Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator, what’s the difference?

A wedding planner is there to keep your best interests a top priority and to make sure you are getting the day that you always dreamed of.


Picture this: You’re in the beginning stages of wedding planning and the venue you’d like to book comes with a venue coordinator- ‘That’s amazing!’ you say to yourself. You think this is a great addition because they will be there to help with your every need! 

But do they really? 

If you aren’t familiar with the wedding industry you might not realize the key differences between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, so let’s dig a little deeper!

Venue Coordinator: 

A venue coordinator is hired BY the venue FOR the venue. These are typical duties of a venue coordinator: 

  1. Venue space: They are there day of to make sure things are clean, if provided; they will set up tables & chairs, they make sure there is adequate staffing, and make sure things are clean and tidy.
  2. Timeline: They are there to make sure the meals are out on time, cleaned up, and sometimes will make sure dessert is served. They often leave after the meal or dessert is served.
  3. Vendors: Often venues have a preferred vendor list that they will give you. That is the extent of their involvement with outside vendors.
  4. Design: They are there to make sure the venue itself looks its best. They don’t typically ask what your vision is or provide any type of services to help make sure the spaces are unique to you and fit the vibe you are going for.
Bride and groom dance on white dance floor with string lights and moody florals with black candlesticks. Wedding by Cause We Can Events in Los Olivos

Wedding Coordinator: 

A wedding coordinator is hired by YOU for YOU. They are there every step of the way- but for comparison’s sake- let’s just stick with day of responsibilities.

  1. Timeline: Your planner will make sure things are running on time from getting ready to last call. They are there start to finish to make sure things run smoothly and you can enjoy every second of your big day. They will line you up for the ceremony, que the DJ for the first dance, make sure that speeches start on time, and they will ultimately be there until your last guest goes home.
  2. Vendors: Your planner has helped you handpick every vendor to make sure they are the perfect fit for your day. Planners often have close relationships with wedding vendors and you can feel at ease knowing they were chosen with your best interest in mind. Planners will also be in contact with them on the day of to make sure things are on time, correct, and to ensure everything goes off without a hitch or without bothering you.
  3. Design: When you hire a planner you are hiring someone that wants to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams. They can help with everything from invitation design, floral design, decor, lighting, table settings, ceremony layout, and everything in between. They spend hours day-of setting up to make sure it’s exactly what you envisioned.

As you can see there are major differences between the two- but the biggest takeaway is that unlike a venue coordinator, a wedding planner is there to keep your best interests a top priority and to make sure you are getting the day that you always dreamed of. They listen to your vision and make it a reality. 

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