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April 20, 2020 - 8 comments

A Burning Man Wedding in the Desert

The long road out of Gerlach towards Black Rock Desert for a Burning Man inspired wedding celebration!

Wedding guests sit around a bonfire in the desert for a wedding reception.

It's been a long time coming that I hop on here and write about Laura & Grant's Black Rock desert Burning man inspired wedding. There have been a couple of posts about it already! One being on 100 Layer Cake and the other on Melissa Gayle's website. To be quite honest, I don't know where to begin when writing about this one. Laura and Grant's wedding was and still is a HUGE deal to us. I remember when the inquiry came in and Gabby said it was my right of passage to take it on so I said, "Heck ya! Let's do this."

A remote desert wedding setup inspired by Burning Man with glamping tents by Stout Tent rentals

Glamping tents for a desert wedding by Cause We Can Events and Stout Tents for a Burning Man vibe.


Choose Wedding Vendors Wisely

Burning Man most likely holds a different meaning to everyone as it is a one of a kind experience. (DISCLAIMER: The 'Cause We Can Events team has never been to Burning Man, we can only speculate based on what attendees have told us). However, there are some people who have opposite feelings about said event and wouldn't return my call when I said "Hey! I am planning a Burning Man inspired wedding and would love for you to be a part of the team." With that, I quickly learned I needed to act fast to build a team that would be willing to make the trip out to Black Rock Desert. Long story short, this paragraph is strictly dedicated to say for those who said yes to this adventure will always remain in my top 5 "you must hire them" list. You can find a link to their website at the end of this post.

A storm approaches Black Rock City threatening a desert wedding.

Weather Pending

This was a unique situation as it was our first full build out from the ground up and the forecast was showing RAIN! Which under normal circumstances, this would be okay but as you can imagine the dry lakebed quickly turns into the stickiest mud you'll ever see. Attempting to be proactive, we did look into other options to move the location to a place that wouldn't be so risky but we decided collectively to take the chance! I think we can all safely say, we are glad we did.

A boho, creative wedding in the desert inspired by Burning Man.

A remote and creative desert wedding ceremony inspired by Burning Man in Black Rock Desert

Rain comes down on a bride and her guests for a desert wedding weekend.

The Experience

We always talk about how we prefer the guest experience over the traditions of a wedding such as a garter toss, cake cutting, etc. With that in mind, we really worked through the guest experience and what that would be like. Not all guests had been to Burning Man so Laura and Grant made the decision early on that this was to be an enjoyable experience for all. This meant we were fully equipped with flushing toilets, hot showers, food served daily and of course a well stocked bar. The toughest vendor to secure was the restrooms but after three months of searching, we finally received confirmation that Quick Space would be joining our vendor team. Honestly, that was the most stressful part of planning this wedding so not bad!

Mystic Flyer, an art car, used for a desert wedding inspired by a festival!

Two wedding goers dressed in cowboy outfits with sparklers during a Burning Man inspired wedding in the desert.

Food & Booze

Plain and simple, every wedding should have good food and great drinks! We did some research and found Big Blue Q. If I could put them in my back pocket and take then to every wedding or event we planned, I would without question. Shane and his team deserve all the points for being professional, helpful and adventurous! We were the first to be able to use their new tap trailer for beers and so glad we did! Not only did it pour some great beers but also acted as a refrigerator for other items so we did not need as much ice. We only had to worry about keeping gas in the generator and the kegs running. Thanks to Big Blue Q the guests and vendor team were well fed and fell hydrated throughout the weekend!

Paella served in the desert by Big Blue Q, a Tahoe wedding caterer.


We finally had the chance to work with Stout Tents on this project! Caitlyn and the rest of the Stout team had the biggest install of them all. We setup three 30' tipis... Yes, 90' worth of tipi went up to act as the center of our event. The guests dined in this tipi, found shelter in the rain and were able to do morning yoga! We also booked Stout for their sleeping tents that come fully stocked with REAL mattresses which is a HUGE deal when "camping" in the desert. As mentioned earlier, we also had hot showers for everyone to use thanks to Stout! Can you believe that?

A wedding reception in a custom built tipi in the desert.

Burning Man Style Entertainment

Obviously a Burning Man wedding would not be complete without an art car! We searched high and low for the best option available to us. Luckily, Laura and Grant have some friends who were able to put us in touch with Fired Up Management. They have a HUGE list of art cars they manage and were able to connect us with Mystic Flyer. This was a double decker bus fully wrapped with lights and a sound bath inside. They had a DJ play from the roof of Mystic Flyer ALL weekend. Amazing.

An art car in the desert for a Burning Man style wedding.

An art car, Mystic Flyer, setup in the desert for a festival style wedding.

Environment / MOOP

This blog post would not be complete without mentioning that the environment came first with this event and should for all events. We worked closely with the town of Gerlach to make sure that we adhered to all the rules, including MOOP. Matter out of Place. Anything and everything that wasn't originally a part of Black Rock Desert must be removed. This means we leave no trace! Laura designed mugs and water bottles that were used by all guests throughout the weekend. We used kegs onsite which helped eliminate the amount of cans and bottles and the guests could use their mug to fill up!

