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Wedding Planning During COVID – A Simple Guide to COVID Weddings

It's tricky to navigate through a pandemic, let alone plan a COVID wedding so we are bringing you a simple guide to see if your wedding is really going to happen in 2020. Seriously, this is an incredibly tough year. Our mindset was originally, let's take the week by week and see what happens. Now here we are in July 2020 and I think we can safely say, it's going to take some time to get back to "normal." Are you still wondering if you should have your wedding? Keep reading for some thoughts and information that may be helpful.

COVID Weddings - Can we still have weddings in 2020

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Corona Virus Regulations - State by State

Simply put, the rules vary state by state for what is allowed. Here in Maine, we cannot have gatherings over 50 for the foreseeable future. It's also quite tricky to navigate what each state has set in place. For instance, I google "wedding rules in California covid" and am getting a bunch of hits but no quick answer. How can you navigate this? If you don't have a planner, reach out to your venue and other vendors. They should be keeping up with the ever evolving mandates. Be sure to also check your local government's website for up to date and accurate information. It's important to stay informed!

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Bride and groom in matching boho hats. Bride in pantsuit holding wild bouquet with deep reds and king protea | Nashville elopement at Arrington Vineyards by Cause We Can Events

Hipster Nashville Elopement at Arrington Vineyards | Cause We Can Events

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What's Your Level of Comfort?

If you're on the fence if you should move forward with your COVID wedding, you're going to want to think it through. I suggest having a conversation amongst your significant other and some family/friends. Survey how they are feeling about going out? Traveling? Attending a larger gathering? Some questions to think through:

  1. How many guests need to get on a plane?
  2. Where you plan on getting married, have they had an increase in cases? Or have they been hit pretty hard with cases?
  3. Have some/most of my friends and family lost jobs due to this? (i.e. spending money attending a wedding may not be priority)
  4. Are any of my 'must have' guests unable to attend due to being more susceptible?
  5. Lastly, how do you really feel?

Small beach elopement in Laguna Beach California with lanterns and boho rug

Skyping in the bride and groom's family on a phone during a surprise elopement on the beach in Laguna Beach California

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Getting Married in the Time of Covid

If you were to ask my honest opinion, I don't think it makes sense to spend top dollar for an experience that just won't be the same. HOWEVER, there are ways to still have a COVID wedding and really enjoy it! If you're okay with the idea of having an intimate celebration then 2020 could still be your year of marriage. Want to still have your big celebration? Then I suggest you wait and reschedule.

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So, can we have weddings in 2020?

Yes, weddings will still happen in 2020 but be prepared for them to look and feel different. We love a good intimate wedding and can't wait to see what comes out of this year! It's a weird and incredibly disheartening time, our team is here to answer questions and be a part of the conversation. We're thinking our industry will come up with some creative ways to turn a not so fun time into something positive. If you're looking for more ways to still have your wedding celebration, check out Maine Elopement Collective and our Wedding services page. We're here to help get you through a pandemic wedding season.

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