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Glam Backyard Wedding Under Twinkle Light Tent In Nashville

If this isn't the dreamiest backyard wedding you've ever seen, I don't know what is! I'm about to show you every single detail of this glam backyard wedding, and yes, it was under a twinkle light tent.

Before we go any further, if you're engaged and feeling overwhelmed with your wedding planning reach out to us! We have different levels of support that we're also happy to customize for you so don't be shy. Just fill out this inquiry form and schedule a quick call.

Alright back to this intimate backyard wedding. This was one of the brides' parents backyard in Gallatin, TN which is just about 30 minutes from Nashville. There are definitely pros and cons to having your wedding in a backyard so let's talk about a few of those.

Pros and cons of hosting a backyard wedding


  1. No venue fee. The fact that there is no actual venue fee attached to your backyard can sound pretty appealing. Couples can often save thousands of dollars by hosting their wedding in their backyard. Of course, the home owner may want to put some money into landscaping and cleaning up the home before the wedding day.
  2. No restrictions. For the most part, if you have a backyard big enough to host a wedding you most likely live somewhere with a lot of space. You ultimately have total creative freedom when it comes to decor, tenting and even small details like candles.
  3. Unlimited number of guests. If you want to have a big bash, hosting a backyard wedding might be a good option. Since you or someone you know is the owner, you don't really have any limits on capacity.


  1. Hidden costs. Wait didn't I just say there were no venue fees? True but the reasons wedding venues charge what they do is because they include things such as: restrooms, cleaning crew, trash, electricity, AC and sometimes even rentals. When you're renting everything yourself, the costs add up quick.
  2. No rain plan. Unless you're renting a tent (which we always recommend you should unless you live in the desert), you may not have a rain backup plan for all your guests. Can you fit them all in the house? Is there room for dinner and dancing? Definitely something to keep in mind!
  3. Grumpy Neighbors and permits. How friendly are your neighbors? Consider talking to them about your idea before you start planning your backyard wedding in case they are completely against it. No one wants the cops to show up at their house on their wedding day! Some counties will also require permits for any type of large event being held. Do your research!

That being said, if a backyard wedding under a twinkle light tent is still calling your name, do it! But first, you may want to grab our Venue Walkthrough Questionnaire to help guide you through the process.

Getting Ready in the Family Home

Most backyards have a house that comes with it too (imagine that!). This makes for a perfect place for you and your partner to get ready the morning of the wedding. Make sure you have separate rooms if you don't want to see each other before the ceremony and that you have windows to let in that natural light for makeup and photos.

Ceremony under a tree

Now the plan was the have an outdoor ceremony under the beautiful big tree, except the rain decided to come. We decided to wait it out a few minutes and still have a ceremony outside minus the dangling chandeliers that would have gotten damaged if they got wet. Don't worry, the chandeliers got used above the reception table, you'll see!

There's also something so fun about a pre-ceremony cocktail. For this wedding we did champagne for guests to grab and sip one while they waited for the brides to walk down the aisle.

The wedding reception details

Buckle up folks because it's about to get dreamy in here! For real, that first photo was a sneak peak of what's about to come. The decor and details under this twinkle light tent was unreal!! Ready? Here we go.

Unique wedding guest book

First up, let's talk about the guest book. How fun is this record and record player guest book?! Absolutely adorable and will be so fun for the brides to hang this in their home.

Cute trailer bar and specialty cocktails

I've said it before and I'll say it again but cocktail hour is one of the best parts of a wedding. This is where guests get to loosen up a bit, enjoy a cocktail and an appetizer and explore the property. Meanwhile, the couple is out taking gorgeous sunset photos or enjoying some time alone after the ceremony.

For this wedding we hired Aero Bar, a cool trailer bar company to come out and serve cocktails. The brides even ordered custom napkins with a monogram of their dog on it. So many fun personal touches!

Dinner under a twinkle light tent

Ok the moment you've all been waiting for! This has got to be the best twinkle light tent of the year right? I mean look at the chandeliers over the tables, the hundreds of strands of twinkle lights over the dance floor and that dreamy candle light.

Jess truly had a vision for what she wanted this tent to look like. Although it was only 25 people, we still managed to make it feel like a party! A live band, a giant dessert spread and Jess and Grace's favorite people were there.

The dance party

After a quick shoe change, the brides danced, sang, drank champagne and ate cake! I don't know if you could really ask for any better than that. Since this was the family's backyard, a sparkler exit was allowed so we took full advantage.

So what did you think? Are you planning to do something similar for your wedding? We're happy to chat with you and share the costs of this wedding as well, schedule a call with us!

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Intimate Nashville Wedding at Arrington Vineyards

Erin and Charlie thought they wanted a big boho wedding in Malibu until they realized that really wasn't for them. Instead of the big 150-person wedding, these two lovebirds decided to elope! They invited their 10 closest family members and their dog, Mister, to join them for their intimate Nashville Wedding. If this sounds like your dream wedding, schedule a free consultation call with our team so we can help you plan!

