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August 10, 2020 - 57 comments

Wedding Ring Tattoos – Love or hate?

We've seen quite the engagement ring trends over the last few years. From the nesting rings to raw gems and ring tattoos?! What do you think? Do we love this wedding trend or are couples going to regret this one? Let's discuss!

Wedding trend: Wedding Ring Tattoos

“This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!"

wedding ring tattoo

Pros of ring tattoos

Before deciding whether you love or hate this idea, let's take a look at a few pros and cons.

IMPORTANT! You might also want to consider buying some tiny temporary tattoos to test them out before you get inked! Nothing says "permanent" like a tattoo so let's not live in eternal regret, shall we?

It never gets lost

The first thing I think about as a pro to having a wedding ring tattoo is that it will never get lost! If you're someone who is active or just doesn't think to remove jewelry when going to the beach or on a hike, a tattooed ring might be the thing for you. Not only will it never get lost but it can never get stolen either! Bonus!

Size doesn't matter

The next thing I consider when I think of how great a wedding ring tattoo would be is that the sizing wouldn't be an issue. We've all experienced that finger swelling during hot days where our rings feel so tight. A wedding ring tattoo wouldn't give you this problem at all. For all those brides who want kids, your wedding ring tattoo won't be an issue when you're pregnant either. Maybe I'm starting to like this ideal after all.

It's cost effective

Well, we can't deny that a tattoo is much less expensive than a diamond (well, in most cases). If you're on a tight budget, a ring tattoo could be a great alternative to the expensive diamond engagement rings. According to Woman Getting Married, ring tattoos cost anywhere from $50-$300 on average. Some splurge on them and could leave with a $2000 bill but that's still cheaper than a lot of diamond rings these days!

wedding ring tattoo of trees

Cons of ring tattoos

It's permanent

Okay, this might seem obvious but the ring is going to be permanent. While I don't want to jinx anything, what happens if your marriage falls apart or you just don't like the tattoo style anymore? It's like those tattoos with a person's name...that's never a good idea. The good news is you could always have it removed but that can be costly at about $1000 or more. Worth it? You tell me.

wedding band tattoo in black

It's painful

This is coming from a girl who has NEVER had a tattoo so take it with a grain of salt. However, my husband has a full sleeve and there was definitely some pain involved in his tattoo process. I'm told that fingers are a really sensitive part of the body when it comes to tattooing. Take this into consideration if your pain tolerance is low. A ring tattoo may not be a good solution for you!

It can fade

While I haven't gotten a tattoo, I HAVE had my eyebrows micro-bladed before so maybe that counts? What I have noticed from my eyebrows is after about a year, the ink will start to fade. I would imagine over time, your ring tattoo would go from black to grey as well.

So while I think there are definitely great perks to getting a wedding ring tattoo, I don't know if it would stand the test of time. If you have a ring tattoo, I would LOVE for you to reach out and tell us your story. What made you get it? Do you love it? What would you have done differently?

Caring for your Ring Tattoo

Even though a ring tattoo is pretty small, it's still ink on your body and needs to be properly cleaned & moisturized. 

My husband has a full sleeve tattoo and he's told me all about tattoo care over the years! Here are some products he loves:

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Curious about our thoughts? Even if you're not, we're going to tell you anyway!

We'd first recommend testing out a temporary tattoo on your ring finger and see how you feel.

If you love it, then go for it because YOLO! Keep it small, don't add someone's name (duh) and, personally, I wouldn't add color to it because that tends to fade.

If you're reading this right now and you have a ring tattoo, please come share your photos with us on Instagram! Just shoot us a DM because we really want to see them!

If you like tattoos and weddings, you're going to love to see this Black and Gold Tattooed Wedding next!

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May 25, 2020 - 9 comments

5 Best Apps For Wedding Pros

When it comes to running any business, a good rule of thumb is “Work smarter, not harder”. Over the years we have tried (what feels like) all the things. Some of them worked great, while others didn’t. However, we have now found and rounded up the Best Apps for Wedding Pros to help you run your business!

It’s essential to figure out what systems you need to streamline & make more efficient so you can focus on what’s really important: Bringing in more business! So, we have compiled a list of the systems my team uses everyday to propel our business forward .

Laptop and desk photo for best apps to use in your wedding business

Disclosure: Some of these links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you I may earn a commission if you click through and sign up or make a purchase. Thank you for the support!

1. Front Email Management

If you have a team, Front is an amazing tool. Our favorite features include: The comment section on emails for team members fo updates, assigning emails to team members, email tags, and if you are an “inbox zero” person- this is also amazing because your emails can be tagged & archived and they disappear from your inbox (but aren’t deleted!) 

2. Asana

 We use Asana for back end tasks regarding everything from client management, blog post schedules, and random to do’s that pop up. Each member of our team has a “To Do” list that we can all add to when needed. It’s a great system to keep on top of small tasks that can often be forgotten or fall to the wayside.

