was attending NYU for Interior Design. This venue is spectacular in itself but in order to produce a 4-day wedding for 160 guests, it takes an experience wedding planning team (oh hi!) and a lot of coffee!

Wedding planner tip: If you are planning your own multi-day wedding, we can still help you out even if we aren't there with you. Our lead planners have created a step by step guide to help you create your perfect wedding timeline! We've added "pro tips" and given you a real example of what a wedding timeline should look like.

leather couch inside under canvas moab glamping tent

After guests checked into their gorgeous accommodations, we opened up the dining area and had long wooden tables decorated with succulents in hand painted pots. The cute mini airstream trailer bar was open for business and a local folk/bluegrass band, Slim Pickin's band was playing on the stage.

Long wooden tables in the desert for boho wedding at Under Canvas Moab

Lounge outside giant teepee at Moab Under Canvas for wedding in the desert

Mirror welcome sign for wedding at Under Canvas Moab in the desert

Mini airstream bar for wedding in the desert

Every single night we experienced an incredible sunset. The soon-to-be newlyweds took full advantage and headed out for romantic and fun photos each night. Guests were kept busy with lot's of delicious food, drinks, music and games!

Bride and groom holding hands in the middle of the desert

Bride running away and laughing in the desert in Moab

Bride and groom laughing and cheers with bistro lights behind them in the desert

And after two full days of celebrating Becca and Sander in the desert came the actually wedding day. We decided to have this day on a Sunday since the following Monday was a holiday. Might as well take full advantage of having all your guests in one place for a long weekend!

Rue de Seine gown hanging from glamping tent at Moab Under Canvas

Wild boho bouquet and Rue de Seine gown in front of teepee

The guys seemed to have a really great time getting ready in their tents. They even had a barrel of whiskey!

Groomsmen laughing at Under canvas moab wedding

Bride and bridesmaids in all white in front of glamping tent. Desert wedding at Under Canvas Moab

Groom and groomsmen in front of tent at Under Canvas Moab. Desert wedding

The ceremony took place on giant flat rock formations (sorry I don't have a scientific name for these!) with the most spectacular view of the Moab desert. We were right next to Arches National Park, yet still far away enough from tourists to enjoy the ceremony with friends and family only.

Triangle arch with florals in the desert. Wedding at Moab Under Canvas

Ceremony with triangle arch at Under Canvas Moab in the middle of the desert

Father of the bride hugs the bride in front of triangle arch at desert wedding

Bride and groom stand in front of triangle arch for ceremony in the desert at Under Canvas Moab

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Olson! As they newlyweds rode away into the sunset on the Under Canvas golf cart, guests headed to the reception area for appetizers, music and booze!

Branded koozies for the bride and groom wedding weekend

Gorgeous wedding table set up with gold flatware, white plates and long runners

Succulent and cactus clusters on terracotta pots at desert wedding

Moody sweetheart table florals on wooden table

We may or may not have flown their wedding cake in from New York. Spoiler alert: we did.

Bride and groom feet in the desert

Bride and groom walk into the sunset after wedding at Under Canvas Moab

Let me tell you, this crowd loved to party! The wedding reception and dancing went way into the wee hours of the morning but wrapped up what was an incredible weekend!

Guests dancing at wedding in the desert

Guests dancing at wedding in the desert

Guests dancing at wedding in the desert

Bride and groom dance under the stars in the desert after weekend wedding at Under Canvas Moab

VENDORS: Photos by Lauren Mihae // Planning + Coordination by us // Florals 3 Leaf Floral // Venue Under Canvas Moab // Dress Rue de Seine // Beauty Marisa Rose Makeup and Hair // Rentals The Confetti Studio, Top Notch Rentals , Moab Event Services // Mirror Thrifted Sister Vintage // Invitations + Signage Fiber and Dye // DJ DJ Naka // Bands Slim Pickins , This Must Be The Band  // Sound + Stage Island Studios // Bar The Brassie Bar // Caterer Wagon Wrench Farms // Coffee Cart Sip Mobile Coffee // Cake Milk Bar Bakery

If you are looking for more adventuruous wedding inspiration, check out this glamping wedding at the Under Canvas Smokies location next!

July 9, 2018 - No Comments!

What is an Associate Planner?

We have been rolling out a new option on our proposals we send to clients and it reads ASSOCIATE PLANNER. Naturally, we get the question, "what IS an associate planner?". We don't blame you for asking! To put it simply, I see it as building a reliable and like minded teamSeriously, there comes a point when you’re building your dream empire (at last!) and you need an extra hand or two. It's about finding people who can build up your strengths but also complement your weaknesses. As the owner and lead planner, you want to be able to provide all adventurous couples the opportunity to experience what you have worked so hard to build, brand and learn about.

