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Fun Late Night Wedding Snacks Ideas

What’s the best way to keep your guests around & out on the dance floor? Late night wedding snacks! This is becoming more and more popular, and we know why! Everyone loves a good snack and now you have more choices than ever. We compiled a list of our favorite food choices that can be hired to keep you and your guests movin’ & groovin’ all night!

Sweet Treats

There is nothing better than hopping off the dance floor and grabbing something sweet (besides more wedding cake) amiright? WARNING: These late night sweet treat ideas will make drool.

Fun donut dessert table for fun late night snack for weddings

  1. Mini Donuts (or regular ones, no one is complaining): The ultimate sweet treat that's easy to grab AND eat while dancing. You can serve them in platters, cake tiers or even on a donut wall with pegs for each donut! Five Daughters Bakery not only creates your favorite donuts, they also do vegan & paleo options!
  2. Ice Cream: Need to cool down? Ice cream won’t disappoint. We've had clients have this cold treat be served out of cute carts, on cones, in cups or in coffee! Mojo’s is one of our favorites in Nashville and they can create custom ice cream cookie sandwiches to serve to all of your guests.
  3. Candy Bar: Bring all your favorite candy into one place and allow your guests to make their own bag! Also doubles as a wedding favor so WIN WIN. 
  4. Cotton Candy: Fluff Nashville is our go-to for all things cotton candy. It was such a hit at our last wedding because guests could choose their flavor and everyone walked around with big sticks of cotton candy. Talk about feeling like a kid again!  

Cotton candy in Nashville for fun wedding late night snacks

Savory Eats

If dinner just wasn’t enough for all you salt lovers out there, take a look at some of these yummy eats ideas for your after party. The more dancing, the more calories are being burned so you gotta keep your people fed and happy all night long.

  1. In-N-Out Truck: If you're from the West Coast, you know that no after party is complete without a stop at In-N-Out. Well how about bringing this California food truck to you! Surprise your guests with an hour of all-you-can eat burgers!
  2. Tacos: Everyone loves a good taco...and if you don't, we can't be friends sorry! Hire a food truck that is serving up your favs and lets your guests go wild. We've had some killer taco companies cater to meat lovers and vegans all at once. For all of our Nashville couples, we love Captain Muchacos and all of their food (and amazing staff).

Savory late night wedding snacks

  1. Pizza: GIVE ME ALL THE CHEESE. I feel like no one has ever been bummed to see pizza magically show up while they're partying at a wedding, right? You can hire rad vendors like The Dough Box to drive right up to your wedding venue and provide your guests with the best pizza! Also, leftover pizza is a great breakfast snack for the next day.
  2. Chips & Salsa Bar:  A super easy (and pretty inexpensive) option that can satisfy just about anyone. Assign someone from your party to be in charge of setting up a full chips and salsa bar with different salsa heats, plates and serving spoons and fun toppings like cheese, chives and jalapeno peppers. Don’t forget the queso & guac! 

Fun candy table with yellow candies for late night dessert table at wedding

Of course there’s about a million other options out there to choose from.

Our best advice: Serve something that is your favorite or that has meaning behind it. Maybe you and your partner went to get milkshakes on your first date or always try to find the best french fries in town. These can be great ways to find out what to incorporate into your wedding day!

Photos by Lauren Mihae, Lisa Marie Photographie and Amelia Lavoie

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