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A Wedding Planner’s Secret Weapon

So you've been planning your clients' wedding for a whole entire year. You've double checked your rental orders, confirmed your vendor arrival times, checked everything off your decor list and are now officially ready for the big day...or so you think.

A missing officiant

The wedding day arrives and all is going well until the officiant (who is a friend) is MIA! Not just stuck in traffic but completely non-responsive to calls, emails or text. What do you do?!!!

ceremony set up in Joshua Tree with long wooden benches

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Well, believe it or not, this has happened to me which is why I'm now writing a blog post about it. In my case, I was dealing with a destination wedding in Europe and a few days before the wedding the officiant (a professional this time) was not reachable.

My Secret Weapon

As a wedding planner, I decided to get "ordained" online through the Universal Life Church a few years into my career just in case. While it's a good back up plan for weddings happening in California, it's not really valid in Europe. That being said, when this "missing officiant" situation happened I thought if I could print out a sample Ceremony Script, the ceremony could still happen and we could deal with the legality of it later on!

Luckily for us, the officiant did resurface in time for the real ceremony (phew!) but I felt so much better with a Ceremony Script in my possession. My plan with it was to either have myself act as the officiant (not ideal) or ask a talented friend or family member to simply read it and follow the prompts.

I figured if I needed this in my wedding tool kit, surely other planners could benefit. So I decided to share this free sample Ceremony Script with you now!

Free ceremony script for wedding planners

While I hope you never have to use it, I hope this is helpful for you to have in your tool kit!

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