An eco-friendly gift for weddings, a custom coffee cup gift for a wedding in the desert!

All in All

With that, I bring the end of this Burning Man inspired wedding blog post. All I can say is, if you're planning to wed in the desert you need a solid team to back you! It's important to have a team that will be able to troubleshoot without you being bothered, a team that is not afraid of the elements and most importantly a team that is down for the adventure. We look forward to working on more events that challenge us in the best ways! Thanks to Laura and Grant for trusting us! We were able to create a temporary venue in the middle of the freaking desert. As we said on Sunday when wrapping up, "WE DID IT!! Now when can we do it again?"


Venue: Black Rock Desert
Catering & Bar: Big Blue Q
Tents & Showers: Stout Tent
Rentals: Tahoe Rustic Rentals
Entertainment: Fired Up Management
Photography: Melissa Gayle
Restrooms: Quick Space

October 7, 2019 - 1 comment.

Black and Gold Tattooed Wedding in Zion

You know what I love most about our couples? They aren't afraid of making their wedding their own. Love traditions, then incorporate them all if you'd like. Don't love any of them? Throw them out the window and do whatever the heck you want because it's YOUR wedding day. Speaking of badass couples, today we're sharing Kait and Jake's epic 3-day glamping wedding at Under Canvas Zion. Not only was it our favorite time of adventurous wedding but they did things their way. Ready to see what we mean? Read below!

'This blog may contain affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at now additional cost to you!'

Bride tattooed and in black wedding dress under copper arch at Zion under canvas. Groom in all black suit.

Getting Ready

We knew going into this weekend that rain might hit us. We didn't realize how hard it would hit us! Don't you worry though, it didn't ruin anything for this adventurous couple or their guests. The day started with some getting ready action with their closest friends in the cool glamping tents at Under Canvas Zion.

Bride and her bridesmaids and bridesman getting ready in a glamping tent with their dog Boom. Bridal party is wearing floral blue robes.

Bride in black wedding dress and her tribe out in the desert. Zion Under Canvas Wedding.

Who had more fun? Guys or girls? I mean the girls had a super cute dog but the guys had a bottle of whiskey. Tough call! By the way, this group's fashion was so cool. If you are inspired by this groom's style, check out some more non-traditional groom suit ideas.

Groom and groomsmen sharing a bottle of whiskey before the wedding. Groom wearing an all black suit and shirt.

Groom getting a custom lapel pin on his suit. Groom in all black suit and shirt.

Best man helping groom put his suit on before the wedding

Groom's boutonniere with deep red berries, yellow and pops of blue

Groom in all black with groomsmen in all black and groomswoman in red. Zion Under Canvas desert wedding.

Foggy First Look

The First Look happened a short 5 minute drive away from Under Canvas where the fog was starting to roll in and the couple could share this moment with their closest friends and fur baby.

Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Tattooed Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Tattooed Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Bride and groom in all black kiss near Zion National Park before their epid 3 day glamping wedding

Moody Details

Oh you want to see the details of this glamping wedding? Ok I guess we'll show you. From the invitations (which they couple designed themselves) to the moody bouquet and stunning tablescapes, this was the coolest moody desert wedding yet!

Black and gold wedding invitations with stars, moons and cacti

Black teardrop engagement ring and black men's wedding band

Groom's black wedding band with engravment that says "100 years"

The bouquet was wild and free with deep tones of red, greens and yellows. Not only did it have perfect colors for a fall wedding but it was rich with texture. From airplants to king protea, this bouquet was one our all-time favorites!

Fall moody bouquet with black diamond engagement ring

Moody fall bouquet with pampass grass, airplans and king protea at glamping wedding. Zion Under Canvas fall wedding

Reception Details

If you've ever been to one of the Under Canvas properties, you'll know that their teepees won't really fit more than 80-90 guests for a reception dinner. Knowing this and knowing that the rain was coming that weekend the couple rented a large tent that housed everyone inside for the reception. Each place setting had a gold charger, black napkin, menu card, gold utensils and a name card written on a piece of dark blue agate.

Asking about the guest capacity is just one of the MANY questions to ask when touring any wedding venue space. If you are searching for your venue, keep our venue walkthrough checklist on hand. You will know all of the important questions to ask, saving you time and money in the long run!

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

The Ceremony

It rained. No, it POURED. Before and after the ceremony but miraculously for those 15 minutes during the ceremony it stopped and allowed Kait and Jake to get married without getting completely soaked! In the case of rain, you will want to keep a kit on hand (especially for an adventurous wedding like this) here are some of our favorite glamping essentials. You will be prepared for any situation!

Groom walking through puddles on rugs as he walks down the aisle

Groom in all black kisses his dog as he walks down the aisle to greet him

Bride in all black walks down rainy aisle at Under Canvas Zion

Bride and groom in all black in front of copper ceremony arch with greenery. Ceremony and reception at Zion Under Canvas for a glamping wedding

Bride and groom in all black in front of copper ceremony arch with greenery. Ceremony and reception at Zion Under Canvas for a glamping wedding

Bride tattooed in black dress with pockets during ceremony at Under Canvas Zion.

