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Top Must-Have Wedding Planner Tool Kit Items

Like a Girl Scout, a wedding planner must always be prepared! We never know what kind of snafu we're going to encounter and we want to do our best to solve it. Over the years, my wedding tool kit has evolved and grown in size. After every wedding I like to reevaluate and see if there's anything I wish I had in my kit.

Today I'm sharing with you my TOP MUST-HAVES for every wedding planner tool kit. I swear I cannot do a wedding without these!

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wedding planning tool kit must haves. Wedding planner pinning boutonniere on groom with wedding planning apron

Photo by Lisa Marie Photographie

1. A multi-tool

buy this multi tool here

Every girl should have this handy dandy thing! Not only does it have scissors (which we always lose), it has a screw driver, knife, file and beer opener!

The best news? It can go in your carry-on (TSA approved) so you can bring it with you on destination weddings. I like to keep mine around my neck by putting it on a lanyard so I don't misplace it. Love this multi tool from Amazon!

2. Branded Aprons

This is my life. I had these custom made a while back and I've considered wearing it every day of my life just to keep me organized. I have velcro and zipper pockets to keep important thinks like the rings. I have places to put pens, scissors and chalk pens.

Most importantly I have a special pocket for my phone and my timeline! Ladies, do yourself a favor and have one made. Not sure how? Send me an email or comment on this post and I can hook it up!

Wedding planners with cute branded aprons. Wedding at Kimpton Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara

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3. A rad analog watch

While I appreciate my smartwatch, when I'm out in the middle of the desert planning a wedding, I don't have time (no pun intended!) nor the electrical power to charge it every day. I've found that a beautiful analog watch like the one I just got from Jord is the BEST!

These watches are made from natural and re-claimed materials and have the most amazing details on them. I ended up getting the Cora Polaris in midnight blue because I really wanted a classic, timeless accessory that would pair well with all my wedding day outfits.

Want your own? Use code causewecan10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

Jord Watch Cora Polaris in midnight blue. Top 5 must haves for your wedding kit! Wedding Planning tools and accessories that every event planner needs!
Jord Watch Cora Polaris in midnight blue. Top 5 must haves for your wedding kit! Wedding Planning tools and accessories that every event planner needs!

Photos by Lisa Marie Photographie

4. Reusable water bottle + salt packets

This might not be the most exciting thing to talk about but, you guys, this is essential! On a wedding day I can drinks gallons and gallons of water and still feel dehydrated the next day.

I decided to start adding these Salt Stick electrolytes because I remembered doing this for my horse at horse shows when it was really hot so it must work for humans, right?!

I had gotten a few packs of Salt Stick a while back and finally got around to popping a tablet before a wedding. MIRACLE WORKER. The "wedding hangover" didn't happen and I didn't get leg cramps like I used to. Really really helped me recover the next day.

Buy Salt Stick Chews for event planners here

5. Protein Bars

It is no secret that wedding days are BUSY! Often, I will find myself halfway through the day and forget to eat. Protein bars are easy on the go snacks for those moments. Also, if you are vegetarian or vegan it is always nice to have a backup plan just in case.

I love these mini-protein bars because they fit perfectly in my apron without taking up too much room! The all-natural bars provide the boost of energy needed to take on the rest of the wedding day.

6. Wireless earbuds

Ain't nobody got time for wires! I'm running with my apron full of tools and the last time I want to worry about are wired headphones.

Seriously. I recently tried a new brand called Sudio and so far, I'm digging it. They connect directly to my Android and I can be on the phone hands-free or listen to music while I work and not have to worry about pulling the cord out when I move around.

Sudio wireless earbuds are the perfect tool for event planners

Photos by Lauren Mihae

There you have it! My Top MUST-HAVES Tools for any event. Is there something you have in your kit that you can't live without? Comment below and tell me!

Want more items for your event planner tool kit? Check out my Amazon Shop with all the essentials for both wedding planners and couples!

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