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information you need to build a wedding website

At this point you have your wedding date, your venue, a guest list in place and now you’re on to designing the invitation. It’s in that moment you realize that you’re limited on the information you can share with your friends and family so you make the decision to build a wedding website. It may seem like a daunting task but take a moment and think about it, you already have the information in place. Creating a wedding website should be pretty easy! BONUS POINTS: Covid has really shed some light how important a wedding website can  be. It’s a quick way to update your guests with revisions. 


We get this question quite often so we thought we’d do a quick breakdown.

  1. SquareSpace
  2. Zola
  3. Minted

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Obviously you will want to add personal touches and handy information to your website but keep it to a minimum. Your family and guests most likely know your story so give them the Spark Notes version. You want to engage your reader and not overwhelm them so make sure the information is presented in a clear and simple format. This is where templates would come in most handy! Building a website is not for everyone so you may be inclined to ask a friend for some help.

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If you are hosting a multi-day wedding and have a private dinner or brunch planned for an intimate group of people, I would suggest leaving it off the website. You don’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to who is invited or hurt any feelings.


Keep your guests up to date with information such as wedding registry, hotel room blocks and transportation information. If a destination wedding, you may want to include nearby airports that are best to fly into or perhaps your favorite local spots you’ve visited in the past! I always love when couples explain why they chose that location too.

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Before sending out your invitation with a personalized URL, you should send the website to your planner for a test run. They may be able to spot some mistakes that you did not see.

Now you’re ready to start planning your website! Want more wedding tips? Read our tips on taking engagement photos. P.S. you’ll want those for your wedding website.

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