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October 7, 2019 - 1 comment.

Black and Gold Tattooed Wedding in Zion

You know what I love most about our couples? They aren't afraid of making their wedding their own. Love traditions, then incorporate them all if you'd like. Don't love any of them? Throw them out the window and do whatever the heck you want because it's YOUR wedding day. Speaking of badass couples, today we're sharing Kait and Jake's epic 3-day glamping wedding at Under Canvas Zion. Not only was it our favorite time of adventurous wedding but they did things their way. Ready to see what we mean? Read below!

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Bride tattooed and in black wedding dress under copper arch at Zion under canvas. Groom in all black suit.

Getting Ready

We knew going into this weekend that rain might hit us. We didn't realize how hard it would hit us! Don't you worry though, it didn't ruin anything for this adventurous couple or their guests. The day started with some getting ready action with their closest friends in the cool glamping tents at Under Canvas Zion.

Bride and her bridesmaids and bridesman getting ready in a glamping tent with their dog Boom. Bridal party is wearing floral blue robes.

Bride in black wedding dress and her tribe out in the desert. Zion Under Canvas Wedding.

Who had more fun? Guys or girls? I mean the girls had a super cute dog but the guys had a bottle of whiskey. Tough call! By the way, this group's fashion was so cool. If you are inspired by this groom's style, check out some more non-traditional groom suit ideas.

Groom and groomsmen sharing a bottle of whiskey before the wedding. Groom wearing an all black suit and shirt.

Groom getting a custom lapel pin on his suit. Groom in all black suit and shirt.

Best man helping groom put his suit on before the wedding

Groom's boutonniere with deep red berries, yellow and pops of blue

Groom in all black with groomsmen in all black and groomswoman in red. Zion Under Canvas desert wedding.

Foggy First Look

The First Look happened a short 5 minute drive away from Under Canvas where the fog was starting to roll in and the couple could share this moment with their closest friends and fur baby.

Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Tattooed Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Tattooed Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Bride and groom in all black kiss near Zion National Park before their epid 3 day glamping wedding

Moody Details

Oh you want to see the details of this glamping wedding? Ok I guess we'll show you. From the invitations (which they couple designed themselves) to the moody bouquet and stunning tablescapes, this was the coolest moody desert wedding yet!

Black and gold wedding invitations with stars, moons and cacti

Black teardrop engagement ring and black men's wedding band

Groom's black wedding band with engravment that says "100 years"

The bouquet was wild and free with deep tones of red, greens and yellows. Not only did it have perfect colors for a fall wedding but it was rich with texture. From airplants to king protea, this bouquet was one our all-time favorites!

Fall moody bouquet with black diamond engagement ring

Moody fall bouquet with pampass grass, airplans and king protea at glamping wedding. Zion Under Canvas fall wedding

Reception Details

If you've ever been to one of the Under Canvas properties, you'll know that their teepees won't really fit more than 80-90 guests for a reception dinner. Knowing this and knowing that the rain was coming that weekend the couple rented a large tent that housed everyone inside for the reception. Each place setting had a gold charger, black napkin, menu card, gold utensils and a name card written on a piece of dark blue agate.

Asking about the guest capacity is just one of the MANY questions to ask when touring any wedding venue space. If you are searching for your venue, keep our venue walkthrough checklist on hand. You will know all of the important questions to ask, saving you time and money in the long run!

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

The Ceremony

It rained. No, it POURED. Before and after the ceremony but miraculously for those 15 minutes during the ceremony it stopped and allowed Kait and Jake to get married without getting completely soaked! In the case of rain, you will want to keep a kit on hand (especially for an adventurous wedding like this) here are some of our favorite glamping essentials. You will be prepared for any situation!

Groom walking through puddles on rugs as he walks down the aisle

Groom in all black kisses his dog as he walks down the aisle to greet him

Bride in all black walks down rainy aisle at Under Canvas Zion

Bride and groom in all black in front of copper ceremony arch with greenery. Ceremony and reception at Zion Under Canvas for a glamping wedding

Bride and groom in all black in front of copper ceremony arch with greenery. Ceremony and reception at Zion Under Canvas for a glamping wedding

Bride tattooed in black dress with pockets during ceremony at Under Canvas Zion.

