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4 Tips for Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Weddings are oh-so-dreamy but can also get complicated quickly. We hope that these 4 tips will help you avoid problems during your destination wedding planning process. We've worked in some pretty incredible locations over the years and thought you might like to get inspired by this Intimate Scotland Wedding or perhaps this Festival-style wedding at Moab Under Canvas!

Destination Wedding at Under Canvas Moab in Utah - Destination wedding planning team based out of los angeles

Share Information with your Guests

Sometimes people will choose their destination wedding location because it means something to them and they want to share that special place with their friends and family. Other times, it just sounded like a good adventure and you know your crowd will be up for it. Wherever it may be, we recommend adding a custom itinerary or map to your invitations to give your guests an idea of what to expect for the weekend. 

If you need to add more information such as what to wear, where to park, what meals will be provide, a wedding websites come in handy. You can easily share information with your guests such as where you may have set up a room block at a hotel or in most cases for us, what tents are available to reserve. 

We LOVE these custom suites from Spindles Design Co. Courtney works magic in her designs by incorporating personal items from each couple into the invitations as well as beautiful watercolor details.

Visit the venue in person

This may seem obvious but sometimes photos online aren't quite the same as seeing the venue in person. While you're there, ask the venue manager all of the questions that come to mind! Is there power? Are there additional fees other than the site fee? What's the capacity? Where can vendors load in? Is there access to water and ice? Etc.

The venue may also share their preferred vendor list with you which is great place to start to find some key vendors. That being said, having an experienced Wedding Planner on your team can help you find a few other options that might be your style and budget better too.

Want access to the Venue Walkthrough Checklist we use? Grab it here for $19!

Get organized

Destination weddings require a little more planning as some resources may not be directly available. Sometimes it’s hard to find a Michael’s Craft Store when glamping in the desert so we recommend creating a list of items that you're bringing. Don’t forget to label the item so when your coordinator or planner shows up to set it up, they know exactly what it is and where it goes.

We actually give all of our clients a Decor Form the month before the wedding so that they can tell us exactly what decor items are going to be part of each section of the wedding (welcome table, ceremony, cocktail, etc.). As Wedding Planners, it's our job to go through that list and make sure you have all the tools and material necessary for us to set these items up. We'll tell you if you need to add a few more things to your "purchase" list before the wedding!

Wedding Planner tip: Print your contracts, timelines, floor plans and extra details if you're getting married in a remote location. Wifi isn't always available!

Be flexible

We think this might be important for all events, whether it is at your home or in a different country, it is best to keep an open mind. We all have a vision for what the special day looks like but you will need to know that it is totally possible your luggage with all the guests favors may get lost in transit. It happens! It’s a total bummer because you’ve spent months, if not over a year, planning your special day but it’s not the end of the world. At the end of the day, you are about to have a crazy good time with all of your friends and family in the coolest location so grab a cocktail and enjoy the ride!

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Photos by Lauren Mihae and Leah Bullard

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