How to Include Dogs in Your Wedding (and keep everyone happy)


It is no secret that our ‘Cause We Can Events team loves dogs! In fact, I have three of my own. We understand how important it is to include in your life as much as you can. Many of our adventurous couples as us, “How can we include our dogs in our wedding?” Today, we are sharing exactly how! Keep reading to find out how to bring your pups along for your big day while keeping everyone happy.

Talk to Your Venue

Before you can consider including dogs in your wedding, you need to talk to your wedding venue. If your venue is outdoors and adventurous, it is worth asking! For many of our glamping weddings, we see many pups in attendance. Your venue will be able to tell you their policies regarding dogs so you can be well prepared.

Then, you can invite your guests to bring their dogs once you know exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Think about how many of your guests have dogs and how many would want to bring them along for the wedding. You might decide to only bring your pups along or extend the invitation to only a few wedding party members or guests.

Designate a Quiet Space for Your Dogs to Rest

Bring Crates

Make sure to bring crates along to include with this quiet space. Your dogs will be safe and secure so you won’t have a worry.

A wedding is tiring for everyone. Make sure your glamping tent or a quiet space is available for your dogs to rest. They can chill while you keep dancing!

Consider Hiring Professional Dog Sitters

You really need someone to check on the dogs during the wedding day. You and your guests will be busy with all of the exciting moments of the day. Hire some professional dog sitters to take care of your pup friends during the wedding. We love using for this but a similar vendor might be available locally in your city. Don’t worry, you will still see your pups and they will be included in portions of the day! This will just take the extra responsibility off of you.

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Bring Plenty of Water, Food Bowls, & Waste Bags

This is an obvious one! Bring plenty of water and food bowls along with waste bags. Expect to provide these for your guests’ dogs if you have extended the invitation to them. It is so helpful to have food and water stations set throughout the venue. Set some waste bags out in a cute basket for your guests to use for their dogs as well. You might create mini tables dedicated to dog supplies! Add some extra leashes and treats to take this a step further.

Bring a Doggy Pool

Since you will be outdoors for at least a portion of your wedding when bringing your dogs along, find ways to keep them cool and comfortable! Bring doggy pools for the pups to play and cool off. They always have so much fun with this and it won’t cost you too much out of your budget.

When You Shouldn’t Bring Your Pup Along

Now, there are some points when you should consider not bringing your dogs along. I’ve seen dogs jump on buffet tables, dogs bark all night, and dogs left completely exhausted from all of the loud music and partying. Some dogs absolutely love the atmosphere and some dogs hate it. At the end of the day, the decision is up to you and your partner. You know your pups best!

Your Dog Is The Nervous Type

Does your dog react to every little noise or movement at home? Or are they just a little nervous in general? A wedding might be overwhelming for the anxious pup.

You Want to Party

If you know you want to party and not worry about anything else, it might be a good idea to not bring your dog to your wedding. Even with dog sitters, it is hard not to want to check-in or question where your dog is at any moment. If you feel like this would hinder your ability to have a good time, it is something to factor into your decision.

I hope this blog helps you out when thinking about how to include dogs in your wedding. Now you might be thinking, “I need help finding venues that are pup-friendly.” Here’s one example at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains to help you have an idea of what to look for in your search.

Of course, this is just one of the many items that require some research and professional knowledge. If you are planning your adventurous wedding, let’s chat! We have many different levels of support just for your big day.

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