Bride and groom in all black laughing after ceremony

Cake + Party

After dinner, guests moved into the main Under Canvas TeePee where we served cake, cranked the music and let night turn to day as guests danced away. Oh and the coolest part about this party? The couple hired a tattoo artist (yes folks, a REAL tattoo artist) to come and work on whoever signed up. The bride and groom designed the tattoos and guests got to choose which one they wanted. The sign up sheet was full in minutes!

If you are engaged or married and love tattoos, you will love these wedding ring tattoo ideas after you finish reading this blog.

4 tiered simple white wedding cake with orange flowers and greenery

Tattooed bride in black wedding dress smashes cake into groom's face

black and white photos of guests dancing at wedding at Under Canvas ZIon

Bride and groom in all black with tattoos dance at their wedding

Wedding tattoos designed by the bride and groomTattoo artist at Wedding at Under Canvas Zion

Tattoo artist at Wedding at Under Canvas Zion

dog at wedding sleeping in photobooth bus

Vendor Team

Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Photographer Guillermo Benetton // Florals By Bloomers // Catering Katering Koncepts // DJ Justin Hurtt // Venue Under Canvas // Tattoo Artist Adam Gibson // Hair+Makeup Tracy Sotirakus // Photo Bus Gus the Photo Bus// Band James Hunter + Forrest

If you loved this wedding, check out another one of our favorite glamping Under Canvas weddings, this time at the Moab location!

June 3, 2019 - No Comments!

Intimate Nashville Wedding at Arrington Vineyards

Erin and Charlie thought they wanted a big boho wedding in Malibu until they realized that really wasn't for them. Instead of the big 150-person wedding, these two lovebirds decided to elope! They invited their 10 closest family members and their dog, Mister, to join them for their intimate Nashville Wedding. If this sounds like your dream wedding, schedule a free consultation call with our team so we can help you plan!

Bride and groom in matching boho hats. Bride in pantsuit holding wild bouquet with deep reds and king protea | Nashville elopement at Arrington Vineyards by Cause We Can Events

The Details

A small wedding doesn't mean you can't have any cool details! Check out these incredible custom hats the bride and groom got from Meshika Hats! The bride's bouquet was also to die for. Since this wedding happened around the holidays, it was fun to see bright pops of red throughout the wedding decor.

If you're just getting started with your wedding planning journey, the first question we always get is "how much do adventurous weddings cost?" Well, everyone has their unique vision of their dream wedding but we put a free Wedding Budget Guide together to help you get an idea of what a boho adventurous wedding might cost.

White hat and platform boots for bride getting married at Arrington Vineyards in Nashville, TN | Cause We Can Events
Black hat with polaroid photos of groom's dog tucked in before he walks down the aisle | Hipster wedding | Nashville Wedding Cause We Can Events
Custom print on wedding tie for groom. Black tie with moth print.
Custom Meshika Hats for a wedding in Nashville, TN | Destination wedding for adventurous couple | Cause We Can Events

As a wedding planner, I really enjoy setting up for these small weddings. First of all, clients have the flexibility of going pretty much anywhere in the world. Second, you can splurge on decor, florals and food because you're not spending on as many guests. Lastly, I get to spend a lot of 1:1 on time with the couples and their families which really makes my job fun.

In this particular case, I was in close contact with the bride's mom. In fact, a funny story is that Laura was the first person to text me months later when my husband and my episode of Tiny House Hunters was live on TV! I had no idea it had aired until I got her text. So fun!

Winter wedding at Arrington Vineyards in Tennessee | Emerald velvet napkins with king protea centerpiece | Cause We Can Events | Destination elopement and weddings for adventurous couples

The Ceremony

Winter weather in Nashville is pretty unpredictable. This particular time around it was actually quite chilly. With a little rain on the horizon we decided to have the ceremony outside but under the covered patio. Turned out pretty dang cute. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a large charcuterie board, wine from Arrington Vineyards and good conversation.

