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Is a Wedding Planner’s Personality More Important Than Their Portfolio

I'll be the first to admit that I judge a book by it's cover. I also judge a bottle of wine by it's label and a coffee shop by it's decor. It's only natural that we are drawn to people, places and products that look good and are well presented. When it comes to wedding vendors and other wedding planners, I'll be honest, I absolutely judge them by their website. Well, at least in terms of first impressions. But here's the thing, someone could have an absolutely gorgeous website and Instagram page but when you actually meet them in person or on the phone, you have absolutely nothing in common. Yikes! So, the other day, I met up with a few wedding planner friends and we talked about how important it is to connect personality-wise with your clients. Here's why.

We are your wedding confidant

A lot of times, you (the couple) is dealing with family drama around the wedding and you may not have anyone to turn to who's not involved in it. As wedding planners, we often play that role of third party unbiased therapist to the couple. We have to develop some level of trust with you so that you can feel comfortable coming to us with anything that's on your mind. A lot of times, wedding planners are working with couples one year or more (I definitely do with all my Full Planning and Destination clients) before their wedding day so that bond needs to be strong! We are the person you can rely on that always had a backup plan so you can focus on enjoying your day.

We are your wedding eyes and ears

To say that we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the wedding industry is an understatement. Every wedding planner I know is in about 10+ Facebook groups (including one I even created for Adventurous Weddings!), gets invited to venue openings, gets to attend weekly catering tastings and seems to notice all latest wedding trends pop up in her inbox. Trust us to show you the latest trends, but we also want you to feel like you can tell us when sometime just doesn't feel like you or you straight up don't like it!

We need to be honest with you

With a certain level of trust comes a certain level of honesty. We find it so important to tell you when something is a great idea but also when it's probably not the best. Although it's not always fun to do, wedding planners have to tell their clients when a certain vendor might be out of their budget for example. With that being said, if you don't mesh with your planner it's a lot harder to be honest with one another.

Last but not least

What I really want you to realize is that, yes, a gorgeous website and stunning photo galleries of past weddings are important. But, finding a connection with your wedding planner will go far beyond just your wedding day. It will help them make decisions with your best interest in mind, you will feel like you're planning your wedding with a friend instead of a random person and you may even stay in touch after the big day because of common interests. Hope this was helpful and happy planning!

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