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How to Create Affordable DIY Napkin Rings

Let's face it. Purchasing new table decor for each season is expensive. Not to mention, you might want to refresh your table for dining table special occasions and parties. I set out to create affordable DIY napkin rings that are easy to make at home. The result was even better than I thought! Ready to create your own? Keep reading for all of the details.

How to create affordable DIY napkin rings

Supply List

  • Cardboard tube
  • Fabric
  • Pocket or Exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Pick up enough fabric and cardboard tube for the amount of napkin rings you are needing! My fabric & tube made enough for 6 napkin rings.

Step One: Cut the Fabric Tube

When you are picking up your fabric at your favorite craft store, be sure to ask them if you can have the paper tube! This is what you are going to be using for the actual napkin rings. Once you are home, be sure the fabric is completely off of the tube and set aside for later. Then, on a flat surface, you will want to start cutting the fabric tube. Don't worry about being perfect with this! With your pocket or Exacto knife, cut about an inch wide piece for each napkin ring. Cut as many napkin rings as you need for your table setting.

Step Two: Cut Your Fabric

Start cutting small strips of fabric for each tube. You want the fabric to be long enough to cover the entire napkin ring tube piece and wide enough to tuck under. This size will vary depending on your type of fabric and how you have cut your napkin rings from the fabric tube.

If you need a visual guide for this DIY Project, be sure to check our my YouTube video here:

Step Three: Wrap Your Napkin Rings

Now, this is where the pieces of that fabric tube start looking like napkin rings! Gather your fabric strips and napkin ring tubes. Start adding hot glue to your napkin rings rolling the strips of fabric around the tube as you go. Once the napkin ring is completely covered, cut any excess from the length. Glue the rest to the fabric width to cover the inside of the napkin ring.

And you are done! See how easy that was? These are such a sweet addition to any tablescape and are a fun DIY project. Get creative with this craft and make different colors and patterns.

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