Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Save The Date Invites


You’re newly engaged, planning your dream wedding and you just booked your wedding venue. What’s next? It’s time to spread the word and invite your loved ones! The “appetizer” of your wedding invitation feast is called Save The Date Invite or just, Save the Date. These little cuties are going to provide your guests with some teaser information about your wedding as well as set the tone for the epic day they’re about to have. 

While sending a save the date postcard isn’t rocket science, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind. Ready to learn everything there is to know about Save the Date Invites? Let’s dive in!

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Use your wedding color palette

As wedding planners, we tell my clients that in order to be cohesive throughout our design process, we need to first choose a wedding color palette. This will be referenced when we’re looking at florals, napkins, bridesmaids dresses, and…wedding invitations! We love when couples start off their wedding planning strong by designing their save the date invites with their official color palette. This gives the guest a sneak peek at the theme of the wedding so they can plan their outfits accordingly.

By the way, Basic Invite has over 180 colors to choose from for your save the dates and wedding invitations. You can customize every aspect of their samples which is what makes them so unique!

Don’t have a color palette yet and getting anxious to send out your save the date postcards? Don’t worry, we also encourage couples to use their engagement photos as another option. You can still set the tone of your wedding with fonts, patterns or just a beautiful picture of the two of you!

Save the Date postcard example

Keep it simple

We know you want to tell your guests everything about the wedding but you will have the wedding invitations and wedding website to do that later. For your save the date invites, all you need to add is:

We love this minimalist example from Basic Invite. The save the date postcard is simple but clearly showcases all the important information. This also gives guests a little preview of the theme of the wedding: minimal & modern.

Make it an art piece

Even if you’re going the minimalist route, your save the date can still be an art piece. Your guests will be displaying it on their fridge for months to come so might as well make it look nice, right? This particular save the date postcard is one of our favorites. With the outline of the mountain range and some soft colors, this is something I would be excited to display in my home as a wedding guest!

Remember, the save the date invite is meant to get people excited about the wedding to come while giving them some essential information. You want to give them a little taste without sharing all your wedding plans. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like receiving a physical invitation to a formal event in the mail rather than digitally or over text.  

Did this inspire you to send out a fun save the date invite for your wedding? We sure hope so! There are hundreds of styles over at Basic Invite for everyone’s unique taste. Hop over to their website to find your perfect save the date for your wedding.

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