Cause We Can Events team Gabby and Jessica - wedding planners for adventurous couples

What is an Associate Planner?

With the Associate Planner option, you are still getting access to the same level of service you would receive with me! It becomes a 'two brains are better than one' scenario. The associate planner and myself are able to bounce ideas back and forth should we need to. Another plus, we each bring something different to the table with experience and knowledge that allows us to learn and grow so we can pass that along to you, the client. This also means our vendor list has grown too! 

In other words, if I am personally already booked on your wedding date, I have a whole team that would be able to pull off the same details with ease. This team has been carefully curated as they live and breathe adventure and not to mention they have a great deal of event experience.

Gabby and Mayra, destination wedding planners for adventurous couples in Los Angeles.

At the moment, the 'Cause We Can Events Team is planning a mastermind getaway at the end of the month to go over some wedding planning best practices, brainstorming sessions and just getting together and finding new ways we can be the best damn Adventurous Wedding Planners ever! We hope to introduce you to the team in one of our next posts so stay tuned!

Photos by Lauren Mihae

May 3, 2018 - 7 comments

Fall Barn Wedding at the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch

If this is what a barn wedding is all about, I'm ready to do many more! When I drove up the long dirt road through these spectacular wheat fields for Kristen and Scott's rehearsal at the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch, I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears of joy. The sun was hitting the golden wheat so perfectly that I knew their wedding photos were going to be incredible. Ready to see this beauty?

Wedding in beautiful wheat fields in California. This beautiful barn wedding was at the Santa Margarita Ranch

Getting Ready on the Ranch

The Historic Santa Margarita Ranch has a beautiful little bridal suite that works great for getting ready and putting finishing touches on hair and makeup.

Beautiful bride with lace dress and sleek up do. Getting ready at Santa Margarita Ranch

Stunning marquise diamond engagement ring with silver wedding band

Bride and bridesmaids in soft lavender grey dresses at rustic barn wedding in San Luis Obispo

Lace detailing around neckline wedding gown. White and green bouquet for barn wedding

It seems it doesn't take the guys as long to get ready so they made the most our of their free time before the ceremony started. There's a really cool vintage school bus that has been remodeled inside and it was the perfect hang out spot for the boys!

Groom and groomsmen funny poses in front of a school bus at Santa Margarita Ranch

Groom's tie, handkerchief and wedding socks details

Groom and groomsmen having fun in vintage school bus before wedding ceremony

An Intimate First Look

As we crept closer to the ceremony start time, we brought the bride and groom together for their First Look. Get the tissues because the groom's reaction had everyone in tears!

Groom waiting for his bride in Santa Margarita

First Look for the Bride and Groom at the Santa Margarita Ranch

Groom wiping away tears after the First Look with his bride-to-be

The Handmade Details

This couple was surrounded by very talented friends and family members. One bridesmaid put together all the florals and another bridesmaid made all of their wooden signage. Pretty amazing! Take a peek at some of the details inside this barn wedding.

Wooden Ceremony Sign, sit where you want

Ceremony set up outside rustic Barn in California. Wooden chuppah with white flowy fabric and greenery

White flowers in glass jar on Shepard hooks down ceremony aisle

The Best Ceremony of all times

I don't think I've laughed and cried like this at a ceremony in a long time. Kristen and Scott wrote their own vows and made them funny, personal and truly representative of each other as a couple. Most of the ceremony photos we have are of people laughing and crying!

Bride walks down the aisle with her father at the Santa Margarita Ranch in California

Ceremony under a large oak tree with wooden chuppah decorated with white fabric and green garland

Bridesmaids in lavender grey lined up at the ceremony

groomsmen laughing when groom reads his funny vows to his bride

Bride and Groom kiss under a wooden chuppah with green garland and soft white fabric

Inside the Reception Barn

The reception space was nothing short of spectacular. When the sun peeked through the old wooden doors, we could see the rays of sunshine spill onto the dinner tables. Pretty poetic, eh? See for yourself!

The Historic Santa Margarita Ranch has the best wedding venue inside the old barn

Wedding Reception inside old historic barn in Santa Margarita California

Round tables and cream linens with white and green flowers set up inside old historic barn for wedding reception

White plates with gold fern on white napkin and cookies as wedding favors


Bride and groom in field of golden when at sunset

Bride and groom under big oak tree in San Luis Obispo wheat field

Wedding in beautiful wheat fields in California. This beautiful barn wedding was at the Santa Margarita Ranch

Back of bride's dress with veil in wheat field

The Cake

The Grand Finale for a lot of weddings is the wedding cake. I've actually noticed that older guests won't leave until after the cake has been cut and they've had a piece to celebrate the newlyweds! Since Kristen and Scott had a small cake for themselves and some family members, the rest of the guests got to enjoy some amazing ice cream from Negranti Ice Cream in the cutest truck ever!