Bride and groom in all black laughing after ceremony

Cake + Party

After dinner, guests moved into the main Under Canvas TeePee where we served cake, cranked the music and let night turn to day as guests danced away. Oh and the coolest part about this party? The couple hired a tattoo artist (yes folks, a REAL tattoo artist) to come and work on whoever signed up. The bride and groom designed the tattoos and guests got to choose which one they wanted. The sign up sheet was full in minutes!

If you are engaged or married and love tattoos, you will love these wedding ring tattoo ideas after you finish reading this blog.

4 tiered simple white wedding cake with orange flowers and greenery

Tattooed bride in black wedding dress smashes cake into groom's face

black and white photos of guests dancing at wedding at Under Canvas ZIon

Bride and groom in all black with tattoos dance at their wedding

Wedding tattoos designed by the bride and groomTattoo artist at Wedding at Under Canvas Zion

Tattoo artist at Wedding at Under Canvas Zion

dog at wedding sleeping in photobooth bus

Vendor Team

Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Photographer Guillermo Benetton // Florals By Bloomers // Catering Katering Koncepts // DJ Justin Hurtt // Venue Under Canvas // Tattoo Artist Adam Gibson // Hair+Makeup Tracy Sotirakus // Photo Bus Gus the Photo Bus// Band James Hunter + Forrest

If you loved this wedding, check out another one of our favorite glamping Under Canvas weddings, this time at the Moab location!

August 12, 2019 - 65 comments

Joshua Tree Spring Wedding at Rimrock Ranch

Springtime in the high desert is a gamble. It could be really warm or it could get really cold. Lucky for Kristin and Cliff, they got the best Joshua Tree wedding day weather! This cute Burning Man-loving couple tied the knot with 90 of their closest friends and family at Rimrock Ranch and we're excited to show you every detail!

Bride and groom hugging next to joshua tree at Rimrock Ranch






The Welcome Party

What's great about this venue is that there are accommodations on-site for up to 22 people.  From shared cabins to airstreams, there's a cozy spot for your whole bridal party and close family. The day before the wedding, everyone was invited to Rimrock Ranch for a laid back welcome dinner where guests can all meet and relax after their day of travel.

Entrance of Rimrock Ranch with Joshua Trees and eclectic signs are seen throughout the property.

Blooming cactus with pink flowers at Rimrock ranch in Joshua Tree

Passed appetizers by Border Grill catering at desert wedding at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree, CA

Little Wedding Details

Wedding details start with the invitations. You set the theme of the wedding and communicate your excitement about the day with all your guests. I loved how simple these wedding invitations were but they had a really great font and the most perfect little cacti stamps to go on the envelopes. Let's also take a second to admire those gold wedding rings! I LOVE how Kristin decided to have a marquise shaped diamond set horizontally like that!

Simple boho inspired wedding invitations with cactus and cactus stamps.

Gold wedding engagement ring with marquise shaped diamond

The Bouquet

The bouquet gets its very own heading because it was a piece of art! The thing weighed a lot but truly was a masterpiece. I always love seeing a king protea flower in our desert wedding bouquets because its prickly petals remind me a lot of a cactus.

Wild bouquet with muted yellows, pinks and king protea flowers by best Day ever floral design

Getting Ready + First Look

Kristin got ready in the Hatch House which is the bridal suite at Rimrock Ranch. Cliff got ready in the Lodge with all of his guys.

Groom getting ready with cow skull on the wall. Groom wearing light great vest with white button shirt

Since this venue is so fun and eclectic, the First Look took place in front of one of their iconic airstream trailers. Rimrock Ranch has a mix of western vibes and artsy desert vibes. Perfect for a wedding in Joshua Tree!

First look in the desert with bride and groom in front of an airstream trailer at Rimrock Ranch

Bohemian bride and groom kissing at desert wedding in Joshua Tree

Ceremony + Reception Design

While all the pretty photos were happening, my team and I were busy setting up for the ceremony and reception. In case you don't remember, my husband and I got married at this venue so I might be biased when I say this is the most gorgeous ceremony backdrop you'll ever see! See for yourself.

Ceremony set up at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree, CA. Gorgeous ceremony with yucca trees and the desert in the back drop. Dark wooden chairs with floral arrangements in terracotta pot

Check out this fun idea the bride had for the ceremony! They asked all their guests to pick up a rose quartz in a bowl and during the ceremony they were asked to give it all good energy and place it back in the bowl. Now the couple has this big bowl of crystals in their home full of good vibes for their marriage!

Unique ceremony idea: Signage with bowl of rose quartz where guests can pick one up, give it good energy and place it back for the newlyweds to keep.

The reception was so much fun to set up! We had long wooden tables each set with a modern white plate and light pink knotted napkin for a more casual look. A mix of blush and clear wine glasses were set next to a clear water goblet to add a pop of color but not steal the show. I also love the idea of clear glass bottles of water for the table to share. It's easier on the serving staff and more interactive for guests.

Wedding reception set up at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree

Long wooden table with white plates, knotted light pink napkins and silver flatware. Blush and clear wine glasses added a pop of color. The centerpieces were bright with pops of yellow, pink and white. Each table was decorated with a few airplants.

Long wooden table with white plates, knotted light pink napkins and silver flatware. Blush and clear wine glasses added a pop of color. The centerpieces were bright with pops of yellow, pink and white. Each table was decorated with a few airplants.