Wedding Planner Tip: I always encourage couples to repurpose their ceremony florals. You can easily clip them down and place them on a bar or around your band, photobooth or dessert table! Be sure to let your florist know that you'll be repurposing the flowers so they can assemble them accordingly.

Groom waits at the alter at Arrington Vineyards with a beautiful wooden arch with lot's of greenery and pops of red and pink flowers  | Nashville Wedding Cause We Can Events
Dog of Honor walking down the aisle in a little dog tuxedo | Nashville Wedding at Arrington Vineyards
Bride in white pant suit and white boho hat walks down the aisle at Arrington Vineyards | Cause We Can Events | Nashville Wedding
Intimate ceremony in Nashville at Arrington Vineyards | Rainy ceremony under covered patio with bistro lights | Cause We Can Events | Adventurous Destination Weddings
Intimate ceremony in Nashville, TN. Boho bride wearing trendy hat and white blazer
Bride and groom kiss after ceremony at Arrington Vineyards in Nashville, TN.

Intimate wedding reception in Nashville

One of the pros about only having 10 people attend your wedding is that you get to hang out and talk to everyone during cocktail hour and dinner. Family photos don't take up more than 15 minutes and you have the rest of the night to sit back and enjoy being in good company. After sipping local wines and feasting on cheeses of all sorts, the newlyweds, dog of honor and their guests sat down for a special 4-course meal prepared by The Chef and I.

Hipster Nashville Elopement at Arrington Vineyards | Cause We Can Events
Wedding table with velvet napkins and fake wood chargers. King protea centerpiece at intimate wedding in Nashville TN
Gorgeous centerpiece with king protea and dark red flowers on white table cloth | Nashville wedding
Wedding party and family laugh as groom lifts the dog of honor in the air to celebrate

And as it turns out, an intimate Nashville wedding was exactly what they wanted. Now, a few months later I found out they adopted another dog and are living happily ever after as a family of 4 in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Loved this intimate wedding as much as we did? Check out this 35-person Scotland Wedding next.

P.S Did you know we have a Facebook group dedicated to Nashville Weddings & Elopements? Come join us whether you're a couple or wedding vendor, the more the merrier. Of course, if you want a 1:1 chat with one of our local wedding planners, we'd love to hear about your dream wedding vision. Schedule a call with us!

Wedding Vendor Team

Photographer Cody and Allison // Planning + Design Cause We Can Events // Catering The Chef and I // Wines + Venue Arrington Vineyards // Florals State and Arrow // Rentals Southern Events // Napkins La Pinata Party // Hats Meshika 

March 14, 2019 - 13 comments

Laid Back Moab Wedding at Under Canvas

When I say that Fall 2018 was busy, I really mean it. That's why I am just now getting around to posting about one of our Moab weddings during that time! It was at the beginning of the year that Gabby asked me (Jessica) to hop on her team and help with some events and office things. I agreed and then was quickly introduced to Alyse, a future 'Cause We Can Events bride!

Alyse & Jake took their very first trip, as a couple, to Moab years before their engagement. With that idea in mind, they decided to host their "End of Summer Camp" themed wedding at Under Canvas Moab.

This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!

Glamping tent at Under Canvas Moab. Great outdoor venue for boho weddings and adventurous couples


With most guests coming from Alaska, it was important to the couple that their guests knew what it would take to get to Moab and how to make the most out of their trip. Alyse worked with a friend to design an invitation they would go on to create themselves! In the blink of an eye a website, save the date and super cool invitations were born. If you need assistance creating your invite design, we recommend Basic Invite. PRO TIP: We always recommend you create a website for a destination wedding. It’s the easiest way to get information to all of your guests at once! TIP FROM THE BRIDE: Price out invitation ideas with how much postage will cost! 