Bride and Groom make their grand entrance into the barn for the reception

First dance under the lights inside old historic barn

Single tier Naked Cake with white flowers and greenery on wooden wine barrel


Bride and groom posing inside Ice Cream truck

The end!

Photographer Jennifer Fujikawa // Planner 'Cause We Can Events // Hair/Makeup Bright Crystal Makeup // DJ Vox DJs // Catering Chef's Table Catering // Rentals All About Events // Bar Cork Mobile Bar // Videographer Avec Lumiere // Cake Just Baked SLO // Desserts Negranti Creamery // Florals by Kristine Cimafranca // Signage by Alysa Nagatani // Shuttles SLO Safe Ride //

February 24, 2018 - 13 comments

Colorful Indian-American Fusion Wedding in Palos Verdes, CA

By now you know that getting photo galleries back from wedding photographers is more exciting to me than Christmas morning. Seeing every wedding come to life is one of our favorite parts of our job.  You can imagine my excitement when I opened Robyn and Proteek's colorful Palos Verdes wedding gallery. FYI, their photographer, Bernadette of Bramble and Vine shot for 11 hours!

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

bride and groom dance under bistro lights point vicente

Getting Ready by the Ocean

If you've never been to Palos Verdes, it's what I like the call, the "country side" of Los Angeles. What I mean by that is that it's full of great woodsy areas, hiking trails and horses (!). It just feels like we're out in the wilderness. Don't get me wrong, Palos Verdes also happens to be right on the coast too and has some of the most gorgeous ocean views. The drive along the coast there will take your breath away. The bride and groom rented a beautiful AirBnB near the South Coast Botanic Garden as their getting ready spot and it was stunning! For a closer look at the botanic garden, take a look at my engagement photo session.

invitation suite for coastal fusion wedding in Palos verdes

Emerald Monzon doing makeup on bride for fusion indian wedding in palos verdes

sengha and jewelry pieces for hindu wedding

fusion indian american wedding with bride getting ready in traditional indian gown

fusion wedding with bride getting in to red and gold lehenga

henna tattoo on bride's hands for hindu ceremony

Hindu Ceremony in the Garden

We had two ceremonies, two wardrobe changes, two first looks and one reception overlooking the ocean in Palos Verdes. Now that's a party! Robyn and Proteek chose to celebrate both of their cultures by starting the day with a Hindu ceremony at the South Coast Botanic Garden. If you are planning a wedding with multiple venues and wardrobe changes, maintaining your budget is an important part of the planning process. To make things easier, use our free Wedding Budget Guide.

hindu ceremony with mandap at south Coast botanic garden

hindu ceremony mothers walking down aisle to mandap with simple green garland

hindu ceremony with bride covering her eyes with leaves

hindu ceremony outdoors under simple mandap at south coast botanic garden

groom greets bride for hindu ceremony in garden

groom touches brides heart during hindu ceremony

mothers and aunts cover bride during hindu ceremony

The detail that goes into the traditional lehenga's are jaw dropping. Take a look at what the bride and groom wore. How beautiful are these?!

Wardrobe change: gown and suit

After the Hindu ceremony, the bride and groom had a wardrobe change back at the cute AirBnB. Moments later, they surprised each other with a First Look (or do we call this a Second Look?) in their American wedding outfits.

brides edgy glam Badgley Mishka shoes and earrings

henna tattoo on american bride in wedding gown

first look down old brick stairs and green vines on wall

bride and groom overlooking palos verdes at beautiful home

American Ceremony by the cliffs

I'm telling you, this Palos Verdes wedding experienced some of the most beautiful sceneries. Guests got to see a garden for the first portion of the day and then drove just 15 minutes away for a completely different view! The Point Vicente Interpretive Center was where Robyn and Proteek chose to have their 2nd ceremony and reception. You're about to see why they picked it.

cliffside scene of palos verdes at the point vicente interpretive center wedding

simple two post arch with fabric and garland for ocean side ceremony

bride and father walk down aisle along the cliffs in palos verdes

bride and groom kiss at wedding at point vicente interpretive center

Wedding Reception overlooking the ocean

It keeps getting better! Thanks to all the great vendors on this team, we transformed the quaint reception room into a beautiful wedding reception hall. DJ Jack Farmer kept the party going under the stars outside after dinner and the light ocean breeze kept everyone nice and cool. Another thing I loved about this wedding was that the first part of the day was full of decorations, colors and details. The reception was very classy and elegant but simple and not over-the-top. When you're planning a fusion wedding, I think it's a great idea to have a balance of both the minimal and very glammed up decor. Here are some of our wedding day must-haves for any reception!