3. Slack

We use Slack for all of our team communication. We have a team thread that we use most for overall updates, but we also have more detailed threads relating to certain projects. Slack is great because you can set your own boundaries on when you want to receive notifications & for keeping work chats all in one place. 

Cozy bed with coffee and laptop

4. Tailwind App

If you aren’t planning your Pinterest pins yet.. DO IT NOW. Not only does it save a ton of time, but it gives you time to really think about what your keywords will be & makes sure that the content you are putting out there is worthwhile. We plan out our blog posts and Pinterest pretty far in advance to make sure our content is consistent & valuable. We love using Tailwind to help us plan out our Pinterest content. They have a direct partnership with Pinterest so it's the only app I trust for it! Need a little help with your Pinterest? Check our our free Pinterest mini class HERE

5. Canva

We use Canva for everything from creating Instagram stories, Pinterest posts, YouTube thumbnails, and even our client mood boards. Canva is a great way to integrate your brand and create consistent marketing for all visual aspects that you use. You can use the free version or upgrade to access more images and cooler fonts.


We use a lot more than just these 5, but these are some of our favorites and the most versatile for anyone one that runs a business. We would love to hear if you use any of these or if you have other systems that work great for you! 

Want more business tips? Read How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Changed my Business next!

May 1, 2020 - 1 comment.

Smoky Mountains Wedding at Under Canvas

We're told that Fall in the Great Smoky Mountains is something everyone must see at least once in their lifetime. Well, we were lucky enough to get hired as the Wedding Planning team for a KILLER festival-style wedding at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains and got to experience the Smokies in all of their Fall glory! Let's jump into Annabelle & Paul's gorgeous fall wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains!

'This blog contains affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you!'

bride and groom at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains in front of pampass grass ceremony set up.

The Wedding Welcome Party

Something we love doing is encouraging our couples to host a welcome party the day instead of a formal rehearsal dinner. This allows all guests to join in on the fun, have a cocktail and feast on something a little more casual but just as delicious such as tacos. It's a great way to have your guests meet each other before the big day and start the party early! This is the perfect time to gift each guest with a welcome bag full of helpful essentials for your adventurous wedding.

Wedding Planner Tip: This is the first event of the weekend and a perfect time to set the tone! Want to decorate but not waste flowers? Add some centerpieces that can be repurposed on the wedding day around cocktail lounges, the bar or even a photobooth!

Wedding venue entrance with tassels. Under Canvas Smoky Mountains Wedding.

Bride and groom welcome guests with shots and a Find Your Tent welcome sign. Wood welcome sign with white vinyl and mini key chain tassels as wedding favors

Food truck at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains. Capitain Muchachos food truck for taco welcome party at smoky mountains wedding

Teepee at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains with wooden tables and cute succulent centerpieces for wedding welcome party

Bride and groom welcome toasts under the stars and market lights at under canvas smoky mountains

The Wedding Morning

After a solid night of welcome festivities, everyone enjoyed a cozy sleep in their glamping tents on-site. Each tent has a comfy bed, lounge chairs and even their own wood burning stove. Some of the larger tents even have their own bathrooms which comes in handy as a "getting ready" tent for the couple. Annabelle and Paul treated their guests to breakfast burritos and coffee before people headed off on hikes or just enjoyed a relaxing moment around camp.

Wedding Planner Tip: We recommend that you schedule a wedding morning yoga session to kick off the day. This will get your blood flowing, calm your jitters and help you get the day started on the right foot.

Tents and teepees at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains. Festival-style wedding where couples and guests can sleep onsite in glamping tents for the weekend

Bride and groom cuddling in glamping tent at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains before their wedding day

Wedding yoga session at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Bride getting ready in teepee at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Bride getting makeup done and kissing cute dog at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

First look with bride and groom in front of tent at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains. Bride with long brown wavy hair and boho dress. Groom in dark navy suit and light brown shoes

First look with bride and groom in front of tent at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains. Bride with long brown wavy hair and boho dress. Groom in dark navy suit and light brown shoes

The Wedding Ceremony + Details

I've dreamt of these details ever since we got this wedding gallery back! The bouquet alone is the perfect representation of fall. The invitations are simple but boho and modern all at once. The overall warm tones of this weddings just makes my soul happy! The ceremony was almost like a piece of art. The girls over at Lang Floral Designs knocked this boho pampas grass ceremony design out of the park!

Wedding Planner Tip: Something we've found to be very helpful for our festival-style or weekend-long weddings is when couples provide a printed itinerary in their welcome bags. That along with a few local hot spots their guests should visit is always appreciated!

