An Out of This World Moab Rehearsal Dinner

When our clients approached us with a Planet Moab theme we couldn't have even dreamt what the actual outcome would be.


From Los Angeles to Under Canvas Moab, it’s typically a 2-day drive for our team. As we hit the final stretch and come upon the “Under Canvas” sign we know we’re about to have a wild time. In particular, for this wedding, we knew we were about to have an out  of world experience! When our clients approached us with a Planet Moab theme we couldn’t have even dreamt what the actual outcome would be.

The road to a Moab, Utah desert wedding at Under Canvas.
Under Canvas Moab clamping resort for weddings and events

The Rehearsal Dinner

You’re about to dive into a visual experience like none other and let me remind you,  it’s only the rehearsal dinner that I am sharing with you today. Most guests were traveling from France so the couple prepared days of adventure for their guests. It first started with a speed boat tour of the river in Moab. Meanwhile, our team was getting ready for what would be Planet Moab!

A fun and creative space themed welcome party for a weekend long wedding at Under Canvas in Moab, Utah.
A space themed cocktail party with a trailer bar in the desert.

We were lucky enough to find Beehive Catering and will now forever pitch them as our go to in Utah! They served up a delicious BBQ dinner for these next level guests.

Space themed costumes for a fun and adventurous weekend wedding in the desert.
Acoustic band for cocktail hour at a desert wedding at Under Canvas in Moab, Utah.
Fun wedding guests gather around for a group photo with their best space themed costumes to celebrate a Planet Moab themed wedding.

The Finest Alien Costumes this Planet has Seen

As we mentioned, we could not dream what was about to happen next! As guests checked in, they quickly disappeared into their glamping tent to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. One by one, guests emerged from their safari tents in full homemade Alienware. To say it was out of this world doesn’t quite do it justice. Victoria & Clement’s guests did not disappoint with their creative costumes. From costumes with large wings to outfits that fully glowed in the dark. They were not messing around with this theme.

Light up costume idea for a desert party in Moab, Utah.
An art car equipped with a disco ball  in Moab Utah for a desert wedding held at Under Canvas.

A Rocket Ship Art Car Turned DJ Booth

How is it possible that in one month, we had two weddings with art cars? Did we even know what one was prior to our planning journey for this wedding? No, no we did not but let me tell you we are now art car experts! We worked with Ulla and her husband at Moab Event Services to bring in some necessary rentals such as their fun “Boom” truck. After the guests dined under the bistro lighting they quickly transmitted themselves to the dance floor with a special friend who flew in from France to DJ.

Art car wedding decor with a disco ball
Burnin man inspired costumes for a desert wedding in Moab at Under Canvas.

We say over and over again but we truly are thankful to our clients who allow us to think outside of the box and explore different ideas. Not every planner can say they planned a rehearsal dinner for guests from a different planet!

Venue: Under Canvas Moab
Catering: Beehive Catering
Rentals: Moab Event Services
Photography: Alice Wonderbee

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