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10 Ways to Stay Sane During COVID-19

Undoubtedly, things are a little crazy right now. Things are shutting down, people are scared, weddings are being postponed and we should all be stuck at home for a while until things calm down. To help you from getting stir crazy- we are here with a 10 helpful tips if you are staying home for a while!

1. Find an online workout

Whether it be yoga, interval training or a meditation service, try and move your body everyday! Headspace is offering a few meditations for free right now and for those of you who like OrangeTheory, they are doing daily workout videos as well.

reusable water bottle and exercise bands

2. Learn something new

Watch some video or support your Etsy makers by buying kits to learn how to knit, embroider, or cross stitch. Someone recently said they were taking free classes via BritandCo while others are live streaming their own cooking classes, how cool! You might also want to check out our YouTube channel for some wedding tips + how tos.

3. Read a feel-good book

book by the windowsil with glasses and cup of coffee

Nothing like taking some time to escape reality by diving into a good book. These are a few of our faves that will lift your spirits: Olive Again, Joyful, A Man Called Ove. The Little Book Of Hygge.  

4. Tackle house projects

Take advantage of this time at home to get through all those projects that you have been putting off. Like organizing that hall closet, cleaning out the fridge, or bagging up those clothes you never wear & donating them when the time comes. recently I found a couple fund YouTube families that motivate me to clean and organize. Check our The Beastons and Brianna K

5. Print your photos

Get those photos off of your phone and order prints through Mpix or make your own photo album. We all have a few professional galleries (weddings, family photos, birthdays) that are still living exclusively online so why not take the time to print and frame some of these milestones.

6. Journal every day

notebook with coffee cup

These are great gratitude journals that can help remind you of everything to be grateful for. This is an activity a lot of us wished we had more time for. Well folks, here's your chance!

7. Write some letters to your loved ones

This is the perfect time to send out some snail mail to all your friends & family. No matter the age, everyone likes to receive a real letter in the mail. Not one for words? Send a drawing, sketch or creative watercolor painting to brighten someone's day.

8. Do a puzzle or play a board game

When's the last time you played a good card game or did a 1000+ puzzle?! In our house, we sit down every night after dinner and break out a new game. We've also downloaded a few fun video games that have helped us escape reality. No shame in that!

9. Head over to SkillShare and learn something new

SkillShare has classes for everything from learning watercolor, how to make the perfect cup of coffee, creating flower arrangements, and tons of other things. If everyone took the time to learn a new skill every day, we'll all come out of this quarantine multi-talented!

10. Support your local small businesses

Buy gift cards, order online, curbside pickup, leave reviews, share their posts, and do whatever you can to help out small businesses that are being forced to change up the way they do business. Every little bit helps.

Still feeling stressed? We have good days and bad. Come find us on Instagram and let's chat about it and keep each other company.

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