indoor wedding room at Point Vicente Interpretive Center

sweetheart table with green garland and gold plates

silk flower sweetheart table backdrop

bright pink peonies and gold chargers on round tables with white linens

bright pink flowers on center of round table for wedding

cocktail outside on patio of point vicente interpretive center

We did the Grand Entrance on the outdoor patio of the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in hopes that we would see some whales go by (we didn't) and then couldn't resist going into a mini dance party!

grand entrance patio point vicente interpretive center

colorful spring bouquet for wedding in Palos Verdes

first dance with bistro lights in palos verdes

gold and white cake with You're My Favorite cake topper

dessert table with gold and white cake at Point Vicente Interpretive Center

macarons on wedding dessert table

guests dancing the night away at wedding

That's the end of this Palos Verdes Wedding. Inspired by this day? Check out this whimsical wedding day at the same ceremony site.

Photographer Bramble and Vine Photography // DJ Jack Farmer // Makeup Makeup by Emerald // Florals Floret Moon Design // Ceremony venue South Coast Botanic Garden // Rentals Choura Events and Kismet Events // Reception venue Point Vicente Interpretive Center // Catering + Bar Jay's Catering // Photobooth Rowdy Booth //

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Merari + Fernando’s Initmate TreePeople Park Wedding

Ok full confession: this wedding happened a couple of years ago BUT it's still one of my favorites because it was small, intimate and full of natural beauty. Merari and Fernando chose to have their ceremony at TreePeople Park in the Santa Monica Mountains which overlooked all of Los Angeles. It was stunning and just full of wildlife! The cocktail hour and reception were held in the coolest private room at Cecconi's West Hollywood. Take a look at this beautiful and intimate Los Angeles wedding:
Bride and Groom at TreePeople Park

Getting Ready

The bride got ready at her beautiful bright apartment in Marina Del Rey, CA. Her dress was actually a 2-piece short dress + skirt combo which I am obsessed with!

bride getting ready marina del rey

Bride's blue suede shoes

his and hers vow books with rings and flowers

vow book with handwritten vows and rings on top. His and Hers vow books

bride getting ready short hair blue shoes

groom getting ready marina del rey

The First Look with a view

The First Look was done at TreePeople Park with an absolutely gorgeous view. Did you know that TreePeople Park is first and foremost a non profit that bring the LA community together to plant trees, renew landscapes and harvest rain water?

Bride walks up to groom for First Look at Tree People Park

Bride taps groom on shoulder for first look at Tree People park. A great wedding venue in Los Angeles in the Santa Monica Mountains

Groom turns around to see his bride at TreePeople park for the First look before the ceremony

Bride cries during First Look at TreePeople Park in Los Angeles

Bride and groom before ceremony on top of TreePeople Park in Los Angeles for a first look and romantic photos at sunset

The Ceremony on top of TreePeople Park

Since the trails don't have a ton of room for wedding rentals, we opted for a few benches and a small arch with simple florals. Merari's father walked her down the path, around the corner and down the aisle.

Bride and father walk down the path at TreePeople Park for the ceremony overlooking Los Angeles

father walks bride down the aisle at TreePeople Park for intimate wedding in top of the mountain

Small intimate wedding with 25 guests at TreePeople park. The ceremony was overlooking Los Angeles and the view was spectacular

Bride and groom kiss at TreePeople Park ceremony

throwing confetti after ceremony at treepeople park

bride and groom walk under confetti after ceremony at treepeople park

Bride hugging her guests at the intimate wedding on top of TreePeople Park in Los Angeles

Romantic photos at sunset

We can't resist a good sunset on top of a mountain. TreePeople Park has a million places you could take photos. Their photographer, Chloe, found the perfect spots to capture both the view and sunset during their romantic photos.

Bride and groom at TreePeople Park during sunset. Bride wore a 2-piece dress with details on the sleeves

Bride and groom holding hands at adventurous wedding at TreePeople Park


romantic kiss for adventurous couple in Santa Monica. Outdoor wedding ceremony in Santa Monica Mountains at TreePeople Park

groom kisses his new wife on the shoulder with sunset in the background

Eclectic Reception in West Hollywood

After those sunset photos the small group of 25 headed to Cecconi's in West Hollywood for some cocktails, appetizers and a delicious dinner in a fun and eclectic room!

Wedding reception at Cecconi's west Hollywood. Very eclectic room with big orange heart and black and white floor

small intimate wedding reception in an eclectic colorful room in west hollywood


cute thank you gift idea for wedding. Wedding favor candies in a jar with custom stamp

Planning/Coordination 'Cause We Can Events // Photography Chloe Moore Photography // Florals Pavan Floral // Ceremony Venue TreePeople Park // Reception Venue Cecconi's West Hollywood