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What is an Associate Planner?

We have been rolling out a new option on our proposals we send to clients and it reads ASSOCIATE PLANNER. Naturally, we get the question, "what IS an associate planner?". We don't blame you for asking! To put it simply, I see it as building a reliable and like minded teamSeriously, there comes a point when you’re building your dream empire (at last!) and you need an extra hand or two. It's about finding people who can build up your strengths but also complement your weaknesses. As the owner and lead planner, you want to be able to provide all adventurous couples the opportunity to experience what you have worked so hard to build, brand and learn about.

Cause We Can Events team Gabby and Jessica - wedding planners for adventurous couples

What is an Associate Planner?

With the Associate Planner option, you are still getting access to the same level of service you would receive with me! It becomes a 'two brains are better than one' scenario. The associate planner and myself are able to bounce ideas back and forth should we need to. Another plus, we each bring something different to the table with experience and knowledge that allows us to learn and grow so we can pass that along to you, the client. This also means our vendor list has grown too! 

In other words, if I am personally already booked on your wedding date, I have a whole team that would be able to pull off the same details with ease. This team has been carefully curated as they live and breathe adventure and not to mention they have a great deal of event experience.

Gabby and Mayra, destination wedding planners for adventurous couples in Los Angeles.

At the moment, the 'Cause We Can Events Team is planning a mastermind getaway at the end of the month to go over some wedding planning best practices, brainstorming sessions and just getting together and finding new ways we can be the best damn Adventurous Wedding Planners ever! We hope to introduce you to the team in one of our next posts so stay tuned!

Photos by Lauren Mihae

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