Boho Ojai Bachelorette Weekend Getaway

It's so important to take time before the big day to just relax and enjoy your best friends.


When we were asked to join Sarah Ellefson on a fun boho bachelorette shoot in Ojai, we said HECK YES! It’s fun to step outside of our wedding planning bubble and plan something more intimate and unique. Obviously there was going to be wine involved too so you really can’t say no to that! The purpose of this shoot was to showcase Ojai and what it has to offer various groups of people. In particular, we felt it would be perfect for a bachelorette weekend getaway.

Pamper Yourself

You’re about to embark on a wild ride, your wedding day! It’s so important to take time before the big day to just relax and enjoy your best friends. Heather with Rise, a salon located in the heart of Ojai, is the perfect first stop on your weekend getaway. Grab a bottle of Champagne and your closest gal pals to enjoy a blowout. This space would also be a perfect getting ready location for an Ojai wedding!

Stay the Night in Ojai

Obviously you’ll want to stay the night (or two) in Ojai for this weekend getaway. We would highly recommend you check out Caravan Outpost for the perfect accommodations. With a handful of Airstreams on property that are perfectly decorated, it would be the ultimate place to hang out. There are bicycles on property as well as a fire pit to hang out around and not to mention a perfectly curated store. You may remember our post about this place as a wedding venue too. You’ll want to check that out!

Weekend getaway in Ojai at Caravan Outpost
Caravan Outpost a glamping site in Ojai, California

Ojai Shopping

If you’re anything  like me, you’ll probably pack for this trip and think “I have nothing to wear!” That’s where Novella Fox comes into play this weekend! The owner, Madi, has crafted a fun store that includes new & vintage pieces. Her staff, who are all so friendly, can help you pick out the perfect bachelorette outfit. I would also recommend you pick up some honeymoon outfits too.

Dinner & Wine Recommendations

A girl’s weekend trip would not be complete without a charcuterie board and some wine! We recommend you head over to Tipple & Ramble to enjoy their beautiful outdoor patio for the day. With so many great wine choices, you’ll want to stay a bit before heading back to your super cool Airstream for the night.

Photography: Sarah Ellefson

Models: Emily Qualey // Elle McLemore // Claire Leahy // Tara Leahy

Beauty: Rise

Clothes: Novella Fox

Location: Caravan Outpost // Tipple &  Ramble

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