Neutral modern and boho wedding invitations for wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains

Pampass grass ceremony decor at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Pampass grass ceremony design and modern ivory chairs with teepee in the background for festival style wedding at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Pampass grass ceremony design and modern ivory chairs with teepee in the background for festival style wedding at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Groom walking down the aisle with navy blue suit at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Ceremony set up with pampass grass and modern white chairs at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains. Festival style wedding in the great smoky mountains

A Smoky Mountain Party

After the gorgeous ceremony surrounded by trees, guests were invited inside the main teepee for cocktails, appetizers and music! Creating a timeline that seamlessly flows for your wedding day takes practice. Good news! Our lead planners have created a guide full of the pro-tips to create your perfect timeline. This way, you can have a celebration as great as this day!

A full southern BBQ meal was for dinner with unlimited wine on the tables. The reception decor was just as gorgeous as the ceremony. We designed it to feel intimate but also family-style. We decorated long wooden tables with bud vases filled with pampas grass and flowers. Each place setting had simple white plates and a mustard yellow napkin for that pop of color.

Wedding Planner Tip: Don't forget to think about your meal style when planning your table decor. For example, if you're doing family-style, you'll want to make your centerpieces smaller like bud vases to leave room for the platters. Doing plates? Rent some chargers to add a little pizzaz to your place settings!

Bride and groom have cocktail after ceremony with pampass grass and trees surrounding them. Festival wedding at Under canvas smoky mountains

Wedding guest book alternative is the wedding pinata!

Boho reception dinner under a tent at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains

Long wooden tables with white plates, boho bud vases with pampass grass and mustard yellow napkins. Festival wedding at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains. Fall color florals with tall candles.

Long wooden tables with white plates, boho bud vases with pampass grass and mustard yellow napkins. Festival wedding at Under Canvas Smoky Mountains.

Lets Go Wild cake topper on simple white cake

Couple smashes cake at Under Canvas smoky mountains

Live Band at Under Canvas smoky mountains with pampass grass in the background for festival style wedding

Bride and groom grand entrance on dance floor at smoky mountains under canvas for festival style wedding

Dancing under the stars during wedding at Under Canvas smoky mountains

Dancing under the stars during wedding at Under Canvas smoky mountains

Live Band at Under Canvas smoky mountains with pampass grass in the background for festival style wedding

Dancing under the stars during wedding at Under Canvas smoky mountains

Under canvas smoky mountains at night under the stars. Best wedding venue in Tennessee for festival style weddings or glamping weddings

What an incredible weekend! We absolutely loved planning and designing this wedding for this modern boho couple. Ready to have an adventurous weekend wedding? Reach out and we'll send over our packages!


Photographer Lauren Mihae // Planning + Design 'Cause We Can Events // Venue Under Canvas Smoky Mountains // Videographer Bastion Wedding Films // Florals Lang Floral Design // Catering Captain Muchachos and Sweet P's BBQ // Hair & Makeup Grow Knoxville // Band Tacklebox // Bar Single Barrel Events // Cotton Candy Fluff Nashville // Coffee Vienna Coffee // Rentals Mayker and Anderson Party Rentals // Signage Lettering Linds // Cake Magpie Cakes

October 7, 2019 - 1 comment.

Black and Gold Tattooed Wedding in Zion

You know what I love most about our couples? They aren't afraid of making their wedding their own. Love traditions, then incorporate them all if you'd like. Don't love any of them? Throw them out the window and do whatever the heck you want because it's YOUR wedding day. Speaking of badass couples, today we're sharing Kait and Jake's epic 3-day glamping wedding at Under Canvas Zion. Not only was it our favorite time of adventurous wedding but they did things their way. Ready to see what we mean? Read below!

'This blog may contain affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at now additional cost to you!'

Bride tattooed and in black wedding dress under copper arch at Zion under canvas. Groom in all black suit.

Getting Ready

We knew going into this weekend that rain might hit us. We didn't realize how hard it would hit us! Don't you worry though, it didn't ruin anything for this adventurous couple or their guests. The day started with some getting ready action with their closest friends in the cool glamping tents at Under Canvas Zion.

Bride and her bridesmaids and bridesman getting ready in a glamping tent with their dog Boom. Bridal party is wearing floral blue robes.

Bride in black wedding dress and her tribe out in the desert. Zion Under Canvas Wedding.

Who had more fun? Guys or girls? I mean the girls had a super cute dog but the guys had a bottle of whiskey. Tough call! By the way, this group's fashion was so cool. If you are inspired by this groom's style, check out some more non-traditional groom suit ideas.

Groom and groomsmen sharing a bottle of whiskey before the wedding. Groom wearing an all black suit and shirt.

Groom getting a custom lapel pin on his suit. Groom in all black suit and shirt.

Best man helping groom put his suit on before the wedding

Groom's boutonniere with deep red berries, yellow and pops of blue

Groom in all black with groomsmen in all black and groomswoman in red. Zion Under Canvas desert wedding.