Long wooden table with white plates, knotted light pink napkins and silver flatware. Blush and clear wine glasses added a pop of color. The centerpieces were bright with pops of yellow, pink and white. Each table was decorated with a few airplants.

Boho wedding lounge at Rimrock Ranch. Desert wedding in Joshua Tree

Guests having dinner under the stars at Rimrock Ranch with bistro lights

Let's Dance!

As the sun set over the desert, it started to get a little chilly but it just meant we had to turn the heat up on the dance floor! The couple also bought a bunch of Mexican blankets for guests to use throughout the evening and keep as a little wedding favor. Also, can we talk about how cool their faux fur coats are!?

Pile of mexican blankets as wedding favor for desert wedding

Bride and groom dance at Rimrock Ranch for their springtime desert wedding

Guests gathered around the bride and groom for their first dance in the desert in Joshua Tree

Bride and groom in the desert with faux fur coats. Burning man inspired wedding fashion

Bride and groom in the desert with faux fur coats. Burning man inspired wedding fashion

Wanna see more? Check out their wedding video! P.S watch the very end to see a fun surprise on the dance floor.

Vendor Dream Team:

Photographer Laura Goldenberger // Planning + Design 'Cause We Can Events // Florals Best Day Ever Floral Design // Venue Rimrock Ranch // Video Grimace Films // Catering Border Grill // Rentals Signature Party Rentals and Thrifted Sister Vintage // Hair + Makeup Makeup by Emerald // DJ Jack Farmer // Signage Jenn Lacy // Dress Grace Loves Lace // Rings Starling Jewlery // Officiant Pastor Stan Doll


July 8, 2019 - 2 comments

What it Takes to be a Boho Bride or Groom

I think at this point in the game, it's pretty obvious that our team produces a ton of boho desert weddings. We team up with Under Canvas a lot and we could not be more thankful for that partnership. When we are working in the desert, our team tends to talk a lot about how our clients are the ideal glamping couple. They tend to be very calm with whatever is thrown their way and always have a great time. If you're trying to decide if you'd enjoy your time out in the desert for your wedding weekend, here’s a quick list for what it may take to be the perfect glamping bride or groom:

Bride in Grace Loves Lace dress with cape and groom in light grey suit at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree


You are going to have friends & family staying on the same property for the weekend, it’s impossible to please everyone but we've found ways to work around it. One being, the first night we suggest you keep it semi mellow so everyone is well rested for the big wedding day.  We aren't saying don't have fun but a welcome dinner with cocktails is the best bet! We recently did a wedding that had live acoustic music and that was a huge hit. On the actual wedding day you should consider setting a curfew for outdoor amplified music. Once it hits midnight, we suggest moving indoors (if possible) or turning the volume down a bit. We also found that a welcome kit equipped with earplugs can go a long way. It’s your day so you make the judgement call!

Bride and groom first dance at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree. Desert wedding with groom in light grey suit and bride in Grace loves Lace dress with wings


All wedding planners would love for their couples to go with the flow but it is a completely different ballgame when you are playing in the desert for the weekend. It’s important to remember that we are up against Mother Nature. The desert can bring wind, rain, heat & cold all within the same month! With the weather being wildly unpredictable, it is important you are able to trust Plan A and Plan B. You will want to keep a close eye on the weather 2 weeks prior to your big day. Pending what Siri is showing you on the forecast, you may have to move the ceremony indoors, order a last minute tent or, our personal favorite, push everything back a bit and see what happens. You never know, you could get lucky two of our desert couples end up with a double rainbow during your ceremony!

Bride and groom walking through the desert in Joshua Tree. Desert wedding at Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree, CA. Destination wedding planner Cause We Can Events


We suggest you ditch the heels and go with some comfortable boots for your glamping wedding! You will feel more confident and definitely more comfortable. As we mentioned, the weather can be unpredictable so make sure you check the weather and pack a cute jacket to go along with your wedding attire just in case you need it.

Bride wearing Grace Loves Lace wedding gown with wings and brown boots for her desert wedding at Rimrock Ranch. Joshua Tree wedding designed and planned but destination wedding planner Cause We Can Events

As always, we highly suggest you don’t tackle your glamping wedding alone. It is important you find the right event planning team to help your desert dreams come true! Read more about that topic HERE

Photos by Laura Goldenberger // Hair + Makeup Emerald M Makeup // Flowers Best Day Ever Floral Design // Venue Rimrock Ranch 

August 28, 2018 - 68 comments

Glamping Wedding at Moab Under Canvas

You probably hear us talking about Under Canvas weddings all the time on Instagram BUT we've never really blogged about them. Well today is the day! We're giving you a glimpse inside what it's like to have a wedding at Under Canvas Moab. Ready to get blown away with this wedding inspiration? Keep reading!

bride and groom kiss in the desert at under canvas moab

Let's start by saying that Becca and Sander spent a year and a half planning this wedding all while Becca was attending NYU for Interior Design. This venue is spectacular in itself but in order to produce a 4-day wedding for 160 guests, it takes an experience wedding planning team (oh hi!) and a lot of coffee!

