A Maine Wedding Weekend at Tops’l Farm


Planning a wedding from start to finish can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, especially when planning from a distance. Jane and Dave worked with our New England based wedding planning team to plan an intimate celebration at Tops’l Farm. Jane & Dave, who live in Amsterdam, chose Tops’l Farm in Maine as the backdrop for their intimate 70-person wedding in July. With the serene beauty of Maine as their canvas and a carefully curated itinerary, Jane and Dave’s wedding weekend became an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Maine

Planning a wedding is a monumental task on its own, but when couples are doing it from a distance, the challenges can feel even more daunting. This is where the expertise and guidance of a wedding planner can become invaluable. Jane & Dave hired our team for full planning in order to bridge the gap between their dream wedding destination and living so far away. 

With all guests traveling in for the weekend, Jane and Dave wanted to make sure they could spend as much time with everyone as possible and show off what Maine has to offer.

Thursday: A Taste of Maine at Shuck Station

The festivities kicked off with an intimate gathering at Shuck Station, an oyster bar in Damariscotta. Friends and family gathered to enjoy cocktails and local oysters. This intimate setting set the tone for the love-filled weekend ahead.

Friday: A Warm Welcome at Tops’l Barn

Jane and Dave’s guests were treated to a casual welcome dinner at Tops’l Farm, a Maine glamping venue that has the spirit of the great outdoors, a love for good local food, and the desire to create a magical Maine weekend for all. Against the backdrop of Maine, everyone came together to enjoy delicious food and delightful conversations, cementing the bond between friends and family.

Saturday: A Maine Wedding to Remember

The big day had finally arrived, Jane and Dave’s wedding was nothing short of magical. Wanting to have more intimate moments, Jane & Dave got ready and shared their vows privately. When it came to the ceremony, they shared their love for one another with their guests beneath the shade of an apple tree and a chuppah provided by our team. The idyllic ceremony was a perfect reflection of the couple’s love for each other and the beautiful surroundings. Marianne, the officiant, spent time getting to know the couple and curated a ceremony that was perfect for their story. 

Following the ceremony, guests moved to the lush lawn for a relaxed cocktail hour, where they enjoyed refreshing cocktails handcrafted by the Tops’l team. The sense of intimacy and togetherness was palpable throughout the celebration.

The reception took place under a sailcloth tent, where the romantic ambiance was heightened by candlelight that adorned the space with beautiful bud vases from Watershed that had the perfect summer palette and were all freshly grown in Maine. 

Details for a Destination Wedding in Maine

Jane and Dave chose Maine as their wedding destination, even though they had never been before. With family and friends traveling from all over, they felt it would be the perfect place to meet and celebrate. With them living in Amsterdam, we made sure to incorporate details that told their story. A bike adorned with wildflowers in a basket added a touch of Dutch charm to the venue, while the signage echoed the quaint streets of Amsterdam, making everyone feel connected to the couple’s love story. The highlight of the wedding was cocktail napkins with their beloved cat on them.

Maine Wedding Weekend Recap

Jane and Dave’s intimate wedding at Tops’l Farm in Maine was a celebration of love, warmth, and togetherness. From the delicious seafood gathering to the delightful welcome dinner, the picture-perfect wedding ceremony, and the energetic dance floor, every moment was filled with joy and kindness. This New England destination wedding not only brought everyone together but also introduced loved ones to the breathtaking beauty of Maine, creating a weekend experience that would forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Vendor Team:
Photographer: Taylor Kaminsky
Venue, Bar, & Catering: Tops’l Farm
Hair & Makeup: Kara Day
Officiant: Marianne Vold
Band: Gina & The Red Eye Flight Crew

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