Foggy First Look

The First Look happened a short 5 minute drive away from Under Canvas where the fog was starting to roll in and the couple could share this moment with their closest friends and fur baby.

Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Tattooed Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Tattooed Bride and groom in all black in desert at Zion Under Canvas. First look with the desert behind them before their epic glamping wedding,

Bride and groom in all black kiss near Zion National Park before their epid 3 day glamping wedding

Moody Details

Oh you want to see the details of this glamping wedding? Ok I guess we'll show you. From the invitations (which they couple designed themselves) to the moody bouquet and stunning tablescapes, this was the coolest moody desert wedding yet!

Black and gold wedding invitations with stars, moons and cacti

Black teardrop engagement ring and black men's wedding band

Groom's black wedding band with engravment that says "100 years"

The bouquet was wild and free with deep tones of red, greens and yellows. Not only did it have perfect colors for a fall wedding but it was rich with texture. From airplants to king protea, this bouquet was one our all-time favorites!

Fall moody bouquet with black diamond engagement ring

Moody fall bouquet with pampass grass, airplans and king protea at glamping wedding. Zion Under Canvas fall wedding

Reception Details

If you've ever been to one of the Under Canvas properties, you'll know that their teepees won't really fit more than 80-90 guests for a reception dinner. Knowing this and knowing that the rain was coming that weekend the couple rented a large tent that housed everyone inside for the reception. Each place setting had a gold charger, black napkin, menu card, gold utensils and a name card written on a piece of dark blue agate.

Asking about the guest capacity is just one of the MANY questions to ask when touring any wedding venue space. If you are searching for your venue, keep our venue walkthrough checklist on hand. You will know all of the important questions to ask, saving you time and money in the long run!

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

Wedding reception table with gold charger, black napkin, amber bud vases and dark flowers. Driftwood pieces on long wooden tables, pampass grass, king protea and cacti.

The Ceremony

It rained. No, it POURED. Before and after the ceremony but miraculously for those 15 minutes during the ceremony it stopped and allowed Kait and Jake to get married without getting completely soaked! In the case of rain, you will want to keep a kit on hand (especially for an adventurous wedding like this) here are some of our favorite glamping essentials. You will be prepared for any situation!

Groom walking through puddles on rugs as he walks down the aisle

Groom in all black kisses his dog as he walks down the aisle to greet him

Bride in all black walks down rainy aisle at Under Canvas Zion

Bride and groom in all black in front of copper ceremony arch with greenery. Ceremony and reception at Zion Under Canvas for a glamping wedding

Bride and groom in all black in front of copper ceremony arch with greenery. Ceremony and reception at Zion Under Canvas for a glamping wedding

Bride tattooed in black dress with pockets during ceremony at Under Canvas Zion.

Bride and groom in all black laughing after ceremony

Cake + Party

After dinner, guests moved into the main Under Canvas TeePee where we served cake, cranked the music and let night turn to day as guests danced away. Oh and the coolest part about this party? The couple hired a tattoo artist (yes folks, a REAL tattoo artist) to come and work on whoever signed up. The bride and groom designed the tattoos and guests got to choose which one they wanted. The sign up sheet was full in minutes!

If you are engaged or married and love tattoos, you will love these wedding ring tattoo ideas after you finish reading this blog.

4 tiered simple white wedding cake with orange flowers and greenery

Tattooed bride in black wedding dress smashes cake into groom's face

black and white photos of guests dancing at wedding at Under Canvas ZIon

Bride and groom in all black with tattoos dance at their wedding

Wedding tattoos designed by the bride and groomTattoo artist at Wedding at Under Canvas Zion

Tattoo artist at Wedding at Under Canvas Zion

dog at wedding sleeping in photobooth bus

Vendor Team

Planning 'Cause We Can Events // Photographer Guillermo Benetton // Florals By Bloomers // Catering Katering Koncepts // DJ Justin Hurtt // Venue Under Canvas // Tattoo Artist Adam Gibson // Hair+Makeup Tracy Sotirakus // Photo Bus Gus the Photo Bus// Band James Hunter + Forrest

If you loved this wedding, check out another one of our favorite glamping Under Canvas weddings, this time at the Moab location!

March 14, 2019 - 13 comments

Laid Back Moab Wedding at Under Canvas

When I say that Fall 2018 was busy, I really mean it. That's why I am just now getting around to posting about one of our Moab weddings during that time! It was at the beginning of the year that Gabby asked me (Jessica) to hop on her team and help with some events and office things. I agreed and then was quickly introduced to Alyse, a future 'Cause We Can Events bride!

Alyse & Jake took their very first trip, as a couple, to Moab years before their engagement. With that idea in mind, they decided to host their "End of Summer Camp" themed wedding at Under Canvas Moab.

This blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you!