Wedding planner tip: If you are planning your own multi-day wedding, we can still help you out even if we aren't there with you. Our lead planners have created a step by step guide to help you create your perfect wedding timeline! We've added "pro tips" and given you a real example of what a wedding timeline should look like.

leather couch inside under canvas moab glamping tent

After guests checked into their gorgeous accommodations, we opened up the dining area and had long wooden tables decorated with succulents in hand painted pots. The cute mini airstream trailer bar was open for business and a local folk/bluegrass band, Slim Pickin's band was playing on the stage.

Long wooden tables in the desert for boho wedding at Under Canvas Moab

Lounge outside giant teepee at Moab Under Canvas for wedding in the desert

Mirror welcome sign for wedding at Under Canvas Moab in the desert

Mini airstream bar for wedding in the desert

Every single night we experienced an incredible sunset. The soon-to-be newlyweds took full advantage and headed out for romantic and fun photos each night. Guests were kept busy with lot's of delicious food, drinks, music and games!

Bride and groom holding hands in the middle of the desert

Bride running away and laughing in the desert in Moab

Bride and groom laughing and cheers with bistro lights behind them in the desert

And after two full days of celebrating Becca and Sander in the desert came the actually wedding day. We decided to have this day on a Sunday since the following Monday was a holiday. Might as well take full advantage of having all your guests in one place for a long weekend!

Rue de Seine gown hanging from glamping tent at Moab Under Canvas

Wild boho bouquet and Rue de Seine gown in front of teepee

The guys seemed to have a really great time getting ready in their tents. They even had a barrel of whiskey!

Groomsmen laughing at Under canvas moab wedding

Bride and bridesmaids in all white in front of glamping tent. Desert wedding at Under Canvas Moab

Groom and groomsmen in front of tent at Under Canvas Moab. Desert wedding

The ceremony took place on giant flat rock formations (sorry I don't have a scientific name for these!) with the most spectacular view of the Moab desert. We were right next to Arches National Park, yet still far away enough from tourists to enjoy the ceremony with friends and family only.

Triangle arch with florals in the desert. Wedding at Moab Under Canvas

Ceremony with triangle arch at Under Canvas Moab in the middle of the desert

Father of the bride hugs the bride in front of triangle arch at desert wedding

Bride and groom stand in front of triangle arch for ceremony in the desert at Under Canvas Moab

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Olson! As they newlyweds rode away into the sunset on the Under Canvas golf cart, guests headed to the reception area for appetizers, music and booze!

Branded koozies for the bride and groom wedding weekend

Gorgeous wedding table set up with gold flatware, white plates and long runners

Succulent and cactus clusters on terracotta pots at desert wedding

Moody sweetheart table florals on wooden table

We may or may not have flown their wedding cake in from New York. Spoiler alert: we did.

Bride and groom feet in the desert

Bride and groom walk into the sunset after wedding at Under Canvas Moab

Let me tell you, this crowd loved to party! The wedding reception and dancing went way into the wee hours of the morning but wrapped up what was an incredible weekend!

Guests dancing at wedding in the desert

Guests dancing at wedding in the desert

Guests dancing at wedding in the desert

Bride and groom dance under the stars in the desert after weekend wedding at Under Canvas Moab

VENDORS: Photos by Lauren Mihae // Planning + Coordination by us // Florals 3 Leaf Floral // Venue Under Canvas Moab // Dress Rue de Seine // Beauty Marisa Rose Makeup and Hair // Rentals The Confetti Studio, Top Notch Rentals , Moab Event Services // Mirror Thrifted Sister Vintage // Invitations + Signage Fiber and Dye // DJ DJ Naka // Bands Slim Pickins , This Must Be The Band  // Sound + Stage Island Studios // Bar The Brassie Bar // Caterer Wagon Wrench Farms // Coffee Cart Sip Mobile Coffee // Cake Milk Bar Bakery

If you are looking for more adventuruous wedding inspiration, check out this glamping wedding at the Under Canvas Smokies location next!

July 16, 2018 - 10 comments

4 Tips for Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Weddings are oh-so-dreamy but can also get complicated quickly. We hope that these 4 tips will help you avoid problems during your destination wedding planning process. We've worked in some pretty incredible locations over the years and thought you might like to get inspired by this Intimate Scotland Wedding or perhaps this Festival-style wedding at Moab Under Canvas!

Destination Wedding at Under Canvas Moab in Utah - Destination wedding planning team based out of los angeles

Share Information with your Guests

Sometimes people will choose their destination wedding location because it means something to them and they want to share that special place with their friends and family. Other times, it just sounded like a good adventure and you know your crowd will be up for it. Wherever it may be, we recommend adding a custom itinerary or map to your invitations to give your guests an idea of what to expect for the weekend. 

If you need to add more information such as what to wear, where to park, what meals will be provide, a wedding websites come in handy. You can easily share information with your guests such as where you may have set up a room block at a hotel or in most cases for us, what tents are available to reserve. 

We LOVE these custom suites from Spindles Design Co. Courtney works magic in her designs by incorporating personal items from each couple into the invitations as well as beautiful watercolor details.

