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3 Things I’ve learned from living on a boat

Gabby and Chris Pinkerton live on a boat in San Pedro, CA. Featured on Tiny House Hunters.

Today I come to you with a bit of a more personal post because we're celebrating our 2 year "boatversary" this month! Living in a tiny space with a husband and 2 dogs has really taught me a lot and I wanted to share the top 3 things I learned from this adventure.

1. Less Stuff

I quickly realized that you don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. Sure, we have a TV, wifi and a variety of gadgets but I'm very conscious of every purchase I make. I've learned to get creative with the space and buy things that have multiple purposes as much as possible. Since we live directly on water, our sinks and shower drain out to the harbor so we always make sure to use eco-friendly soaps and products that won't harm the marine life.

Gabby Pinkerton paddleboarding off the back of the boat they live on in San Pedro, CA

2. Patience

I've had to learn to be more patient with myself, the dogs and my husband. When we both work from home in 500 sq feet and one person is on the phone and the dogs are barking at the sea lion swimming by you take a deep breath and realize there are way worse things in life. Worst case, I go work at a coffee shop. Like any home, there's also a lot of stuff to fix on a boat. Not a week goes by without one of us saying "oops that broke or oh look this needs to be fixed". It's just part of the adventure and takes a lot of patience!

3. Community

Boat living has introduced us to a community I never thought existed. On our dock alone I can count at least 10 liveaboards who come from all walks of life. Sharing a beer with them and hearing their life stories is something I'll never forget. Some people moved onto their boat after a nasty divorce while others are young and just want to be able to put up their sails and take off whenever they want. Befriend a sailor, you won't regret it.

BONUS: You get a killer tan every year!

Photos by Tiffany Luong

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