Glamping tent at Under Canvas Moab. Great outdoor venue for boho weddings and adventurous couples


With most guests coming from Alaska, it was important to the couple that their guests knew what it would take to get to Moab and how to make the most out of their trip. Alyse worked with a friend to design an invitation they would go on to create themselves! In the blink of an eye a website, save the date and super cool invitations were born. If you need assistance creating your invite design, we recommend Basic Invite. PRO TIP: We always recommend you create a website for a destination wedding. It’s the easiest way to get information to all of your guests at once! TIP FROM THE BRIDE: Price out invitation ideas with how much postage will cost! 

Fun adventurous wedding invitations. Postcard save the date, camp-style wedding invitations for camping wedding at Moab Under Canvas


As guests arrived on Friday afternoon, they were greeted by the Under Canvas team and checked into their luxury tents. PRO TIP: provide gift bags when your guests arrive to make them feel extra special! That evening Alyse & Jake hosted a welcome dinner equipped with "Tent Talks", their version of Ted Talks. They invited a couple key family members and friends to stand by the fire and share a story with all of the guests. This by far was one of the most memorable moments of any 2018 wedding we did! It's a pretty special and rare moment when you can make a gathering of 100 guests feel intimate. After "Tent Talks", everyone hit the outdoor firepit for s’mores and live music all provided by Under Canvas. It was the perfect start to summer camp.

Bride and groom ride in golf cart after ceremony in the desert at Under Canvas Moab


The next day, our team worked closely with a core group of friends to switch up the decor and setup the platform for the reception. All Good Super Fresh had their cute trailer ready to go so they could serve breakfast to the guests! During our setup, Alyse got ready with friends at the Desert Day Spa while Jake hung out with his bike and drone close by.

Airstream trailer bar used to serve drinks at a glamping wedding in the desert at Under Canvas Moab. Moab desert wedding for adventurous couple!


Catering in Moab can be tricky if you have a specific budget and idea in mind, not to mention power but we will save that for another blog post. We talked to a local restaurant, Miguel's Baja Grill, as we were looking for a fajita station to serve to the guests! For their first time catering a wedding, they really knocked it out of the park for us. After dinner, the night continued with a lot of dancing and good times for all.

Bride and groom walking in the desert in Moab. Bride wearing a satin champagne dress and groom in light grey suit


Planning: ‘Cause We Can Events // Venue: Under Canvas Moab // Photography: Emily Klarer Hair & Makeup: Hairby_Linzy // Dress: Thrift Store // Friday Catering: Zax Pizza // Saturday Catering: Miguel's Baja Grill // Bar & Breakfast Catering: All Good Super Fresh // DJ: Echo Talent // DJ Chu // Rentals: Moab Event Services

Alyse & Jake’s wedding was a special one for so many reasons and we could not have done it without the amazing vendor team we had in place. Not to mention, the great friends & family that came along for the adventure.

Ready to start planning your adventurous wedding? Contact us today! In the meantime, use our free wedding budget guide to get started.

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This Year’s Best Thanksgiving Table Decor

I hate to break it to you, Christmas, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There's something really cozy and relaxing about it. Maybe it's the fact that the first snow usually happens around that time? Maybe it's because wedding season is over and I have time to read a bunch of books? Or maybe it's the simple fact that I am sharing a delicious meal with 30+ of my closest family members.

This year my cousin and I are in charge of creating some little escort cards and we're thinking of going the tiny pumpkin route. Can't go wrong with that, right?

Moody Thanksgiving or Holiday Table Decor at Smoky Hollow Studios

Edgy Florals

Last year a few of my favorite vendors and I got together at Smoky Hollow Studios to create what I think is the the best Thanksgiving table decor ever! I mean, to me this tablescape is both cozy and edgy at the same time. Take a peek.

We wanted the table decor to have a ton of character and edginess to it. Our amazing florist Annie from Best Day Ever Floral Design came up with the idea to add a few wispy flowers in cool concrete vases from Concrete Geometric.

Simple place settings

We chose to keep the place setting clean and simple with white and grey plates, silver utensils and add texture with a velvet napkin. See that little name tag on the napkin? These tiny little metal plates were hand stamped by the super talented calligrapher and invitations designer Lisa from Fiber and Dye. Check out this cool menu she created on the venue's chalkboard wall!

Dinner menu on chalkboard wall at Smoky Hollow Studios for Holiday or Thanksgiving Dinner

Holiday Cocktails

Ok let's talk about cocktails shall we? We had the lovely Sarah from Cali Craft Cocktails come by and provide us with the most delicious and festive drinks. Can we talk about how yummy the coffee-infused drink looks? It fit in so perfectly with our winter tablescape.

Fall cocktail for dinner party or holiday meal.