Visit the venue in person

This may seem obvious but sometimes photos online aren't quite the same as seeing the venue in person. While you're there, ask the venue manager all of the questions that come to mind! Is there power? Are there additional fees other than the site fee? What's the capacity? Where can vendors load in? Is there access to water and ice? Etc.

The venue may also share their preferred vendor list with you which is great place to start to find some key vendors. That being said, having an experienced Wedding Planner on your team can help you find a few other options that might be your style and budget better too.

Want access to the Venue Walkthrough Checklist we use? Grab it here for $19!

Get organized

Destination weddings require a little more planning as some resources may not be directly available. Sometimes it’s hard to find a Michael’s Craft Store when glamping in the desert so we recommend creating a list of items that you're bringing. Don’t forget to label the item so when your coordinator or planner shows up to set it up, they know exactly what it is and where it goes.

We actually give all of our clients a Decor Form the month before the wedding so that they can tell us exactly what decor items are going to be part of each section of the wedding (welcome table, ceremony, cocktail, etc.). As Wedding Planners, it's our job to go through that list and make sure you have all the tools and material necessary for us to set these items up. We'll tell you if you need to add a few more things to your "purchase" list before the wedding!

Wedding Planner tip: Print your contracts, timelines, floor plans and extra details if you're getting married in a remote location. Wifi isn't always available!

Be flexible

We think this might be important for all events, whether it is at your home or in a different country, it is best to keep an open mind. We all have a vision for what the special day looks like but you will need to know that it is totally possible your luggage with all the guests favors may get lost in transit. It happens! It’s a total bummer because you’ve spent months, if not over a year, planning your special day but it’s not the end of the world. At the end of the day, you are about to have a crazy good time with all of your friends and family in the coolest location so grab a cocktail and enjoy the ride!

Ready to start planning? Fill out our contact form to get our current wedding planning packages!

Photos by Lauren Mihae and Leah Bullard

January 10, 2018 - 17 comments

5 ways to have a more eco-friendly wedding

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always eco-friendly. As much as I try to be, I don't always bring my reusable cup everywhere (although I'm obsessed with it). I also did say yes to the cashier at Trader Joe's when he ask if I wanted to buy a bag. I'm not proud of it and I am working on being better this year!

But when it comes to the outdoor, adventurous weddings I plan, going green is a big focus. So let's jump right in, shall we?

moody tablescape for eco-friendly wedding with ferns and wooden plates

5 ways to make your wedding eco-friendly

Rent real glassware.

Yes, you'll have to pay a little extra. However, not only are you eliminating plastic cups entirely from your wedding but you're upping the classiness of your wedding too. I love the contrast of having a laid back outdoor wedding but throwing elements like nice glassware and beautiful plates at the dinner tables to add a touch of elegance.

Choose locally grown flowers.

Of course, succulents are ideal for outdoor weddings, especially desert weddings, but I also absolutely love a table full of colorful flowers. Ask your florist if there's a way to incorporate more native flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but locally grown flowers are also fresher and look more vibrant on your big day!

Skip the wedding favors.

I always tell my clients that if you're looking to save money, skip the wedding favors. Unless it's something meaningful, a lot of favors get left behind at the end of the night. If you absolutely must have favors, how about opting for a plantable one. This is perfect for local weddings (remember, your out-of-town guests might have to fly home with whatever you give them) and it's something that can be planted and become a part of your guests yards or homes.

Don't print programs.

I see wedding programs less and less these days. Instead, I'm noticing that my clients are getting creative with signage. Whether it's a weekend schedule on a chalkboard sign or a ceremony program on a mirror, there are so many ways to avoid the paper printouts!

Choose vendors who are eco-conscious.

Listen, it's impossible to have a 100% eco-friendly wedding but when you have wedding vendors who are on board with the idea of reducing the overall carbon footprint it makes planning your wedding this way a lot easier!

BONUS: Some venues like Rimrock Ranch in Joshua Tree will even give you a discount on the venue rental fee if you commit to their "Green Wedding" program! So going green can even save you money on your wedding day and who can say no to that!

Hope these tips were helpful. Make sure to follow us on Instagram where we share a lot of other wedding planning tips for adventurous and eco-conscious couples!

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Sneak Peeks: Our Rimrock Ranch Wedding Weekend!

A longer post will follow with all the juicy details of our Rimrock Ranch wedding weekend in the desert but for now I want to share some sneak peeks that I got this week from my amazing photographer and good friend, Chloe Moore.

rimrock ranch desert wedding couple in front of vintage bus

The Venue

I swear, Rimrock Ranch is one of those venues that doesn't require a lot of decor. It's just full of cool vintage cars and buses and eclectic decor all over the place. But the most beautiful part of this venue is that no matter what time of year you get married here, the sunsets will make all of your guests stop what they're doing and stare. That alone was worth every penny. Not to mention that the owners, Gwen and Eric are some of the nicest and coolest human beings ever!

bride getting ready at Rimrock Ranch with messy braided updo

bride with bold lip in high next lace dress with dark floral bouquet desert wedding

bride and groom at rimrock ranch in front of vintage bus

The Experience

Are there some things that I could have done differently? Sure. But the whole weekend experience of being surrounded by this group of people that will NEVER again all be together at once was surreal and I wouldn't trade it for anything. There were SO.MANY.TEARS!

ceremony at rimrock ranch in front of joshua tree

mismatched bridesmaids at rimrock ranch desert wedding

The Dancing

Half of my family is from Quebec, therefore speaks French so our DJ, Jack Farmer, played some awesome French songs and even our American family who didn't know the words started dancing. It was seriously so much fun! Oh and our dogs were wish us all weekend and were completely zonked on the ride home!

desert wedding in Joshua Tree with dog

groom kisses bride in desert

Our photographer featured our Rimrock Ranch Wedding on her Blog!

