Morgan & David


Location: Nashville, Tennessee


Cheekwood Garden


Luxury Botanical

Lead Planner


This wedding at Cheekwood Estates and Gardens is one we will never forget. The stars aligned for Morgan and David to have the dreamiest ceremony followed by an intimate dinner for 25 of their closest friends and family.

Two weeks before their wedding, David got in a terrible ski accident and we honestly weren’t sure if the wedding was going to happen. Fortunately, after emergency surgery and with the help of a wheelchair, crutches, strong friends and a very supportive (now) wife, he made it down the aisle!

This wedding was so beautiful and each detail was thoughtfully created just for them. With only 25 guests, we were able to host the reception dinner inside Cheekwood’s historic mansion and it was everything we could have dreamed of. Take a look!

Photography by Janessa Photography