Coffee infused cocktail served at holiday dinner party. Great drink ideas for your holiday party

Unique Desserts

Let's be real. No dinner party is complete without dessert! For this Thanksgiving dinner, we stayed away from the traditional pumpkin pie (although it's one of my all time favorite desserts) and opted for a fun whoopie pie! We also paired it with a moscow mule because...why not! Check out the whoopie pie recipe below along with a bonus dessert recipe.

Easy Whoopie Pie Recipe (makes 12 pies):

For the cookie pies:

  • Purchase 24 pre-baked cookies in a flavor of your choice from your local bakery (yes, it's that easy). We chose chocolate chip cookies! Select large cookies for the classic whoopie pie look.

Making the cookies:

  • If you prefer to make your own cookies, we recommend combining enough dough for 2 cookies to act as each 'pie', pressing down on a baking sheet, and baking accordingly.
  • Set aside while you prepare the filling.

 Filling ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup softened butter 
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 cup marshmallow creme
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Making the filling:

  • In a large bowl, blend together all of the ingredients until smooth.

Whoopie Pie Assembly:

  • Spread marshmallow filling on one cookie 'pie' while using another cookie 'pie' to press down.
  • Enjoy immediately or store in a covered container to enjoy later.

Festive Ginger Cookies (tip: use these cookies as the 'pies' for your whoopie pies for a unique twist!):


  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons  ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon  baking soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon  ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup unsalted  softened butter
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar

Making the cookies:

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  • Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl
  • Use a stand mixer to cream together the butter and 1 cup sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Add in the egg, water and molasses then add in the dry ingredients.
  • Scoop and combine two tablespoons of cookie dough and roll them into the 2 tablespoons of sugar. Place on a baking sheet and flatten slightly with the bottom of a measuring cup.
  • Bake for 8-11 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and let cool.

Hope this gave you a few ideas for your own Thanksgiving table decor or even maybe your holiday dinner party. Cheers to a great holiday season!

Couple cheers with black fur coat at holiday dinner party

This shoot has also been featured on Hey Wedding Lady.

Photography by Molly + Co | Venue  Smoky Hollow Studios | Design + Planning by ‘Cause We Can Events | Floral Design by Best Day Ever Florals | Wedding Dress by Vene Ai Studio| Headpiece by Le Delicat | Makeup by Mobile Bridal Salon | Stationery Design and Chalk Wall by Fiber and Dye | Tableware from Dish Wish Events | Concrete Planters by Concrete Geometric | Bar by Cali Craft Cocktails | Modeled by Modern Day Girlfriend |

March 27, 2018 - 8 comments

4 Wedding Dessert Tables That Will Make You Drool

It's not a wedding without a little something sweet to end the night, am I right? I have seen dessert tables filled with everything from pies to donut walls over the last few years. If you've been needing dessert table inspiration, well you're in for a treat (get it?)!


1. The Queen of Pies

This couple decided that they'd rather have several flavorful pies rather than one big cake and I was definitely okay with that. Know Reality Pies provided this bride and groom with every flavor you can think of. Key lime, pecan, chocolate mousse, apple name it and there it was. Feast your eyes on this amazing dessert table!

Dessert table full of pies in every different flavor for wedding in Hollywood-glam mansion in Los Angeles

Dessert table with pies on cake stands with small bud vases with greenery

Photos by Gina and Ryan Photography

2. Tower of Macarons

Have you ever known someone to dislike macarons? Not me. The beauty of these tiny little bites of heaven is that they come in hundreds of unique flavors. You can have some sweet ones, savory ones and even funky flavors like maple syrup and bacon!

Tower of Macarons for beautiful wedding at the South Coast Botanic Garden

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Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa

3. A little bit of Everything

For those of you who just can't make up their mind when it's time to pick something sweet, you're gonna love this dessert table filled with all sorts of goodies. Rule of thumb: You only need to provide about 3-4 bites per person when it comes to a dessert buffet. If by some miracle you have leftovers at the end of the night, make sure to tell your planner or caterer to pack them up and put them in your bridal suite!

Dessert table with mini tarts, cookies and sweets at wedding at Big Daddy's Antiques

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Photo by Laura Goldenberger

4. Dreamy Donut Display

Chris and I actually used to make custom donut walls for our clients and they were pretty awesome if I do say so myself. No matter if they are on a wall or on a table, you can't go wrong with donuts. My personal favorite: the maple glaze!

Simple pegboard donut wall for wedding in Ojai

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Photo by Laura Goldenberger

Donut table with fun tassels for wedding at Limoneira Ranch

Want more of this one? Check in out here!
Photo By Amy Lynn Photography

Ta da! I hope these unique and mouth-watering dessert tables inspired you to get as creative as you want for your own wedding. Which one is your favorite?

