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7 Unique Wedding Gowns for Boho Brides

Our brides are one-of-a-kind. Some are hopeless romantics, edgy lovers, and simplistic dreamers. What they all have in common is their desire for the perfect dress without the glitz and glamour. Our brides love feeling confident and beautiful while staying true to their personal styles.

Here are 7 bridal gowns with YOU in mind.. these are sure to get you 1000% times more excited to walk down that aisle!

  1. Whimsical Woman


Starting off with a gown with a design that I've never seen before but caught my eye immediately. If you're looking for something without lace but still crave a touch of detail in your gown, this might be what you're looking for!


The details throughout the gown and the unique cap sleeves give it the perfect combination of edgy and sweet. I can imagine this bride at a coastal wedding and all she wants for dessert are 'Smores and conversations by a fire pit!

This embroidered chiffon dress with a plunging neckline is designed by Jet Set Diaries and you can find it at David's Bridal priced at $289.95. A steal!

2. Garden Party


She's simplistic but loves to dance, this is Harriet from Grace Loves Lace. The neckline is my favorite part of the gown. Paired with an up-do and simple earrings you will be looking long and lean in any and all photos taken.


The back is light and dainty but adds a touch of "I'm his bride!" This gown is priced at $1700.

3. Va-Va-Sexy


For our brides who want a little bit more sex appeal (without being too scandalous), this gown is it!  Also from Grace Loves Lace, the Blanc gown is priced from $2500-2999.


This dress is a show stopper and I can't get over the side slit!


Details, details, details. Also the keyhole back is to DIE for! Currently fanning myself, this dress is HOT.

4. Let's Dance

This gown is different, and I couldn't help but imagine this unconventional bride on the dance floor. I can see her swaying with her love at their wedding in an art exhibit. Or even a vow renewal! The ideas are endless...


The gown is by Soieblu and you can find it at David's Bridal for $99.95. Another steal!


I couldn't help draw a bit of inspiration from Whitney Port's wedding gown. If you haven't seen it, hope over to Green Wedding Shoes and take a peek. Trust me, I'll wait for you to come back.

My favorite part about this dress is the fishtail hem, giving it a high-low illusion but keeping it bridal.



5. Simplistic Romantic 

Okay, okay.. I know, another dress from Grace Loves Lace? I just couldn't help it, seriously check out their site. This is the beautiful Genevieve gown.


She's been dreaming of her wedding day since she was young, but doesn't see herself as a ball gown princess. Genevieve is spot on with its desperately romantic touches and soft fabrics.


If you imagine yourself looking like you just walked out of a forest, threw on a gown, and met your beau at the aisle, this might be what you're looking for! Am I right?


How can you not gasp at the shoulder detail?! Genevieve is priced at $1,360.

6. Hippie Dreams

For our flower-child bride who wants her wedding to be all about love but also show off her personal style, this is a winner. The Lizzy gown from Dreamers and Lovers (I love following them on Instagram too) and is priced from $1,755-$2,054. IMG_2141

I also imagine this bride to be a bit sporty and wanting to show off her beautiful shoulders! Even the silhouette is so unbelievably flattering.


No words, except for... Drop, Dead, Dancing through Daisies! Were you expecting me to say that? Me neither.

7. Embellishment Babe

Okay, this is different but bare with me. I am obsessed with any kind of interesting and quirky embellishment and embroidery, it makes for a truly one of a kind piece. This is a Viktor & Rolf gown priced from $3,500-$3,999, this is a true delicacy!


She's art-deco with an off-the-wall sophistication.

If you really wanted to splurge, imagine pairing this with a floor length silk chiffon skirt that is a bit more sheer to attach to your waist line. There's so much to draw inspiration from with this dress.

Well there you have it. 7 beautiful and unique wedding gowns for our equally beautiful and unique brides.  Now, which one is your favorite?


April 5, 2017 at 6:38 pm

They are all gorgeous, hard to pick a fav but I’d say Simplistic Romantic. This makes me want to get married again (and be tall and skinny…)

    Gabrielle Norton
    April 13, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    I know right?! So many to choose from! I feel like I need several outfit changes during my wedding haha

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