Bride and groom in matching boho hats. Bride in pantsuit holding wild bouquet with deep reds and king protea | Nashville elopement at Arrington Vineyards by Cause We Can Events

The Details

A small wedding doesn't mean you can't have any cool details! Check out these incredible custom hats the bride and groom got from Meshika Hats! The bride's bouquet was also to die for. Since this wedding happened around the holidays, it was fun to see bright pops of red throughout the wedding decor.

If you're just getting started with your wedding planning journey, the first question we always get is "how much do adventurous weddings cost?" Well, everyone has their unique vision of their dream wedding but we put a free Wedding Budget Guide together to help you get an idea of what a boho adventurous wedding might cost.

White hat and platform boots for bride getting married at Arrington Vineyards in Nashville, TN | Cause We Can Events
Black hat with polaroid photos of groom's dog tucked in before he walks down the aisle | Hipster wedding | Nashville Wedding Cause We Can Events
Custom print on wedding tie for groom. Black tie with moth print.
Custom Meshika Hats for a wedding in Nashville, TN | Destination wedding for adventurous couple | Cause We Can Events

As a wedding planner, I really enjoy setting up for these small weddings. First of all, clients have the flexibility of going pretty much anywhere in the world. Second, you can splurge on decor, florals and food because you're not spending on as many guests. Lastly, I get to spend a lot of 1:1 on time with the couples and their families which really makes my job fun.

In this particular case, I was in close contact with the bride's mom. In fact, a funny story is that Laura was the first person to text me months later when my husband and my episode of Tiny House Hunters was live on TV! I had no idea it had aired until I got her text. So fun!

Winter wedding at Arrington Vineyards in Tennessee | Emerald velvet napkins with king protea centerpiece | Cause We Can Events | Destination elopement and weddings for adventurous couples

The Ceremony

Winter weather in Nashville is pretty unpredictable. This particular time around it was actually quite chilly. With a little rain on the horizon we decided to have the ceremony outside but under the covered patio. Turned out pretty dang cute. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a large charcuterie board, wine from Arrington Vineyards and good conversation.

Wedding Planner Tip: I always encourage couples to repurpose their ceremony florals. You can easily clip them down and place them on a bar or around your band, photobooth or dessert table! Be sure to let your florist know that you'll be repurposing the flowers so they can assemble them accordingly.

Groom waits at the alter at Arrington Vineyards with a beautiful wooden arch with lot's of greenery and pops of red and pink flowers  | Nashville Wedding Cause We Can Events
Dog of Honor walking down the aisle in a little dog tuxedo | Nashville Wedding at Arrington Vineyards
Bride in white pant suit and white boho hat walks down the aisle at Arrington Vineyards | Cause We Can Events | Nashville Wedding
Intimate ceremony in Nashville at Arrington Vineyards | Rainy ceremony under covered patio with bistro lights | Cause We Can Events | Adventurous Destination Weddings
Intimate ceremony in Nashville, TN. Boho bride wearing trendy hat and white blazer
Bride and groom kiss after ceremony at Arrington Vineyards in Nashville, TN.

Intimate wedding reception in Nashville

One of the pros about only having 10 people attend your wedding is that you get to hang out and talk to everyone during cocktail hour and dinner. Family photos don't take up more than 15 minutes and you have the rest of the night to sit back and enjoy being in good company. After sipping local wines and feasting on cheeses of all sorts, the newlyweds, dog of honor and their guests sat down for a special 4-course meal prepared by The Chef and I.

Hipster Nashville Elopement at Arrington Vineyards | Cause We Can Events
Wedding table with velvet napkins and fake wood chargers. King protea centerpiece at intimate wedding in Nashville TN
Gorgeous centerpiece with king protea and dark red flowers on white table cloth | Nashville wedding
Wedding party and family laugh as groom lifts the dog of honor in the air to celebrate

And as it turns out, an intimate Nashville wedding was exactly what they wanted. Now, a few months later I found out they adopted another dog and are living happily ever after as a family of 4 in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Loved this intimate wedding as much as we did? Check out this 35-person Scotland Wedding next.

P.S Did you know we have a Facebook group dedicated to Nashville Weddings & Elopements? Come join us whether you're a couple or wedding vendor, the more the merrier. Of course, if you want a 1:1 chat with one of our local wedding planners, we'd love to hear about your dream wedding vision. Schedule a call with us!

Wedding Vendor Team

Photographer Cody and Allison // Planning + Design Cause We Can Events // Catering The Chef and I // Wines + Venue Arrington Vineyards // Florals State and Arrow // Rentals Southern Events // Napkins La Pinata Party // Hats Meshika