December 29, 2017 - 9 comments

Chelsea + Patrick’s Woodsy Big Sur Wedding

As soon as Fall comes around, I always want to put on some cozy leggings, a loose sweater and head up to the mountains. The air is crisper, the leaves actually change color and coffee just tastes better when it's cold out. This recent change of weather made me think of Chelsea and Patrick's beautiful wedding in Big Sur, CA. These two Hawaiian yogis tied the knot at The Ventana Inn and it is still, to this day, one of my all-time favorites.

bride and groom as glen oaks cabins under umbrella

A woodsy and rainy first look

The plan was to have a rain-free weekend with a ceremony under the trees and a reception outside on the patio of the Ventana Inn overlooking the ocean. Well, Mother Nature had a different plan but luckily this couple went with the flow and it turned out to be an incredible wedding weekend nonetheless!

bride and groom first look at glen oaks big sur

woodsy cabin in big sur

bride and groom kiss under umbrella in big sur

Rain or shine, Chelsea and Patrick were getting married! How adorable was that First Look at Glen Oaks? The girls all stopped getting ready to take a peek. Not gonna lie, I was also peeking from behind a tree.

groom and groomsmen in the woods with teal shirts

bride and bridesmaids in jewel tone dresses in woods

bride and bridesmaids bouquet bright pinks and oranges

bride and groom walk during fall wedding in big sur woods

couple walks through woods for wedding big sur

The ceremony

Originally, we were going to have the ceremony under some of the tall redwoods and we tried so hard to keep the rain away with all sorts of dances and chants but unfortunately it didn't work. Instead, we escorted guests into a small yet cozy community hall near by and it turned out really fun and colorful.

bluegrass band playing for wedding in big sur ca

bride and father walk down aisle in big sur ca

bride high gives thumbs up to grandma

colorful wedding backdrop curtain at big sur community hall

bride and groom kiss in front of colorful curtain big sur hall

The reception at the Ventana Inn

The reception took place at the Ventana Inn where we got a clear tent and live music to keep everyone dancing. We set up the long dinner tables inside where it was warm and cozy. Although it wasn't part of the plan to have dinner inside, the log-cabin feel of the room went really well with our decor.

bluegrass band under clear tent at ventana inn

bride and groom under clear tent dancing

wedding guests dancing under clear tent wedding ventana inn

Ventana Inn long wooden tables wedding reception

bud vases and on wooden tables with black napkins at ventana inn wedding

family style wedding tables with bright florals and black napkins

Take a closer look at these table "numbers". Each table had a beautiful photo that the couple took of some of their favorite travel places. Such a great way to add a personal touch!

unique table numbers with photos

Rain or shine, they danced!

Even with the change in weather, they still danced, ate, drank and ended the night as husband and wife. It was a good wedding to remind myself how amazing my last few years of clients have been. They've been ready to go with the flow and are just so happy to be together with their friends and family. And a little rain doesn't put a damper on their big day!

bridal bouquet with pinks oranges and purple wildflowers

orange pink and purple bridal bouquet

blue sapphire engagement ring

foggy day at ventana inn big sur

Planning + Styling 'Cause We Can Events // Photographer Evynn LeValley // Florals Big Sur Flowers // Venue Ventana Inn // Band Grasskickers // DJ Giancarlo // Rentals Chic Event Rentals



May 2, 2017 - 62 comments

Best and Worst Types of Flowers For Your Outdoor Wedding

As Monet once said, "I must have flowers, always, always." And I'm the first person to agree! Today I want to talk about all things wedding flowers for your outdoor wedding.

In celebration of this gorgeous time of the year, let's talk about flowers. For an outdoor wedding, picking the perfect flowers for your bouquet or centerpiece can be a stress. Have no fear! We've put together a list of 5 sturdy blooms that won't wilt in harsh weather conditions and 3 buds that you might want to steer clear from.

We connected with one of our favorite florists in Tennessee, Stephanie from Lang Floral Designs to get her thoughts on these too.

Best Flowers for Outdoor Weddings


Starting off with succulents, of course! These are so hard to resist when planning your outdoor adventurous wedding. They have such a unique look and are so versatile, add them in your bouquet or in a bundle for your centerpieces. Some of them, like the air plant, don't even need to be planted in soil so you could have them hanging from a ceremony backdrop for a dramatic effect.

Stephanie says: By nature, succulents are hardy even without a water source or in the hot sun.  This is why they can hold up during an outdoor wedding, even if it ends up being a hot, sunny day.

air plant on piece of driftwood

Photo by Laura Goldenberger

Succulents have an extremely long life and need very little water. Another good thing is that they are sold fully bloomed, so no waiting time. I love how Lisa and Steven incorporated little succulents into their bouquet and boutonniere. With their wedding taking place before we got all this great rain, having some drought-resistant bits and pieces was key!

Photos by Jennifer Fujikawa

You can even use smaller succulents as wedding favors for your guests. A little something they can re-pot back home. The "Thank You" tags that we made for this wedding were actually made from seed paper which guests could take home, plant and watch the wildflowers grow!

succulent favor in a jar

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

Craspedia Billy Balls

These flowers don't even look real! Add these globe shaped blooms to your bouquet or centerpieces and you have yourself a whimsical-nature look perfect for any outdoor wedding.