Fun adventurous wedding invitations. Postcard save the date, camp-style wedding invitations for camping wedding at Moab Under Canvas


As guests arrived on Friday afternoon, they were greeted by the Under Canvas team and checked into their luxury tents. PRO TIP: provide gift bags when your guests arrive to make them feel extra special! That evening Alyse & Jake hosted a welcome dinner equipped with "Tent Talks", their version of Ted Talks. They invited a couple key family members and friends to stand by the fire and share a story with all of the guests. This by far was one of the most memorable moments of any 2018 wedding we did! It's a pretty special and rare moment when you can make a gathering of 100 guests feel intimate. After "Tent Talks", everyone hit the outdoor firepit for s’mores and live music all provided by Under Canvas. It was the perfect start to summer camp.

Bride and groom ride in golf cart after ceremony in the desert at Under Canvas Moab


The next day, our team worked closely with a core group of friends to switch up the decor and setup the platform for the reception. All Good Super Fresh had their cute trailer ready to go so they could serve breakfast to the guests! During our setup, Alyse got ready with friends at the Desert Day Spa while Jake hung out with his bike and drone close by.

Airstream trailer bar used to serve drinks at a glamping wedding in the desert at Under Canvas Moab. Moab desert wedding for adventurous couple!


Catering in Moab can be tricky if you have a specific budget and idea in mind, not to mention power but we will save that for another blog post. We talked to a local restaurant, Miguel's Baja Grill, as we were looking for a fajita station to serve to the guests! For their first time catering a wedding, they really knocked it out of the park for us. After dinner, the night continued with a lot of dancing and good times for all.

Bride and groom walking in the desert in Moab. Bride wearing a satin champagne dress and groom in light grey suit


Planning: ‘Cause We Can Events // Venue: Under Canvas Moab // Photography: Emily Klarer Hair & Makeup: Hairby_Linzy // Dress: Thrift Store // Friday Catering: Zax Pizza // Saturday Catering: Miguel's Baja Grill // Bar & Breakfast Catering: All Good Super Fresh // DJ: Echo Talent // DJ Chu // Rentals: Moab Event Services

Alyse & Jake’s wedding was a special one for so many reasons and we could not have done it without the amazing vendor team we had in place. Not to mention, the great friends & family that came along for the adventure.

Ready to start planning your adventurous wedding? Contact us today! In the meantime, use our free wedding budget guide to get started.

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What is an Associate Planner?

We have been rolling out a new option on our proposals we send to clients and it reads ASSOCIATE PLANNER. Naturally, we get the question, "what IS an associate planner?". We don't blame you for asking! To put it simply, I see it as building a reliable and like minded teamSeriously, there comes a point when you’re building your dream empire (at last!) and you need an extra hand or two. It's about finding people who can build up your strengths but also complement your weaknesses. As the owner and lead planner, you want to be able to provide all adventurous couples the opportunity to experience what you have worked so hard to build, brand and learn about.

Cause We Can Events team Gabby and Jessica - wedding planners for adventurous couples

What is an Associate Planner?

With the Associate Planner option, you are still getting access to the same level of service you would receive with me! It becomes a 'two brains are better than one' scenario. The associate planner and myself are able to bounce ideas back and forth should we need to. Another plus, we each bring something different to the table with experience and knowledge that allows us to learn and grow so we can pass that along to you, the client. This also means our vendor list has grown too! 

In other words, if I am personally already booked on your wedding date, I have a whole team that would be able to pull off the same details with ease. This team has been carefully curated as they live and breathe adventure and not to mention they have a great deal of event experience.

Gabby and Mayra, destination wedding planners for adventurous couples in Los Angeles.

At the moment, the 'Cause We Can Events Team is planning a mastermind getaway at the end of the month to go over some wedding planning best practices, brainstorming sessions and just getting together and finding new ways we can be the best damn Adventurous Wedding Planners ever! We hope to introduce you to the team in one of our next posts so stay tuned!

Photos by Lauren Mihae