Best Non-Traditional Groom Suits


So you’re deep into your wedding planning when all of a sudden it dawns on you that your -soon-to-be-husband hasn’t picked out his wedding suit yet! Don’t worry, we are here to help you and your men pick their your groom suits. From classic navy to dark reds, we’re giving you 5 non-traditional groom suit options that will blow you away.

The Navy Groom Suit

Listen, the navy suit will never go out of style. Mark my words! Paired with a cool tie and some brown shoes, you’ll be turning heads when you walk down the aisle. Just take a look at Clem here! He was the handsomest guy in the room, as he should be on his wedding day.

I love the suits that The Black Tux has. You can either buy your own or rent!

Groom and groomsmen in all navy blue suits and brown shoes

Photos by Geoff Rivers. See the full blog post from this wedding here.

The Mad Men Groom Suit

This next groom suit is a navy suit, yes, but it’s more than that. This suit has character and a little bit of Mad Men style in it. I really love that Ben wore this suit with a white shirt that he unbuttoned at the top. No tie needed here! He added a killer coral pocket square and a neutral colored boutonniere that just tied it all together perfectly.

groomsmen in blue suits and bridesmaids in coral dresses

Photos by Stephanie Ann Photo

The Burgundy Groom Suit

Oh baby. This suit makes an entrance! It definitely takes confidence to wear a burgundy suit but for those grooms who do, it’s so worth it. Check out how rad Adrian looked on his wedding day. You see him walking down the aisle and you know he’s going to have the best day every and tear up the dance floor later on. His bride’s style was incredible but we’ll have to have an entire post dedicated to their wedding because there are a lot of great details to talk about!

Groom in burgundy suit next to bride in sparkly dress with leather jacket

Photos by Pretty Branch

The High Fashion Groom Suit

This next groom suit is what we call “wearing your confidence”. He was a force to be reckoned with when it came to fashion. I think patterned groom suits are going to be the next thing, don’t you? Clement worked for Christian Louboutin so you better bet he had to coolest shoes in town too. He was not just the most fashionable groom we’ve ever had but he also pulled it off in the middle of the Moab desert!

Photos by Alice Bee. Full blog post from this wedding is here!

The Accessorized Groom Suit

Could this be my favorite? Perhaps! This groom suit seems simple enough at first glance. A nice light grey suit with a floral tie is what any dapper groom could be wearing on his wedding day. But wait! There’s a twist. Once the ceremony is over, this groom transforms into the festival-goer that he is by adding a faux fur coat to his outfit. How that for a non-traditional groom suit!

Bride and groom laugh with faux fur jackets on

Photos by Laura Goldenberger. See the full blog post here!

So, what do you think? Could your groom pull off one of these non-traditional groom suits? Your groom’s suit should also match his personality. Whether it be a fun pattern or an accessory that is thrown on after the formal ceremony, make sure there’s something fun about his suit that he can look forward to!

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