More photos coming soon! Can't wait! Thank you to all my amazing wedding vendors:

Photographer Chloe Moore Photography // Coordination The Events Boutique // Videography Wandering Study // Hair/Makeup Makeup By Emerald // DJ Jack Farmer // Flowers Flower Duet // Rentals Dish Wish and Signature Party Rentals // Venue Rimrock Ranch

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5 important things to remember when choosing your Wedding Photographer

Want to know what the number 1 thing couples regret not doing for their wedding? Hiring a really GOOD wedding photographer! I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say that they wish they had spent more on an experienced and really talented wedding photographer. That, and hiring a wedding planner but that will be a post for another day ha! Choosing a wedding photographer can be pretty hard because there are so many talented ones out there. Here are some things to remember when searching for your wedding photographer.

1. Find your photography style

First, look through some wedding photos and find out your personal style. Would you rather have professional portrait photos? Do you prefer more action shots and candid moments? Or are you a nature-lover and are more passionate about whats in the background of your photos? Esthetically, do you tend to like the bright and airy photos or gravitate toward the warmer and moody tones?

Bride and Groom at TreePeople Park Photo by Chloe Moore Photography


bride and groom kiss in the desert in joshua treePhoto by Alissa Noelle Photography

Photo by Samantha Roy Photography

2. Scheduling

This is important if you run into an issue when the photographer is booked for multiple events. If you want someone that is all-in and dedicated to getting the photos back to you quickly, you might want to look for someone who doesn't have a crammed schedule around the time of your wedding. Also, some photographers have different pricing if you want to hire them personally or one of their (very talented) associates. Just make sure you know who you're getting!

art deco bride and groom

Photo by Laura Goldenberger & Kayla Lilli Photography

3. Budgeting and Extra Charges

Before your special day, make sure everyone is on the same page with the costs. If you are, the next question would be if they charge extra for special services you might want. Do they charge for extra travel? Do they include an engagement session or is that additional? These are all important questions to ask to make sure you can stay within your budget.

bride and groom canyon walk

Photo by Laura Goldenberger & Kayla Lilli Photography

4. Second Shooters are a must

We assume that every photographer brings along a second shooter to help them out on the wedding day but sometimes that comes as an additional charge. I really believe it's important to find someone that includes a second shooter because while your main photographer can snap some photos of you getting your hair and makeup done, the second shooter can capture all the decor photos and even a few candids of guests arriving or family members hugging. One photographer can't be at 2 places at the same time!

5. Personality Check

Most couples will be able to feel if a photographer is right for them. He or she will be interested in knowing your story as a couple and want to portray that in the photos they take. It is important to have a few in-person meetings to become more comfortable with each other and create chemistry. You want to be genuine and natural when taking these photos, so make sure you and your photographer have a solid relationship of understanding and friendship. Don't forget, your photographer will be with you for at least 8 hours on your wedding day so choose someone who makes you feel like you've been friends forever.

photographer Chloe Moore behind the scenes

retro just married getaway

Photo by Amy Lynn Photography

That’s all! Five simple tips to remember when hiring a photographer for your wedding day. I hope it was helpful and it sparked some good questions for you to ask. Let us know what tips you have when searching for your ideal photographer.

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Best and Worst Types of Flowers For Your Outdoor Wedding

As Monet once said, "I must have flowers, always, always." And I'm the first person to agree! Today I want to talk about all things wedding flowers for your outdoor wedding.

In celebration of this gorgeous time of the year, let's talk about flowers. For an outdoor wedding, picking the perfect flowers for your bouquet or centerpiece can be a stress. Have no fear! We've put together a list of 5 sturdy blooms that won't wilt in harsh weather conditions and 3 buds that you might want to steer clear from.

We connected with one of our favorite florists in Tennessee, Stephanie from Lang Floral Designs to get her thoughts on these too.

Best Flowers for Outdoor Weddings


Starting off with succulents, of course! These are so hard to resist when planning your outdoor adventurous wedding. They have such a unique look and are so versatile, add them in your bouquet or in a bundle for your centerpieces. Some of them, like the air plant, don't even need to be planted in soil so you could have them hanging from a ceremony backdrop for a dramatic effect.

Stephanie says: By nature, succulents are hardy even without a water source or in the hot sun.  This is why they can hold up during an outdoor wedding, even if it ends up being a hot, sunny day.

air plant on piece of driftwood

Photo by Laura Goldenberger

Succulents have an extremely long life and need very little water. Another good thing is that they are sold fully bloomed, so no waiting time. I love how Lisa and Steven incorporated little succulents into their bouquet and boutonniere. With their wedding taking place before we got all this great rain, having some drought-resistant bits and pieces was key!

