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How to have an Eco Friendly & Low waste Wedding

It’s no surprise that weddings can produce a lot of waste & leave a large carbon footprint. Did you know that on average, a wedding produces more than 400lbs of waste? One of our goals is to always try to reduce the negative impact that weddings make on the planet. These are some of the ways you can be more helpful to make sure your wedding is not only gorgeous but better for the environment! 

Ceremony at Cap Rock in Joshua Tree National Park. Winter ceremony in the desert with snow.


When choosing your venue, opt for a National Park! Often times the fees associated with obtaining a permit goes back into the park and helps with conservation, education, and improving the grounds. 

If outdoors isn’t you thing- head over to http://www.gbig.org/ ! This site will tell you all of the buildings in your area that make it a priority to be green! Some of our all time favorite weddings have taken place in Joshua Tree, San Bernardino National Forest, The 1909, and Calamigos Ranch.  

Winter ceremony at Cap Rock in Joshua Tree national park - a venue focused on sustainability


Invites can be a huge waste producer of waste. More often than not, your invites & save the dates end up in the garbage.  A simple solution is to go electronic! Even if you’d like to still send paper invites, you can prompt your guests to RSVP on your wedding website instead. Paper Culture actually plants a tree for every order & uses 100% recycled paper. 

Simple white and green flowers with black candlesticks for eco friendly wedding


Flowers are actually one of the biggest waste producers in the wedding industry. First- try and find a local flower farm that is implementing sustainable practices. You can also opt for potted succulents as centerpieces for your guests to take home or donate all of the flowers to a local nursing home so they can be enjoyed for longer! We have some amazing florists in the area that promote sustainability, like Rosewater Florals & Wisteria Lane.



If you’ve ever seen how much food gets thrown out after a wedding.. Let’s just say it’s A LOT. So find yourself a caterer that is eco friendly, like Eco Caters specializes in making sure your event is eco friendly by sourcing local & organic food from farms that are sustainable. You can also find caters that will donate your leftovers to homeless shelters.  

Black candlesticks, black plates and green napkins on wood table. Greenery hanging from frames for trendy dinner party. Eco friendly wedding idea


There is no reason to buy all of your wedding decor (unless you plan on using it all in your house after!) There are so many wonderful rental companies that will be able to fit your style & budget! Everything from table numbers, chairs, bar glasses, to candle holders! Some of our favorite rental companies to work with are La Pinata Party & Signature Party Rentals.


There you have it! Some simple ways to reduce that footprint! If it seems overwhelming- hire a planner & make sure you communicate that you want to be as eco friendly as possible! 

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