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How to Create Your Wedding Budget (Stress-free!)

As you begin planning your wedding, determining your wedding budget can be an intimidating feat. While this is certainly not the most exciting part of wedding planning, it is the most important. With a set budget, you and your future spouse can focus on enjoying the process, stress-free! We have compiled a list of 5 useful tips for creating your personal wedding budget. 

Hire a Wedding Planner 

Our free Wedding Budget Guide is a great place to start as you search for the perfect planner. With plenty of weddings under their belt, a wedding planner will work with you to create and manage your budget based on your preferences. They also can connect you to the best vendors for your wedding, saving the time and stress. As you fill more portions of your budget, your wedding planner will keep all information up to date.

Be Flexible

Determining which aspects of your wedding day are most important you may require some flexibility in order to bring your dream day to life. If you know you want a live band and videography for example, you may need to find another portion of the day to allow flexibility in your budget. We always advise checking with your vendors on their suggestions. Their professional experience in the industry can provide solutions you may not have considered previously. 

Get Back to the Basics

Understanding the portions of your budget that are a ‘have-to’ can set the baseline for the rest of your budget. The venue, travel fees, and marriage license fees are all basic portions of your wedding that are essential. Thinking about these costs can save you from surprise later on during the planning process.

Stay Organized

Creating a digital spreadsheet outlining your budget takes away the confusion as you set more portions of your wedding day. You will be amazed at the amount of emails wedding planning brings! A spreadsheet is your opportunity to list every cost related to your event. This can range from wedding prints to cake tasting fees. 

It’s YOUR day

While it is important to make your guests feel welcome and entertained, remember that your wedding day is about you. Do not include aspects in your wedding day (and budget) that you will not enjoy. If you don’t like cake, no problem! Feature your favorite dessert instead; we can attest that your guests will love anything sweet. There are no requirements for what you choose to include in your budget and on your wedding day.

Every wedding and every budget is unique. These 5 general tips for creating your wedding budget are sure to get you on the right track to your event. We understand beginning wedding planning can be intimidating but don’t forget to have fun! Keep in mind, things take time and everything will come together for your special day. Have a question or need assistance? Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation. We can’t wait to hear about your event!

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