Photos by Jennifer Fujikawa

You can even use smaller succulents as wedding favors for your guests. A little something they can re-pot back home. The "Thank You" tags that we made for this wedding were actually made from seed paper which guests could take home, plant and watch the wildflowers grow!

succulent favor in a jar

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

Craspedia Billy Balls

These flowers don't even look real! Add these globe shaped blooms to your bouquet or centerpieces and you have yourself a whimsical-nature look perfect for any outdoor wedding.

Photo via Bloom & Wild & Photo by Heline Bekker

They bring such an interesting texture and visual interest to bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.

They are in ready to use form and they last for days. Fun for adding pops of color, use these for your spring wedding! You can also find dried versions of them which would keep even longer. These would also look really good in tall wine bottles on long farm tables, am I right?


Ugh! I am obsessed with Eucalyptus. I think it is so woodsy, fresh and a great way to add greenery in bridal bouquets. Fun Fact: Eucalyptus trees can live more than 250 years. So these are extremely durable for your rustic garden wedding.

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

This is the perfect touch if you're imagining a cascading bouquet as you walk down the aisle. Eucalyptus adds more of a personal feeling to your wedding, showcasing your nature-loving spirit.

bride in front of getaway car red convertible

Photos by Amy Lynn Photography

Also, you can't go wrong with a long eucalyptus garland on your ceremony arch or as a natural table runner. Bonus: they smell SO good.

Photos by Chloe Moore Photography

Garden Spray Roses

Now, I'm not usually a fan of roses. They're almost too classic for me but the Garden Spray rose has a sort of Peony look to it. Rather than sprouting upward like a traditional sweetheart rose, the petals on these bloom more outward which makes for a fuller bouquet.

Stephanie says: There's a reason why roses are used so commonly by florists.  They last a long time and are strong.  But don't be fooled by the long standing tradition of roses for weddings.  Roses come in great muted color pallets that are perfect for a modern wedding style.  Garden roses offer an even more premium look and are show stoppers when fully opened. They hold up great to all the elements and will most likely even last several days after the wedding. 

This gives your bouquet an eccentric, offbeat look while adding texture and fullness at a fraction of the price. Our bride, Misha's bouquet made by Hilary's Flowers and Such was all about being wild and free but with some soft pinks and blues to add a little romance.

These flowers also look BOMB on wedding cakes. Combined with greenery, you'll have a dessert table that makes a statement.


Photos by Laura Goldenberger

These are also the most durable in the rose family, so if you're looking for a touch of romance with a little bit of edge in your bouquet, this might be it!


It’s no wonder there's a princess named after this flower. Jasmine is oh-so-soft and adds just the right amount of femininity. They look super graceful and fun in a bouquet and the best part is: They love the heat, so less stress for you!

Photo via Velvet and Twine

While I was looking for some photos of jasmine, I came across so many ideas for cakes that incorporated this beautiful flower.

Photo by Megan Welker // Flowers by The Little Branch

I mean.. I can’t get over how carefree and natural that is. Looks like the cake came out of the woods that way!

Worst Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Now, I hate to do this but you'll thank me later.  If you are having an outdoor wedding, here are some not-so-great blooms you should stay away from when picking your bridal bouquet flowers .


I know we're going to have some angry and sad brides out there that may reach out to us. Peonies are such a popular flower in the wedding industry. They truly look stunning in bouquets but when it comes to their outdoor toughness, they're a bit of a wimp. Sorry lovelies. Now, if you must have peonies on your wedding day, I recommend having them in your bouquet but not in your centerpieces as they will be the ones sitting in the sun.

Stephanie Says: Peonies are a favorite of many brides. However, once they bloom out to that perfect luscious size, their life is extremely short.  Heat, wind or direct sunlight can make that life even shorter.  And when the peony bloom is done, it doesn't just look a little droopy, it usually drops ALL its petals at once.  I just hate the thought of an entire large bloom falling apart from a gust of wind in the middle of a ceremony.  There are several varieties of Garden Roses that look very similar that we like to use in its place for outdoor weddings.  

Did you read that ladies? There are GARDEN ROSES that look like peonies! Yes mam, I've seen it with my own eyes. Do yourselves a favor and swap out those delicate peonies for some lush garden roses if you're planning to be outside on your wedding day.


“Such a sensitive little flower” No, literally. Hydrangeas have such soft, showy blooms that are so springy and fun but these must be kept hydrated and die pretty quickly (especially if you're going to be out in the sun). Unfortunately, might not be worth the risk!


These are such a popular flower for wedding bouquets. But for an outdoor wedding? These flowers tend to brown super easily, especially if put in a harsh weather environment. Such a shame, these are such a classy and timeless flower.


Crisp and dainty, these add a sophisticated sense of style to any bouquet. But tulips thrive in the ground where they are originally planted. The stalks will droop, petals will fall, and this flower will wilt at the sight of heat. It’s best to keep them in your garden!


Well there you go, some of the best and worst flowers to use for your outdoor wedding. Hopefully this was informative and gave you some inspiration. I know I'm feeling even more in the Spring mood after writing this. Remember, Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be, so plant a garden and believe in tomorrow!

Want more spring time wedding inspiration? Check out this Joshua Tree Spring wedding!