How to Take Engagement Photos


Engagement Photo Tips by a Professional Photographer

We reached out to Bree from Parallel33 Photography to get advice on how to take some of the best engagement photos. We totally understand that it can be completely nerve wracking to have your photos taken by a professional for the first time. Let’s start right there, hire a professional. Our number one tip would be to hire someone with experience! Your photographer will guide you through the poses and make you feel the most comfortable. You will most definitely want to connect with your photographer before your wedding day.

How to Pick Out your Engagement Photo Outfit

Our first question was, what the heck do you wear to an engagement session? After hearing what Bree had to say, we all agree that you don’t want the outfit to be too distracting.


My shooting style is to give little posing guides that will make them laugh, have fun, sit on the ground, twirl, and make out just a little bit. It’s all about being comfortable and focusing on real movement. So being comfy is #1.


This one is SO important. Remember, the goal is to keep our outfits from distracting from you. With that said, Bree always recommends keeping the colors neutral. Now before you both show up wearing grey shirts and blue jeans, there are actually neutrals in every color. For example, instead of wearing an ultraviolet purple t-shirt, wear a Taupe or Mauve sweater that does not distract but still adds a slight colorful aspect. And also make sure that you wear colors that compliment your unique skin tones. In short, pick natural colors you see in nature that complement each other.


You will most likely change 2-3 times, so I recommend bringing 5 pairs of shirts, 3 different pants/bottoms, 2-3 different dresses, and a few pairs of shoes. Your photographer can help you decide what will look best together and on location!

Best Locations for an Engagement Shoot

If a location doesn’t pop in your head immediately, that’s okay! We recommend writing a list out of places you’ve been together. What’s important to you? Bree says she wants her couples “to really think about the special places in their relationship, even if it’s not the ‘cutest’ for photos.” At the end of the day, you want these photos to be special to you. Bree explained that it’s, “a piece to their overall story, and a fun memory to look back on.”

Feeling Comfortable During Your Engagement Session

Personally, I think this one is my biggest fear when the time comes to take engagement photos so I was curios how Bree gets her clients to keep cool, calm and collected. First and foremost, Bree agrees that comfortability is key. She says, “I want couples to not only feel natural in front of the camera, but also close with me. I try my hardest to become more like a friend to them. I text them gifs, offer coffee or boba dates, and make sure they have all they need to feel good BEFORE the session. At the session, I tell them they can take a shot or bring a drink if that would help them relax, I play music so there are no awkward silences, and I make sure to coach and talk them through everything. Natural posing and candid prompts get people feeling fun and relaxed, so they can focus on being together, and not about where their hands are.”

Photos: Parallel33 Photography

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