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We’re always on the lookout for new wedding venues to recommend to our clients. From vast plots of land to intimate cabins, we know our adventure wedding couples want a venue that is unique and customizable. Today we’re sharing a brand new wedding venue with you: Cranford Hollow.

When we moved to Nashville from Los Angeles, the first thing I wanted to do is meet new venue owners and vendors. It’s a great way to make friends but also great for us, wedding planners, to keep a list of local venues and vendors.

My new friend and photographer Darcy Ferris, who actually wrote a blog post we were featured in called ” Why You Need a Wedding Planner“, invited me to join her on a site tour of the brand new venue, Cranford Hollow. The venue is located in Columbia, Tennessee which is just about 40 minutes south of Nashville. It’s hidden between the hollar (a term I had never heard of until moving to the South) on a beautiful 50+ acre property.

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white barn wedding venue

The Barn at Cranford Hollow

Cranford Hollow is a first-generation farm and we actually saw the barn being built the first time we were there. We literally got the hard hat tour! The barn is a climate controlled 6000+ sq. ft. Amish built modern barn with a beautiful white washed exterior. What’s important to note is that it’s modern as opposed to rustic. Sorry but gone aburlap and mason jars anymore.

Inside the barn, you’ll find two huge open areas: one for dinner and one for dancing but if your guest count is large enough you may want to use both for dinner. They even have their own custom bar that comes with the venue rental! Oh it get’s better. This venue includes tables and chairs for up to 200 guests as well. Yup!

Design tip: Label each table number with acrylic signs for a sleek and modern wedding look. This way your guests can easily find their seats. Use the extra signs to label other aspects of your wedding such as the cake table or bar! To add to the romantic feeling of the day, place clear glass votives around the venue, focusing on reception tables. For the newlyweds, hang cute labeled signs on the back of their seats. You can use the signs later for photo opportunities!

The Ceremony Space

So wait, do you have to get married inside the barn? Nope! Like we mentioned, they have 50+ acres so you have A LOT of outdoor options. One option is right in front of the modern bar on a concrete platform that overlooks the valley.

Personally, I would recommend renting a simple arch from Blue Fish Event Rentals. Whether you need a traditional wooden cross, a chuppah or even a boho triangle arch they have something for all styles. They’ll even do custom arches upon request!

The other option, for those who are a little more adventurous, is to get shuttled to the top of the property’s hill and really get a bird’s eye view during your wedding. Keep in mind that you’ll need to buffer a little extra time here to transport all your guests.

When we were there for the tour, the venue also had a custom wood arch that may be available to rent. Feel free to bring your own decor too, this venue is very DIY-friendly!

Design tip: Line the aisle with modern lanterns for a simplistic ceremony design. You can repurpose the lanterns after the ceremony for cocktail hour and reception decor!

Rental Package & Pricing

Let’s recap what’s included in the rental package and talk about what brand new venue costs, shall we? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. After seeing the cost of weddings in Los Angeles, I’m here to tell you that Tennessee wedding venues give you way more bang for your buck if that’s what you’re looking for!

What’s Included?

Additional Options:

What does this venue cost?

For a One Day Rental and exclusive use of the venue for the ceremony and/or reception on a Friday is $5000, Saturday is $5500, and Sunday is $5000. These were the prices as of 2020 so please note that they may have increased.

Wedding Planning Services

We have a wedding planning team based here in Nashville so you better bet we’re excited to work at this venue! So what kind of services can we offer you at Cranford Hollow? Well because this is a blank canvas when it comes to decor, you’re going to want a Month of Coordinator at the very least.

Month of Coordination Wedding Package

Some couples LOVE to plan their own wedding and I’m totally happy to come in and support you as a month of wedding coordinator. Our month of wedding coordination packages starts at $2000 for Cranford Hollow and here’s what we include:

Full Service Wedding Planning Package

Our Full Service wedding planning package is perfect for the couple who has an idea but needs a expert to help put all the pieces together from design to logistics. Our Full Service Wedding Planning Package starts at $7500 and includes:

We would love to hear about your wedding day so please schedule a wedding consult call with us or reach out to the venue owner, Rachael directly to set up a tour. She’s SUPER sweet and so so helpful. Want another Nashville wedding venue recommendation? Check out our tour at 14Tenn next!

Photos by Darcy Ferris

Happy Planning!

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