Photo via Bloom & Wild & Photo by Heline Bekker

They bring such an interesting texture and visual interest to bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.

They are in ready to use form and they last for days. Fun for adding pops of color, use these for your spring wedding! You can also find dried versions of them which would keep even longer. These would also look really good in tall wine bottles on long farm tables, am I right?


Ugh! I am obsessed with Eucalyptus. I think it is so woodsy, fresh and a great way to add greenery in bridal bouquets. Fun Fact: Eucalyptus trees can live more than 250 years. So these are extremely durable for your rustic garden wedding.

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

This is the perfect touch if you're imagining a cascading bouquet as you walk down the aisle. Eucalyptus adds more of a personal feeling to your wedding, showcasing your nature-loving spirit.

bride in front of getaway car red convertible

Photos by Amy Lynn Photography

Also, you can't go wrong with a long eucalyptus garland on your ceremony arch or as a natural table runner. Bonus: they smell SO good.

Photos by Chloe Moore Photography

Garden Spray Roses

Now, I'm not usually a fan of roses. They're almost too classic for me but the Garden Spray rose has a sort of Peony look to it. Rather than sprouting upward like a traditional sweetheart rose, the petals on these bloom more outward which makes for a fuller bouquet.

Stephanie says: There's a reason why roses are used so commonly by florists.  They last a long time and are strong.  But don't be fooled by the long standing tradition of roses for weddings.  Roses come in great muted color pallets that are perfect for a modern wedding style.  Garden roses offer an even more premium look and are show stoppers when fully opened. They hold up great to all the elements and will most likely even last several days after the wedding. 

This gives your bouquet an eccentric, offbeat look while adding texture and fullness at a fraction of the price. Our bride, Misha's bouquet made by Hilary's Flowers and Such was all about being wild and free but with some soft pinks and blues to add a little romance.

These flowers also look BOMB on wedding cakes. Combined with greenery, you'll have a dessert table that makes a statement.


Photos by Laura Goldenberger

These are also the most durable in the rose family, so if you're looking for a touch of romance with a little bit of edge in your bouquet, this might be it!


It’s no wonder there's a princess named after this flower. Jasmine is oh-so-soft and adds just the right amount of femininity. They look super graceful and fun in a bouquet and the best part is: They love the heat, so less stress for you!

Photo via Velvet and Twine

While I was looking for some photos of jasmine, I came across so many ideas for cakes that incorporated this beautiful flower.

Photo by Megan Welker // Flowers by The Little Branch

I mean.. I can’t get over how carefree and natural that is. Looks like the cake came out of the woods that way!

Worst Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

Now, I hate to do this but you'll thank me later.  If you are having an outdoor wedding, here are some not-so-great blooms you should stay away from when picking your bridal bouquet flowers .


I know we're going to have some angry and sad brides out there that may reach out to us. Peonies are such a popular flower in the wedding industry. They truly look stunning in bouquets but when it comes to their outdoor toughness, they're a bit of a wimp. Sorry lovelies. Now, if you must have peonies on your wedding day, I recommend having them in your bouquet but not in your centerpieces as they will be the ones sitting in the sun.

Stephanie Says: Peonies are a favorite of many brides. However, once they bloom out to that perfect luscious size, their life is extremely short.  Heat, wind or direct sunlight can make that life even shorter.  And when the peony bloom is done, it doesn't just look a little droopy, it usually drops ALL its petals at once.  I just hate the thought of an entire large bloom falling apart from a gust of wind in the middle of a ceremony.  There are several varieties of Garden Roses that look very similar that we like to use in its place for outdoor weddings.  

Did you read that ladies? There are GARDEN ROSES that look like peonies! Yes mam, I've seen it with my own eyes. Do yourselves a favor and swap out those delicate peonies for some lush garden roses if you're planning to be outside on your wedding day.


“Such a sensitive little flower” No, literally. Hydrangeas have such soft, showy blooms that are so springy and fun but these must be kept hydrated and die pretty quickly (especially if you're going to be out in the sun). Unfortunately, might not be worth the risk!


These are such a popular flower for wedding bouquets. But for an outdoor wedding? These flowers tend to brown super easily, especially if put in a harsh weather environment. Such a shame, these are such a classy and timeless flower.


Crisp and dainty, these add a sophisticated sense of style to any bouquet. But tulips thrive in the ground where they are originally planted. The stalks will droop, petals will fall, and this flower will wilt at the sight of heat. It’s best to keep them in your garden!


Well there you go, some of the best and worst flowers to use for your outdoor wedding. Hopefully this was informative and gave you some inspiration. I know I'm feeling even more in the Spring mood after writing this. Remember, Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be, so plant a garden and believe in tomorrow!

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