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4 Wedding Dessert Tables That Will Make You Drool

It's not a wedding without a little something sweet to end the night, am I right? I have seen dessert tables filled with everything from pies to donut walls over the last few years. If you've been needing dessert table inspiration, well you're in for a treat (get it?)!


1. The Queen of Pies

This couple decided that they'd rather have several flavorful pies rather than one big cake and I was definitely okay with that. Know Reality Pies provided this bride and groom with every flavor you can think of. Key lime, pecan, chocolate mousse, apple name it and there it was. Feast your eyes on this amazing dessert table!

Dessert table full of pies in every different flavor for wedding in Hollywood-glam mansion in Los Angeles

Dessert table with pies on cake stands with small bud vases with greenery

Photos by Gina and Ryan Photography

2. Tower of Macarons

Have you ever known someone to dislike macarons? Not me. The beauty of these tiny little bites of heaven is that they come in hundreds of unique flavors. You can have some sweet ones, savory ones and even funky flavors like maple syrup and bacon!

Tower of Macarons for beautiful wedding at the South Coast Botanic Garden

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Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa

3. A little bit of Everything

For those of you who just can't make up their mind when it's time to pick something sweet, you're gonna love this dessert table filled with all sorts of goodies. Rule of thumb: You only need to provide about 3-4 bites per person when it comes to a dessert buffet. If by some miracle you have leftovers at the end of the night, make sure to tell your planner or caterer to pack them up and put them in your bridal suite!

Dessert table with mini tarts, cookies and sweets at wedding at Big Daddy's Antiques

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Photo by Laura Goldenberger

4. Dreamy Donut Display

Chris and I actually used to make custom donut walls for our clients and they were pretty awesome if I do say so myself. No matter if they are on a wall or on a table, you can't go wrong with donuts. My personal favorite: the maple glaze!

Simple pegboard donut wall for wedding in Ojai

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Photo by Laura Goldenberger

Donut table with fun tassels for wedding at Limoneira Ranch

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Photo By Amy Lynn Photography

Ta da! I hope these unique and mouth-watering dessert tables inspired you to get as creative as you want for your own wedding. Which one is your favorite?

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